My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4378

In front of the Blood Demon Race army, Xi Feng and the evil dragon demon saw that the last black sun released by the Demon Insect puppets in the Jiuxing Tianchen array exploded through a gap, instantly facing each other. Show the color of ecstasy.

“The Blood Demon Race army obeyed the order, attacked with all its strength, and slew me into Liuyue City!”

The evil dragon demon Jun made a hysterical roar, and the roar spread throughout the entire battlefield.


The Blood Demon Race army shouted loudly, quickly assembled, moved towards Liuyue City and rushed away at the gap where the array was breached.

in the sky that after the huge puppet Demon Insect releases Magical Powers, the whole body seems to have been hollowed out, and its size rapidly shrinks.

The nine-headed demon mirage, which was originally several millions of feet long, changed back to its original chalk size within a few breaths, and was taken back by the evil dragon demon lord.

“Fellow Daoist Feng Xi should not hesitate, take advantage of this Formation has not yet begun to repair, rush into Liuyue City!”

The evil dragon demon screamed at Xi Feng.

Seeing that this puppet Demon Insect really has only one blow, he also kept his promise. The whole person turned into a blood light and moved towards Flowing Moon City. The speed was as fast as chasing the wind. The electricity immediately rushed up ahead of the Blood Demon Race army.

The three silver stars at the back follow closely from behind.

Seeing that the main force of Xi Feng and Blood Demon Race rushed into the gap in the array outside Liuyue City, a fierce color flashed in the eyes of the evil dragon demon lord!

Immediately afterwards, he made an amazing move.

Evil Dragon Demon Lord unexpectedly swallowed the nine-headed demon mirage puppet that had been turned into a chalk into his belly!

After that, the evil dragon demon lord rolled up a black storm like a okay person, followed the army of his tribe, and rushed towards the array gap outside Liuyue City.

On the other side, after the nine-star Tianchen array of Liuyue City was destroyed, the entire Liuyue divine wood began to sparkle with glazed light.

The Liuyue above the sky dome suddenly drops the densely packed cyan ray points and floods into the cracked damage array. The cracks and even gaps in the Formation are being repaired at a slow speed.

However, the repair speed is too slow. I’m afraid that we won’t wait for the Formation gap to be completely repaired. The Blood Demon Race army outside will all swarm in and take advantage of the void.

This is the end of the matter, so I can only choose to implement plan two.

“The Liuyue tribe army listened to the order, and quickly implemented plan two, set up an array!”

Shen Lang let out a thunderous shout.

The hundreds of millions of cultivators in front of the Liuyue tribe’s army moved towards the sky above their heads and threw the cyan formation flag array, and quickly moved towards the formation flag into the chaotic spirit strength.

“weng weng weng!”

in an instant, the aura of cyan aura covers most of the sky, seeming to be setting up some kind of Formation.

At the same time, the Asura sacred pupil between Shen Lang’s eyebrows has noticed the screaming wind rushing from outside the formation, and his heart is horrified, and he gritted his teeth and shouted: “The formation speed is too slow. , Hurry up!”

After hearing Shen Lang’s rapid roar, countless arrayed cultivators spit out blood essence one after another, not hesitating to consume vitality and turn into massive chaotic spirit strength into the sky.

in a flash, in the sky that billowing azure light turns into a blue cloud covering the sky and the sun.

Immediately afterwards, countless cyan clouds rolled towards the barrier of the damaged array, filling the gap in the Formation like a large amount of cotton candy.

What is even more surprising is that after these cyan clouds gathered and squeezed, they turned into cloud vortexes. At the gap of the Jiuxing Tianchen array, the high-speed rotation released a strong force. Space repulsion! It can prevent external cultivator from entering the city, and the defensive power is amazing.

This is exactly the Liuyue Clan’s Inheritance Formation “Qingyun Great Array”.

This array was created by the old Star River Old Ancestor and has been inherited to this day. It is almost the strongest Defensive Array that the clansman of the Liuyue clan can arrange!

It is not difficult to arrange this Qingyun formation, but the requirements are very demanding.

First of all, at least 100 million cultivators need to be activated at the same time to be deployed. Once the Formation is successfully deployed, at least 10 million cultivators are required to continue casting spells to maintain the operation of the Qingyun formation.

Generally speaking, Qingyun Dazhen will only have the opportunity to use it in large battles.

Shen Lang, as the commander of this battle, naturally considered the worst possible plan for the Jiuxing Tianchen Great Formation after being breached, so he arranged a batch of cultivators in advance. If the City Protecting Great Formation is true Is breached, immediately deploy the Qingyun large array at the fastest speed to plug the gap!

Of course, only the defensive power of the Qingyun Array can’t stop the Blood Demon Race army’s full charge, I am afraid that it will fall apart within a short time after being attacked.

Shen Lang’s strategy is to hold Liuyue City, at least until the moment when the Jiuxing Tianchen Array is completely repaired.

Seeing that the Formation was almost finished in a few breaths, Shen Lang screamed: “Liuyue army, follow me out of the battlefield, don’t let this Demon Race thieves invade Liuyue City! “

As soon as the roar fell, Shen Lang took the lead in the charge, turning the whole person into a silver light, rushing out of the gap in the array filled by the cyan cloud vortex, and facing the Blood Demon Race cultivator army.


“Vengeance for Great Elder!”

Liuyue patriarch led by Lifeng follow closely from behind, Xing Canzhi The grief and hatred of death made them blush and vowed to avenge Great Elder.

Countless Liuyue cultivators stepped forward and rushed out of Formation, leaving only a thousand Liuyue cultivators in the city to maintain the operation of the Qingyun Array.

As soon as Shen Lang rushed out of the battlefield, Xi Feng almost hit him head-on.

“Shen Lang, we meet again!”

Seeing Shen Lang rushing out of the gap in the Formation, Xi Feng’s eyes burst with fierce light, and after a grin, he turned his hand and took off his back The scarlet mountain giant axe, giant axe set off a raging blood light in his hands, fiercely slashing towards him!

The power of an axe can be called collapsing the heavens splitting the earth, allowing people to have one’s hair stand on end.

Shen Lang’s scalp was numb, and he didn’t dare to underestimate him. He decisively took out the Purple Flame Snaketooth Fire Pointer. The sharp three-pointed spear head shot out a spiraling star fire, moved towards Xi The giant axe in Feng’s hand stabs away!


The axe blade collided with the tip of the gun, making a sharp sound like pierce gold and split stone and an indescribable burst.

The violent blood light and the star flames collided and exploded. At the same time, the two of them were stunned by the force of the gun and axe for a thousand meters, and they were tied.

Shen Lang happened to retreat to the array barrier outside Liuyue City, ready to defend the big array.

“Arrow Feather Storm!”

“Skylock imprisoned!”

“Smash the silver fork!”

Follow Xi Feng The three silver stars behind him took the opportunity to attack.

The Crane star makes the feather fan in his hand flashing frantically, and densely packed silver arrow feathers gush out in front of him, turning into a fierce silver storm, moving towards Shen Lang.

The Immortal King star envoy also quickly urged the Holy Artifact chain that was wound around his body, turning it into one after another blue aperture, and quickly moved towards Shen Lang and swallowed it away.

The Orion star envoy even more fully urged the three-pointed silver fork in his hand. After the silver fork surface released the sky-high silver awn, he threw it out and pointed it directly at Shen Lang’s forehead.

“You three clowns actually came to the star realm? It’s ridiculous!”

Shen Lang caught a glimpse of the three silver star envoys with a haze on his face, and immediately coldly shouted: ” Golden Immortal Technique, the sword strikes yin and yang!”

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