My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4379

Between astonishingly, the Nine Profound Splitting Lightsaber broke out and split into densely packed sword lights. The endless sword lights hovered around Shen Lang like huge waves. Great!


Shen Lang’s fingertips point forward, and the Jiu Xuan Lightsaber takes yin and yang as the main body, turning into a black-and-white storm that overwhelms the sea.

In the storm, countless black and white sword shadows split and swelled, colliding and exploding, releasing powerful suction and destructive energy, moving towards the three silver stars releasing Divine Ability and colliding away!

“bang bang bang!”

Along with the harsh roar and cracking sound, the black and white storm rushed and suppressed the three silver stars with the momentum of crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood Divine Ability attacked and hit the body of the three with lightning speed.

Thousands of black and white sword shadows in the storm contained huge and incomparable destructive energy, bursting out terrifying destructive power, and instantly tore the silver saints of the three silver stars!


Before the three silver ambassadors could react, they were blown out by the black-and-white storm, opening their mouths with blood soaking, and making a mournful scream sound.

This is not over yet. After the sword shadow storm released by Shen Lang hits the three silver stars, it did not disperse, but kept splitting and reuniting, repeatedly strangling their fleshy bodies.

Almost only in an instant, the silver saint clothing on the three Silver Star Envoys had all been shattered, and countless wounds were torn from their bodies, and blood was poured out.

It can hit three Great Principle Golden Immortal Early-Stage cultivators with one blow. This “sword against yin and yang” is much stronger than Shen Lang imagined! In terms of formidable power alone, it is even a bit close to the advanced golden Immortal Technique!

The sword tactics in the Slaying Immortal Sword are much more brilliant than the equivalent Immortal Technique Magical Powers, plus the increase in holdings of the nine Spirit level Flying Swords, really allows Magical Powers to play Several times of formidable power!

Seeing that the three silver stars couldn’t meet at once, they were beaten to death by Shen Lang. Xi Feng swept up a bloody storm and repelled the sword shadow storm entwining the three people’s fleshy bodies. Avoid three fatal injuries.

“Three embarrassing trash, what’s the use of raising you? Hurry up and roll me aside, this kid Shen Lang is not your turn to deal with!”

fly into The a rage out of humiliation Xi Feng waved a bloody storm, and lifted the three silver stars out again.

“The sword strikes yin and yang!”

Shen Lang took advantage of Xi Feng’s move, and continued to urge the sword tactics, the powerful black and white sword shadow moved towards Xi Feng strangling away .

“hmph, don’t continue to show off this little vulture!”

After Xi Feng was coldly snorted, he quickly raised his fists and turned them into countless blood-colored fist shadows. A black and white sword shadow storm driven by Shen Lang.

“peng peng peng! ”

The scarlet shadow of the fist, which is like an overwhelming mountain, carries an unimaginable power, and disperses the black and white storms of the Nine Profound Light Swords, which are ear-piercing. The loud noise was shaking.

Xi Feng used his double fists to resist Shen Lang’s sword technique, which looked like Lifting The Heavy As Though It Was Light, but while defeating Shen Lang Magical Powers, he found that his fists had been drawn. There were several blood stains, and even traces of blood overflowed from the wound!

“Hey, this kid’s sword technique is a bit weird!”

Xi Feng suddenly changed color. I had already seen through all the Magical Powers of Shen Lang. I didn’t expect this kid to return A new trick has been made!

The formidable power of Shen Lang’s sword art is not too strong, but it is very sharp. It can cut through his own flesh and blood in the Magical Powers duel, which is quite brilliant.

The sword shadow is transformed into a Spirit level Flying Sword after the storm is converged. It winds around Shen Lang and emits a multi-colored aura, which is quite gorgeous.

Xi Feng glanced at the nine Spirit level Flying Swords flying around Shen Lang, with a trace of fear in his heart.

I don’t know if it’s an illusion. It’s only a few dozen days since the previous battle at the observatory, but Xi Feng felt that Shen Lang put more pressure on him. It becomes more dangerous than before!

Xi Feng cast aside distracting thoughts and screamed: “Shen Lang, this time you have no chance to escape again. Let us have a just and honourable duel!”

After that, Xi Feng picked up the blood-stained giant axe in his hand, and the aggressive moved towards Shen Lang slashed over.

“Escape? Humph, Xi Fellow Daoist Feng is too high on himself. Shen has spared you once before, and all the kindness in the past is refunded. This time I won’t show mercy again! “

Shen Lang’s eyes burst out, and the body surface instantly condense platinum holy clothes, waving the fire-tip spear in his hand, and starting a head-on confrontation with Xi Feng.

At this moment, the Blood Demon Race army has rushed to the outside of Liuyue City.

At the same moment, the Liuyue tribe army also rushed out of the city, fighting at close quarters with the Blood Demon Race army outside the city.

Leaking Storm in front of the Liuyue tribe’s army shouted: “Brother sisters of the Liuyue tribe, kill with me!”


The Liuyue tribe army rushing out of the city screamed loudly, and the blood demon race army that was trying to attack the city began an official battle, and the war was about to start.

The two cultivators either took out magic weapons, or released Magical Powers, madly attacking each other.

“Dongdong dong!”

The sound of intensive explosions continued one after another, and the impact and explosion of various Immortal Technique magic weapons shook the world and shook the world.

Soon, the outside of Liuyue City was completely chaotic, and the scene was extremely chaotic and tragic!

This chaotic scene is actually beneficial to the Liuyue clan.

Shen Lang’s strategy for the Liuyue Clan is to delay as much as possible to defend Liuyue City and prevent the enemy from attacking.

As long as the gap in the Jiuxing Tianchen Array is completely repaired, the Liuyue Clan will basically be invincible. By then, waiting for Cang Yue Saintess to show up, and then launch a counterattack, there is a great hope that the entire Demon Race force can be wiped out.

After all, the killing move of Demon Race has been used, and it is estimated that there is no other means that can threaten the safety of the Liuyue clan.

At the moment, the Qingyun formation filling the gap of the nine-star Tianchen formation has been steadily operating. The purpose of the Liuyue tribe army is to prevent the Blood Demon Race army from attacking the Qingyun formation.

Shen Lang sticks to the outside of the Qingyun Array, fighting fiercely with Xi Feng, and can resist other attacks that try to destroy the Qingyun Array at any time.

“The Blood Demon Race Elder listened to the order, let me destroy the human brat first, and then break down the floating moon city together!”

The evil dragon demon lord in the battlefield noticed Shen Lang immediately led the six great heavenly demons of the Blood Demon Race and moved towards Shen Lang in front of the Qingyun formation at the fastest speed.

Shen Lang instantly felt several icy and powerful Divine Consciousness locking himself, and he couldn’t help being horrified.

Who knows, Xi Feng screamed at the evil dragon demon lord who flew away: “Evil Fellow Daoist Long, this kid can be dealt with by Xi, just take it with you Your people are attacking the city!”

Of course, the evil dragon demon Lord is happy to see Xi Feng and this mysterious Human Race cultivator both sides suffer, and immediately responded: “If this is the case, the strong enemy will please Xi Fellow Daoist Feng has come to deal with it. I will concentrate on breaking the formation when I wait.”

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