My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4380

“The Blood Demon Race Elder listened to the order, break for me to open the restriction at this gap!”

The evil dragon demon sent an order and immediately led the six The famous heavenly demon, moved towards Qingyun Great Array to attack.

“Gold Immortal Technique, the blood sun breaks through the sky!”

The blood sun devil dragon transformed into the evil dragon demon lord took the lead in attacking, spitting out a dazzling blood like the sun Photosphere.

The ball of light is as wide as thousands zhang, like a bloody day of dazzling, carrying the shocking Destruction Strength, moved towards the blue cloud vortex filling the gap of the nine-star Tianchen large array flying away!

This evil dragon demon is worthy of the Blood Demon Race patriarch. The Divine Ability formidable power displayed is much higher than the Great Principle Golden Immortal medium-term cultivator of the same realm, and it is not even better than Xi Feng. Let it be.


Shen Lang, who was fighting with Xifeng, slapped his lips as he watched the bloody day spitting out by the evil dragon and demon king was about to hit the blue cloud array. , In desperation, directly used Asura Saint Physique.

In a flash, Shen Lang burst into heavenly demon light all over his body, and incarnation at a very fast speed into a ten thousand zhang with three heads and eight arms, copper head and iron forehead, Asura Demon God!

“Gold Immortal Technique, Lightning Beam Punch!”

Shen Lang retracted his flaming spear and roared in his mouth. Asura Demon God’s eight heavy fists as fast as a mountain Swipe out like a thunderbolt, turning into the sky of golden fist shadows.

The surging power carried by each fist shadow made the space tremble and twisted, and the fist shadow carried the violent golden lightning, moving towards Xifeng overwhelmingly.

Shen Lang casts Lightning Beam Punch in the form of Asura Demon God, which can double the formidable power. Xi Feng dare not hard-wire for a while, erecting a huge shield to resist.

“Dongdong dong!!!!”

Heavy rumbling sound shakes the earth, countless golden thunder flashes of fist shadow strikes exploded on the surface of the huge shield in front of Xi Feng There was a thumping sound.

Although Xi Feng withstood the blow, he was still shaken away by the huge force carried by countless shadows.

At this moment, Shen Lang took the opportunity to distance himself from Xi Feng, and Asura Demon God rushed to the Qingyun formation, the three copper first mouths spewed out three huge magic light beams, and hit Get on the blood-colored light ball that hits the Qingyun large array.


The explosion sound was like earth shattering, and the three magic beams of light hit the blood-colored light ball to shake the might of Heaven, and the light ball burst on the spot. It turns into a blood light that is overwhelming.

“bang bang bang!”

The large-scale photo-shadow magic light and blood light intertwined and collided, and Shen Lang finally resisted the attack of the evil dragon demon in time.

“Asura Demon Race? Illuminate the magic light?”

The evil dragon demon lord who was flying towards the blue cloud array saw the Asura Demon God formed by Shen Lang incarnation, and he was taken aback. .

How can a Human Race cultivator be transformed into an Asura Demon Race form? Can you still use Asura Demon Race’s shadow magic light?

It is not only the evil dragon demon lord who is confused, but the several great heavenly demon behind the evil dragon demon are also shocked.

Just then.

“Lord Envoy, we will help you!”

The Lifeng in the battlefield shouted loudly, leading the seven Great Principle Golden Immortal Elders of the Liuyue clan to rush to Support before the Qingyun formation.

These Liuyue patriarchs just rushed out of the city, and did not leave the big formation too far.

Seeing the evil dragon demon leading the several great heavenly demons of Demon Race rushing to the Qingyun formation, Li Feng quickly led Liuyue patriarch to return, in addition to supporting Shen Lang, but also to prevent Blood Demon Race broke through the blue cloud formation.

“Everyone Elder, kill!”

Li Feng lifted the cyan giant sword in his hand and cleaved a cyan ray pillar with amazing momentum, carrying the violent Destruction Strength, moved towards The evil dragon demon king blasted away.


The evil dragon demon slapped his mouth, opened his mouth and spit out a beam of blood, passively parrying the attack of the thundering wind.

The other seven Great Elders also moved towards the six heavenly demon led by the evil dragon demon to attack.

The three bronze heads of Asura Demon God created by Shen Lang incarnation continue to spit out the magic light of the shadow, trying to assist Li Feng and other Liuyue patriarch to attack.

At this moment, Xi Feng, who had been shaken back, came again.

“Shen Lang boy, your opponent is me!!!”

Xi Feng roared and threw out the giant axe in his hand, pointing directly at the copper of Asura Demon God Head head.

giant axe shook wildly in midair, endless blood light shot out from the axe blade, turned into a terrifying bloody whirlpool, wherever it passed, the space was covered Fuzzy collision.

Seeing the giant axe attacking with the extinct formidable power of Danger Land, the speed is horrifying, Shen Lang was forced to change the target.

Asura Demon God’s three copper first mouths ejected three horrifying dark golden magic light beams, and the heavenly demon light rendered the large space into pure black, with the trend of Suppressing the Heavens and Earth Hit the giant axe that came!


The sound of the explosion broke through the sky, and the three magic beams of light burst out with an appalling overbearing force, which finally suppressed the giant axe.

Xi Feng knows that in a human form, it is difficult to knock down the Asura Demon God that Shen Lang transformed into. While the thrown giant axe and Asura Demon God’s photo-shadow magic light are at a stalemate, Suddenly rising up to the sky and screaming: “The blood collected in my body, in my body, with Ancient God Strength, the blood witch War God!”

Amid the roar, Xi Feng will burn his own blood essence power, blockbuster The bloody rune spewed from his fleshy body.

blood light The body of the soaring Xifeng was violently distorted, the fleshy body suddenly soared to ten thousand zhang high, and the incarnation became a Heaven and Earth giant. The giant body quickly condense a piece of blood light covering the whole body. Battle Armor, the surface of Battle Armor is burning with scary and terrifying blood flames. The fiendish aura and the boiling murderous aura make people tremble, have one’s hair stand on end!

“Shen Lang boy, continue to take the move!”

The scarlet giant made by Xifeng incarnation roared to the sky. He did not retract the giant axe, but raised his fists with all his strength. , Moved towards Asura Demon God fiercely smashed past.

The double fists struck by the scarlet giant turned into hiding the sky and covering the earth like scarlet fist shadows, which covered most of the sky, and the surging force distorted and blurred the space.

“Lightning beam punch!”

Shen Lang gritted his teeth, not to be outdone, Asura Demon God also swung eight giant punches to fight back.

Countless golden fist shadows carrying the violent thunderbolt lightning, hit the scarlet fist shadow.

“Dongdong dong!!!!”

Two fist shadows collided, bursting out like heaven falls and earth rends, and the violent rumbling sound almost broke the eardrum .

The fist shadows hit by the two sides collided and exploded, and the formidable power was as terrifying as the planetary explosion.

After a stalemate for a few breaths, the scarlet fist shadow shot by the scarlet giant obviously suppressed the golden fist shadow, and Shen Lang forced to spit out the magic light of the shadow to counteract the explosion of the scarlet fist shadow Vaillant.

Asura Demon God’s Three Heads and Six Arms attacked at the same time, and they actually resisted the attack of the Scarlet Giant!

After the last battle with Xi Feng, Shen Lang almost understood Xi Feng’s attacking methods.

Xi Feng’s attack methods are not many, basically with fleshly body strength and fleshy body defensive power dominating.

Shen Lang incarnation’s Asura Demon God fleshly body strength is not as good as the “Blood Witch War God” made by Xi Feng, but it is more flexible. In addition to being able to resist high-intensity fleshy body attacks, it also There is more energy to use Immortal Technique Magical Powers, and the quality is more balanced.

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