My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4381

Compared with Shen Lang, when Xi Feng’s incarnation became War God, there was a great flaw.

That is to maintain the giant form requires continuous consumption of Soul Power, which is impossible to support a long battle. Moreover, excessive consumption of Soul Power will affect the recovery ability of its immortal physique.

So Xi Feng must do it quickly, otherwise it will become weaker and weaker.

“Hah! ”

Seeing that his attack could not suppress Shen Lang, Xi Feng’s heart became more impatient, and his blood essence power was turned to the extreme, making fleshly body strength again Soaring 30%!

The violent scarlet fist shadow once again suppressed the golden fist shadow and the shadow magic light, and moved towards Asura Demon God again and swallowed away.

Shen Lang resisted the pressure and made Asura Demon God free up two hands and pinch with both hands.

“Golden Immortal Technique, the sword strikes yin and yang!”

While performing lightning beam punches and releasing the magic light of shadows, Shen Lang urged the Nine Profound Light Sword.

The nine flying swords lingering around the body finally come into play. They immediately turn into two waterfall-like black and white sword shadows, which rotate and collide with each other, converging into a powerful black and white storm. On the suppressed Scarlet Fist Shadow.

“bang bang bang!”

Finally, the 3rd-layer attack performed by Shen Lang finally defeated Scarlet Fist Shadow.

Along with the roar of the sky, the scarlet giant turned into by Xi Feng was hit by the 3rd-layer attack, and his huge body flew out.

Although he suffered this level of attack from the front, he did not cause much damage to the Scarlet Giant. It was just a few cracks in the armor on the body’s surface.


Shen Lang couldn’t help but smack his lips when he saw this.

The most terrifying thing about Xi Feng is not how tyrannical the power is, but the other defensive power of this Heaven Defying Level. He wants to break the opponent’s defense, but it is not that simple.

But I can adopt a defensive strategy to deal with it.

The scarlet giant formed by Xi Feng incarnation is powerful, but its form does not seem to last long. He only needs to defensively and delay, and after Xi Feng can no longer maintain the change form, he will basically be able to win the game.

At the moment when Xi Feng was repelled, Shen Lang took out from the storage ring the elemental stone that was not used up last time and a handful of Heavenly Jade star sand, and swallowed it directly into his abdomen to supplement his own consumption. Prepare for a long battle.

The retreating Xi Feng finally stabilized his figure, and the complexion is gloomy. He was aware of Shen Lang’s intentions and felt a strong crisis in his heart.

With the previous experience of the battle on the floating island of Sacred Domain, the kid Shen Lang already knew his biggest weakness.

If he continues to fight like this, he is confident to suppress Shen Lang, but it is quite difficult to completely knock down the Asura Demon God made by Shen Lang incarnation.

The main reason is that the kid Shen Lang has too many methods and emerges in an endless stream. At critical moments, he can also display such great moves as “Meteor Group” and “Yuanfeng True Fire” to turn defeat into victory.

To be honest, Xi Feng is a little scared. If he continues to fight with Shen Lang, he will probably fall into the full set of this kid. Maybe he will end up with the same result as last time. I don’t want to recall the humiliating scene again!

I am afraid there is only one way to defeat Shen Lang.

That is to display the big move in a very short time, and subdue it with its strongest Divine Ability, it is possible to win!

“Shen Lang boy, if you really have the ability, just pick me up this Magical Powers!”

Xi Feng’s eyes burst out and the blood-colored giant’s palms propped up against the sky, burning wildly His own blood essence and Soul Power, opened his mouth and roared: “The blood collected in my body, in my body, the gods and ghosts are full, the thunder Punishment of heaven!”

With Xi Feng, he recites this ancient spell , A huge thunderbolt vortex surged above his head, and countless blood-colored thunderbolts in the vortex wandered and raged, bursting out the terrifying power of destroying heaven extinguishing earth, and it spread rapidly!

ten thousand zhang, ten thousand zhang, one hundred ten thousand zhang ……

Only a few breaths, the thunderbolt vortex expands to a hundred ten thousand zhang wide, releasing like ten thousand A scorching sun-like brilliance, a powerful and suffocating energy fluctuation swept the entire battlefield.

The cultivator who was still fighting in the battlefield witnessed the bloody thunderbolt shining in the sky, and couldn’t help showing a terrifying expression.

The evil dragon demon lord who is fighting with Li Feng and the Great Principle Golden Immortal of Liuyue Clan also looks slightly, revealing a deep look of dreading, thinking that Xi Feng is not someone who is easy. to deal with!

However, the mysterious cultivator that incarnation became Asura Demon Race, it seems that it is not easy to deal with.

Evil Dragon Demon Lord eagerly hopes that these two dangerous characters can be perish together, no matter who stays, they will pose a major threat to himself and the Blood Demon Race.

At the moment, he can only pray for his plan, but don’t be confused by these two alien cultivators.

“Young Master…”

While witnessing the appalling Divine Ability, Le Fei’er’s pretty face on the battlefield turned pale, and she was extremely worried about Shen Lang’s safety.

In order to prevent Shen Lang from being distracted in the battle, she deliberately stayed away from Shen Lang and fought alone.

Shen Lang gave her that many self-protection Immortal Treasure before. Le Feier is more than enough to save her life, but she can’t help Shen Lang, so she can only silently pray that Shen Lang will be safe. .

“My messenger, be careful!”

Lei Feng and other famous patriarch Liuyue of course also noticed the Heaven Defying Divine Ability released by Xi Feng and couldn’t help moving towards Shen Lang. Speaking out, quite worried.

“You don’t care, I have my own way to deal with it.”

Shen Lang shouted loudly, facial expression grave incomparable.

Looking at this, Xi Feng is ready to use his big move directly. Judging from the energy fluctuations of this Magical Powers, the formidable power is shocking. I am afraid that the high-level Golden Immortal Technique may not be like this. The momentum is moving.

next moment.

“Be tortured, Shen Lang!!!”

Xi Feng locked his eyes on the Asura Demon God formed by Shen Lang incarnation, and he let out a hysterical growl.

The blood-colored thunderbolt vortex of several hundred zhang above his head suddenly flew out, carrying the collapsing the heavens splitting the earth, reversing the might of the universe moved towards Shen Lang!

In the vortex is condensed endless destruction energy, like a huge round of blood-colored stars, the space where it passes is violently twisted and rotated.

The terrifying energy fluctuations, like the formidable power of Danger Land, make the heart tremble!

Seeing the bloody vortex that covered the sky and the sun collided, Shen Lang was distraught.

At the moment of the crisis, he was forced to perform a killing move, and he let out a thunderous shout: “Advanced Golden Immortal Technique, meteor group!!!”

After falling, a huge Sagittarius star map appeared behind Shen Lang, and it turned into a spinning Star River at a dizzying speed, just like the prototype of a small universe!

At this moment, Shen Lang released all the Power of Stars in his fleshy body and dantian star soul, expanding the Star River behind it to ten thousand zhang.


“xiu xiu xiu!”

In the huge rotating Star River, hundreds of millions of golden meteors flew out suddenly, carrying the formidable power like tearing the sky and the starry sky. On the bloody whirlpool coming from flying!

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