My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4382

“Bang peng~ peng~!!”

The huge movement is like the collapse of Heaven and Earth, and countless golden meteors hit the blood-colored thunderbolt vortex, dazzling The golden light and the scarlet thunderbolt are raging intertwined, and terrifying energy impacts all directions.

Blood Demon Race and Liuyue patriarch, which are closer to Shen Lang, were inevitably affected. They were swept back by the golden light and bloody thunderbolt, and their faces could not hide their terrified look.

Shen Lang and Xi Feng released Divine Ability. The momentum and formidable power are simply outrageous!

Even far away, the energy impact erupted after the collision of the two Magical Powers has a huge destructive power, forcing the Blood Demon Race several great heavenly demon and the patriarch to retreat again and again. Open the defensive barrier.

Several great heavenly demons of Blood Demon Race did not believe in Xifeng’s words before, and felt that trifling a Great Principle Golden Immortal Early-Stage cultivator couldn’t be more powerful. Absolutely did not expect Shen Lang to release Divine Ability. It is so powerful that it is so appalling!

Evil Dragon Demon Lord secretly rejoices that he has taken advantage of Xifeng, otherwise the Liuyue Clan will have such a terrifying helper, and Blood Demon Race will suffer sooner or later.

Fortunately, Xi Feng and this cultivator named Shen Lang are rivals. The Evil Dragon Demon Lord wondered whether to let them suffer both sides first.

The evil dragon demon master deliberately retained his own strength with the wishful thinking, and fought against the Liuyue clan guardian Lifeng.

Actually, with his strength, he can completely overcome Li Feng waiting for Liuyue patriarch, but he deliberately delayed the time, as if he wanted to wait for Shen Lang and Xi Feng to decide the winner.

While fighting, the evil dragon demon still has Yu Xia’s sound transmission and ordered the leader of the Blood Demon Race on the battlefield to lead the team to cast a combined attack spell to attack the blue cloud formation.

“bang bang bang!”

The explosion sound continued.

The formidable power of the meteor swarm that Shen Lang exerted with all his strength was huge, which slowed the attack speed of the thunderbolt vortex to a certain extent, but was unable to defeat the thunderbolt vortex body.

The Magical Powers formidable power of Xifeng is mainly too amazing. The surface of the thunderbolt vortex is full of bloody thunderbolt like the river and the sea, and it is flooded with the formidable power of Danger Land, which can completely offset the golden meteor burst Power!

So, even though Shen Lang exerted the formidable power of this meteor group to the limit, he could not withstand the impact of the thunderbolt vortex.

Asura Demon God’s three copper first mouths spit out the magic light of shadows, and the meteor swarms attacked with full force, but they could not stop the thunderbolt vortex that swept through.

“That’s it, Shen Lang kid!!!”

The scarlet giant turned into a spell with all his strength, staring at the golden light, making a hysterical roar in his mouth.

The huge thunderbolt vortex is like a continuously rotating spiral gear, completely suppressing the meteor swarms and the magic light of the shadow, moving towards the Asura Demon God formed by Shen Lang incarnation.

Along with this thunderbolt vortex quickly approaching, the thunder sound became louder and louder, until it pierced the cloud and cracked the stone, almost shattering people’s eardrums!

“That’s not necessarily!”

Shen Lang’s eyes were splitting, he replied.

This is the end of the matter, and he can only spare it.

“Advanced Golden Immortal Technique, Nine Songs Slaying Immortal Sword Array!!!”

Shen Lang’s mouth uttered a thunderous scream, madly releasing Divine Consciousness and even Soul Power, Pour into the nine mysterious lightsaber.

At this stage, his Divine Consciousness is not strong enough. When urging the Nine Songs Slaying Immortal Sword formation, he must be supported by Soul Power, and he must maintain a pure mind without distracting thoughts, otherwise the operation will fail. Possible.

Fortunately, on this critical occasion, Shen Lang successfully displayed the nine Slaying Immortal Sword array.

“xiu xiu xiu! ”

I saw the nine flying swords lingering around Asura Demon God soaring into the sky, intertwined and clashing with each other, splitting at a lightning speed. With countless white sword shadows, the extremely prosperous white light released has rendered the entire sky pure white!

Asura Demon God’s whole body is like being wrapped in a huge white sword cloud and spinning, the imposing manner is amazing.

Hundreds of millions of sword shadows are gathered in the sword cloud, or they are spinning, or swallowing, or deep, or nothing, containing unimaginable destructive energy!

With the current level of Shen Lang’s control over the Nine Songs Slaying Immortal Sword array, he can only shrink the sword array to his entire body, but it does not prevent him from performing the killer moves in the sword array.


Shen Lang’s eyes are congested, without the slightest hesitation, which is the ultimate move in the Nine Songs Slaying Immortal Sword formation. Asura Demon God’s eight hands are simultaneously Pinch.

Among the sword clouds around Asura Demon God, a giant white sword shadow vortex nearly tens of ten thousand zhang wide was split into a giant white sword shadow vortex. The vortex contains hundreds of millions of sword light sword shadows. The thunderbolt vortex that moved towards the sun pierced the moon smashed into it.

“hong long! !!!”

The thrilling sound of explosion is like a doomsday natural disaster.

I saw the white sword shadow vortex hit by Shen Lang, like a chainsaw, biting into the thunderbolt vortex hit by Xi Feng, and actually stopped the thunderbolt vortex in midair!

The endless white light and blood-colored thunderbolt rise and spread, and the violent energy once again impacts all around. The Blood Demon Race army trying to get close to the blue cloud array flies back, and the movement is shocking.

“Sword Domain? Wrong…It’s Section Cult’s Nine Slaying Immortal Sword array!”

The scarlet giant turned into by Xi Feng opened the huge shield and blocked the energy caused by the explosion Shocked, I caught a glimpse of the Magical Powers of Shen Lang’s swordsmanship, and I couldn’t help taking a breath of cold.

Shen Lang’s powerful cyclone attack created by compressed sword light is very much like Section Cult’s Nine Slaying Immortal Sword formations. I never thought that this kid had finally completed this technique!

“Nine Songs Slaying Immortal Sword formation, kill me!”

Shen Lang concentrate attention completely casts a spell, within the body’s chaotic spirit strength like a huge wave that rushes to the whole body like a sword In the clouds!

The sword cloud white light skyrocketed, and once again split into a huge white sword shadow vortex, moved towards the intercepted thunderbolt vortex rushing away.

A new round of white sword shadow vortex collided with the thunderbolt vortex, and finally shattered this huge thunderbolt vortex with formidable power!

“hong long! !!!”

At this moment, the sky fell.

The indescribable huge rumbling sound instantly made people lose their sense of hearing. After the vortex of thunderbolt exploded, it turned into a bloody thunderbolt hiding the sky and covering the earth. It swept all directions, and Heaven and Earth changed color.

Some cultivators in front of Formation were caught off guard, and many were injured by this energy shock.

“Xi Feng, let me suffer to death!!!”

Shen Lang let out a furious roar, before the explosion was over, he released another round of about ten tenten Thousand zhang’s white sword shadow whirlpool, this time the sword shadow whirlpool moved towards the scarlet giant that Xi Feng had turned into a bombardment.


Seeing this almost sky-defying white vortex approaching rapidly, Xi Feng’s face instantly changes become distorted and hideous!

The Nine Songs Slaying Immortal Sword formation is almost the strongest attack Magical Powers under Section Cult’s top Golden Immortal Technique. Although Shen Lang has not fully mastered this technique, he has already learned some essentials and absolutely formidable power. Not to be underestimated.

Xi Feng did not dare to take it hard, the scarlet giant propped up the giant stone shield and stood in front of him.

The huge white sword shadow whirlpool, like a round of crazy white stars, hit the stone shield in front of the scarlet giant.


The sharp and harsh violent sound shook the world, Shen Lang used the nine-tune Slaying Immortal Sword array to hit this white sword shadow vortex, Unimaginable formidable power erupted, almost exploding Xi Feng and his shield.

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