My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4383

The scarlet giant staggered backwards. At any rate, he stabilized his figure with its strong fleshly body strength, and withstood the impact, erected a huge shield to resist it. white sword shadow whirlpool’s impact.

However, everything is not so easy to end.

The white sword shadow whirlpool hits the giant stone shield in front of Xi Feng, like a chainsaw wood, it makes a sharp sound like cutting glass, and a powerful white glow is on the stone shield The outbreak raged.

Xi Feng has withstood the weight of Shen Lang’s Magical Powers, but his stone shield can’t withstand it.

After a few breaths, the stone shield began to crack one after another under the impact of the sword shadow vortex.

As the sword shadow vortex continues to attack, more and more cracks seem to have reached the limit that the stone shield can withstand.

Just then.

“Fire-tip spear, break for me!!!”

A brutal roar came from the explosion, and I saw the Asura Demon God created by Shen Lang incarnation, from The blood-colored thunderbolt rushed out of the explosion area, holding a huge fire-tip spear that skyrocketed with golden light, and a shot moved towards the stone shield in front of Xi Feng.

“That’s awful!”

Xi Feng was so embarrassed that he tried to dodge and fight back, but it was too late.

Shen Lang urged the flaming spear in his hand to the extreme. The flaming spear, carrying the star fire of hiding the sky and covering the earth, slammed into the broken stone shield in front of the scarlet giant.

The terrifying heat wave and destructive energy made Xi Feng feel a huge threat, but he could only set up a stone shield to resist.

next moment.


Along with an earth shattering sound, the flint gun slammed into the stone shield, and the star flames raging like a tsunami rolled instantly. The entire stone shield was swallowed and drowned, and huge formidable power burst out!

The originally cracked stone shield finally broke and shattered here, turning into countless stone chips, splashing everywhere.

Without the defense of the stone shield, Xi Feng couldn’t resist this shocking shot at all.

Asura Demon God’s eight giant palms clasp the fire-tip spears tightly, and stab Xi Feng’s chest with the power of collapsing the heavens splitting the earth!

Xi Feng sacrificed the giant axe, but it was too late to intercept this spear. He watched the golden light flashing flaming spear smash the hole through the Battle Armor on his chest and pierced it In his chest.


The explosion sounded like a thunderbolt in the clear sky, and the blood-colored giant’s chest was penetrated by the tip of a fiery-tip spear, exploding a terrifying and terrifying blood hole!


Xi Feng let out a horrible cry, and the body of the scarlet giant was instantly swallowed by the violent star fire, and the large pieces of flesh near his chest were directly burned into After the ashes, the body suffered a great wound!

“Xi Feng, everything is over. Although I, Shen Lang, don’t want to kill you, but you and I are in different camps, this time I have to kill you personally! Don’t blame Shen Lang for being ruthless.”


Shen Lang yelled out loudly.

Even though the two have completely cast aside all considerations for face, but when they come to this step, Shen Lang still has a trace of pity in his heart…just remembering the pity of the past that’s all.

“you think you can kill me…it’s you?”

Just when Shen Lang thought everything was about to end, Xi Feng suddenly roared like crazy “Shen Lang boy, you seem to have made a mistake. I am an immortal physique, and even an unpredictable person! You think you can kill me like this, dreaming!!!! “

After that, Xi Feng began to burn his blood essence and Divine Soul wildly, and once again displayed his big tricks, angering incantion: “The blood collected in my body is bound by the gods and ghosts.” , Heaven Punishment is locked up!”

As soon as the roar fell, Xi Feng suddenly burned the blood soul power like a name, and the blood-colored giant surged out of the bloody rune, releasing the strange blood light of Shengruo Lieyang.

Shen Lang had seen this Magical Powers before, and he was suddenly horrified. He wanted to pull out the flaming spear that pierced the blood-colored giant’s chest, and withdrew back.

Who knows, Xi Feng stretched out his hands first, and firmly grasped the flaming gun body that pierced his chest, letting the stars burn his body, he laughed wildly:” Shen Lang Ah Shen Lang, don’t you want to run away, this time I will have to see if you are the best chosen one or my ancient witch soul is better!”

As soon as it fell, a large amount of blood-colored rune gushed out of the surface of the blood-colored giant human body, which instantly turned into tens of thousands of extremely thick blood-colored chains, swallowed as if moved towards Shen Lang like a teleport.

“Not good!”

Shen Lang turn pale with fright, knowing that if you are trapped by this scarlet chain, it is not that simple to break free.

Under the plot, Shen Lang took out the Heavenly Palace and took refuge in the Heavenly Palace.

“Don’t want to hide in the Immortal Treasure!”

Xi Feng saw Shen Lang’s intentions and snarled violently: “Space is blocked!”

Scarlet The giant opened his mouth and spit out a large distorted blood light, covering the surrounding space. The blood light completely isolated Shen Lang from the space in the Heavenly Palace, which prevented Shen Lang from entering the Heavenly Palace.

That is the moment when Shen Lang took out the Heavenly Palace, those tens of thousands of scarlet chains completely bound Asura Demon God with lightning and thunder.

These scarlet chains are connected to the flesh and blood of Xi Feng, not only binding the Asura Demon God made by Shen Lang incarnation, but also binding and binding the scarlet giant that Xi Feng has turned into.

“Be tortured, Shen Lang!”

Before Shen Lang could urge Magical Powers to counterattack, Xi Feng took the initiative as quickly as possible.

“bang bang bang! !!!”

In the flesh and blood of the scarlet giant, endless blood-colored thunderbolt suddenly surged, through the blood-colored chain, conveyed to the whole body of Asura Demon God.

These blood-colored thunderbolts contain indescribable terrifying power, like a sharp knife cutting meat, instantly tearing numerous wounds on Asura Demon God’s body, torn skin and gaping flesh, and demon blood splashing all over.


Shen Lang’s face suddenly distorted fiercely, feeling the extreme pain of the soul and fleshy body as if being torn apart, a lot of blood gushing out of his mouth, nose and ears , The body violently spasms.

It is difficult to describe this kind of pain in words, as if my fleshy body was bombarded and killed hundreds of times in a few breaths, deep into my bones.

Xi Feng is also suffering from the ravages of this thunderbolt, but like a okay person.

Under the influence of Bloodline Strength, the scarlet giant seems to have fallen into a demon, madly said with a big smile: “My good younger brother, my ray of ancient witch soul has endured in the vast years I’m sure to make you feel the pain, ha ha ha!”

In this incomprehensible laughter, there seems to be a strong to extreme resentment and jealousy, I can’t wait Fresh flesh and blood.

The violent blood-colored thunderbolt ravaged Shen Lang’s whole body, and in an instant, the Asura Demon God fleshy body formed by Shen Lang incarnation was blown out of recognition, and the blood was so horrible that it was horrible.

“Who…tm is your younger brother? Tell me a little bit!”

Shen Lang endured the extreme pain, his eyes were round and hoarse Speak out.

Shen Lang’s words seemed to stimulate the scarlet giant, making Xi Feng completely mad, roaring violently: “The Chosen One is a creature born of his will! Even if you turn to ashes, I Xing Tian I won’t admit it! I won’t admit it!!!”

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