My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4384

Along with Xi Feng’s roar, the violent blood-colored thunderbolt strikes the huge body of Asura Demon God.


Shen Lang, who was immersed in pain, let out a tragic howl and hiss, the scary bloody lightning almost tore the body of Asura Demon God, He was bloody and bloody, and the magic blood shot out from the wound like a fountain, tragic and abnormal!

The intense to extreme pain caused a lot of blood to gush out of his mouth, nose and ears, and his whole body trembled and trembling. He couldn’t respond to Xi Feng at all, and his heart was full of anger and unwillingness.

Can’t go on like this!

The power of the thunderbolt released by Xi Feng is too powerful, and his Devil Body has already reached its limit. If he is attacked for a while, I am afraid that his life will be accounted for here!

Now Shen Lang’s body is bound and bound. In addition to the fleshy body being unable to move, the soul body is also restricted, unable to move the Nine Slaying Immortal Sword array freely, and can only move out the last killing move.

“Using Bloodline Strength to call the soul of Yuanfeng!!!”

When he was repeatedly attacked by the Scarlet Thunderbolt, Shen Lang let out a hysterical roar, and did his best Motivates Yuanfeng bloodline within the body.

in a flash, Asura Demon God’s body bursts out with nine-color holy light, extremely hot, dazzling, and illuminates the entire battlefield like a pure holy light, releasing Unspeakable huge energy fluctuations, breathtaking!


Among the gorgeous nine-color holy light, a loud phoenix sound rang, piercing the sky!

Immediately afterwards, a Yuanfeng illusory shadow with a body length of several thousand zhang emerged behind Asura Demon God, and his whole body was burning with hot and deep nine-color flames.

Yuanfeng illusory shadow rushed out from Shen Lang’s back, hovering above Shen Lang’s head in a soaring posture, noble and ethereal, the dazzling feathers released the golden light that penetrated Heaven and Earth, a huge sense of pressure The entire battlefield was enveloped in an instant, like a radiant Heavenly Might, almost alarming every cultivator in the battlefield!

I witnessed this cultivator of Yuanfeng illusory shadow in the battlefield, and was shocked by Yuanfeng illusory shadow’s awe-inspiring spirit like Heaven and Earth. Unconsciously, I felt awe and worship.

“Divine Beast Yuanfeng?”

Even if it is as strong as the evil dragon demon lord, I can’t help but take a breath of cold at this moment. Unexpectedly, a trifling Human Race cultivator can actually call out the spirit of Yuanfeng.

In an instant, I saw Yuanfeng illusory shadow hovering above Shen Lang spreading its wings, and a gorgeous nine-color rain of fire sputtered between the wings, just like one after another moving towards like a flame meteor The scarlet giant that Xi Feng transformed into flew away.

The scarlet giant was almost tied to Asura Demon God, and was caught in the dense rain of nine colors before he could react.

“Bang peng~ peng~!!”

The huge nine-colored rain of fire hit the body of the scarlet giant, and the scarlet giant was instantly swallowed and drowned by a huge amount of nine-colored flames. The sound of bursts is endless.

After Yuanfeng True Fire strikes broke out on the body of the scarlet giant, extremely strong formidable power broke out, and even the space around the scarlet giant became a distorted fiery-red.

Just by the distorted heat wave, the several great heavenly demon and Liuyue patriarch who were close to Qingyun Array retreated one after another, showing terrified look.


Xi Feng, who was swallowed by Yuanfeng True Fire, uttered a violent scream of exhaustion, and the armor on the surface of his body was burned out in an instant, tightening Then the fleshy body was blown into countless blood holes by the nine-color fire rain, and the flesh and blood flew across, and the scene was shocking.

Xi Feng had long expected Shen Lang to perform this killing move. In the intense pain, the scarlet giant couldn’t help laughing madly: “ha ha ha, my Good younger brother, you can still surprise me as you did in the past. This time, let’s see who of us can’t support it first!”

“Thunder Punishment!!!”

The whole body was covered by Yuanfeng True Fire, and the mouth of Xi Feng uttered a hysterical roar, and the bloody thunderbolt surged out of the whole body, which was conveyed to Shen Lang’s body through countless heavenly punishments, and attacked Asura Demon God wildly. .


A huge amount of blood-colored thunderbolt hit Asura Demon God’s body, making Shen Lang, who was already suffering, almost fainted. Three copper heads spewed out a lot of blood all over the body. The upper and lower flesh and blood were almost torn to pieces by the ferocious thunderbolt, and the blood was rushing, and you could see the dense white bones and broken meridian, which was extremely hideous and terrifying!

The situation of Xi Feng who attacked like crazy was not much. The scarlet giant was battered by Yuanfeng True Fire fire rain with countless wounds, full of wounds and completely unrecognizable.

Moreover, the strength of the energy contained in this Yuanfeng True Fire is extremely high, and it is simply difficult to extinguish it for a while, and it continues to burn the flesh and blood of Xi Feng, meridian, skeleton, and even Shen Lang.

The two sides are almost hurting each other, as Xi Feng said, it depends on who can support it to the end!

Shen Lang still retains the last trace of reason, and releases all the power of Yuanfeng bloodline within the body in one breath. While urging Yuanfeng True Fire to attack the scarlet giant, he also tried to use Yuanfeng True Fire destroys the tens of thousands of chains that bind him.

“dong! dong! dong!”

A large number of nine-color fire rain fell on the surface of Tianxing Heavy Lock, bursting out sharp rumbling sound.

I don’t know what kind of energy condensed the heavy chain of punishment this day. Even Yuanfeng True Fire could not completely defeat the chain in a short time.

This is so, the overbearing force erupted by Yuanfeng True Fire still smashed thousands of chains.

Unfortunately, the bloodline energy of Shen Lang within the body is almost exhausted.

Although I have previously absorbed Le Fei Er within the body, the excess Yuanfeng True Blood has supplemented part of the bloodline energy, plus the warmth of more than two hundred days at Heavenly Palace in Guangzhou, but I am within The bloodline energy accumulated by the body can’t be called is full.

The Yuanfeng True Fire released by the Yuanfeng illusory shadow on Shen Lang’s head is getting weaker and weaker, and it is on the verge of exhaustion.

Though Xi Feng’s fleshy body was burned by Yuanfeng True Fire, he was trying his best to burn his Soul Power and even vitality, maintaining his mobility and attacking.

“It’s over!”

Shen Lang’s fleshy body and Divine Soul were almost paralyzed by endless pain, and a trace of despair flashed in his eyes.

If this continues, I will definitely fall down one step ahead of Xi Feng, and all my previous efforts will be in vain!

Shen Lang’s heart suddenly filled with endless despair and unwillingness. He regretted why he had to show mercy and spared Xifeng’s life before, and now he was going to be killed by Xifeng? What a big joke!

“ha ha ha, are you going to lose it so soon? Let your big brother take you a ride this time!”

The Fleshy body is already broken The blood-colored giant laughed sullenly, and his whole body flashed with extremely blood-colored lightning, preparing to in a spurt of energy, completely knocking down Shen Lang.

The Asura Demon God turned into by Shen Lang has almost passed out, leaving only the last trace of consciousness. Two of the three copper heads have been blown up by the blood thunder, and only the copper is left. Shou Jia’s canthus is about to split, and his eyes reveal extreme unwillingness!

I am also a Chosen One, how can I die in Xi Feng’s hands so humiliatingly!

The strong will to survive hits his forehead, Shen Lang trembled and his heart beat violently.

Seeing that his fleshy body is about to split up and in pieces, with a muffled sound, Shen Lang’s soul body seems to have lifted some kind of shackles.

A golden light burst out of the sealed Sagittarius star at the soul body dantian, and an indescribable powerful aura spewed out from the sealed Sagittarius star, suddenly sweeping the whole body!

Awesomely, Shen Lang’s eyebrows are actually condense with a faintly discernible Sun God pattern! Unleash the ancient and profound golden divine light, dazzling!

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