My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4385


At the moment when the divine runes were condensed, Shen Lang screamed up to the sky, his mouth, nose and ears shot out golden light in the center of his eyebrows The Sun God pattern surges out of the golden glow of Sheng Ruo Lieyang.

The light is so strong that it can no longer be expressed in words, it is like a burst of thousands of scorching suns!

At this moment, the battlefield outside Liuyue City, and even millions of li in a radius, are illuminated by the golden light released by the Sun God pattern on the center of Shen Lang’s eyebrows, just like the end of the world. !

All the cultivators in the battlefield were alarmed, and even stopped the fight at this brief moment, and moved towards Qingyun Great Array. Looking outside, their expressions were full of horror and confusion.

The Blood Demon Race who witnessed this scene, the heavenly demon and the patriarch of the crowd, also showed a trace of panic and panic in their expression.

“What is this…”

The evil dragon and demon lord took a breath of cold air in his heart. The golden light released by this mysterious character cultivator seems to contain a strong to the extreme The strength of will, even his Divine Consciousness cannot penetrate the golden light.

Apart from this, the evil dragon demon can perceive an extremely powerful aura in the golden light, and the pressure brought by this aura is suffocating!

This kind of oppression as if approaching the abyss makes the evil dragon demon remember the feeling he brought when he was young when he first met the Primal Chaos Heaven Demon Old Ancestor in the Demon Domain. !

The Sun God pattern on the center of Shen Lang’s eyebrows continuously releases golden light. It is impossible to describe how strong this light is, as if the entire space will be swallowed by this strong light.

“Brother, it’s so sad…”

In the golden light, Shen Lang’s deep voice shook Heaven and Earth, and the horror to the extreme pressure was like Heaven and Earth collapsed, the sky collapsed!

Perceiving the ancient and familiar and powerful aura exuded by Shen Lang, Xi Feng instantly had one’s hair stand on end, Divine Soul shuddered, and his whole body trembled like uncontrollable craziness, and his heart was terrified.

“It’s…it’s you! No…impossible, you are dead, absolutely impossible is you!!!”

Xi Feng roared like crazy, except instinctive In addition to fear, there is also a deep-seated disgust and anger rise in the mind.

Shen Lang at this moment is just like the sun of aloof and remote!

As soon as the light released by the Sun God pattern between Shen Lang’s eyebrows reached its extreme, the all around scene began to twist and change drastically. The scarlet giant that Xi Feng had turned into was completely swallowed and drowned by the golden light, and his mouth was hysterical. Roar like that.

In a trance, Xi Feng was drawn into a wonderful space by the golden light.


This is a wasteland on the battlefield, the earth cracked with countless cracks, yellow sand filled the sky, a lot of roar killing sounds came into the ears, even the air was floating With a smell of blood.

The sky splits a huge gap, the gap is so big that it almost traverses the entire interface.

Ten of the dark sky of destroying heaven extinguishing earth flew out from the gap, and the spiritual pressure poured down from the sky, giving a suffocating oppression!

Fortunately, the scene freezes at this moment, the dome light only emerges on the surface of the sky, and does not fall.

“This…here is it?”

The scarlet giant turned into Xi Feng fell to his knees and looked all around the frozen wasteland battlefield, as if touching the ancient time in my mind The memory of, there is a kind of disgusting and nostalgic feeling.

In a trance, there was a sorrowful voice before him.

“How sad, brother.”

Xi Feng suddenly raised his head, and saw that there was a giant wearing a battle armour standing opposite him.

The giant looks like a young man, with a bow and arrow on his back, his facial features are as deep as a knife, his long hair hangs down his shoulders, and there is a Sun God pattern on the center of his eyebrows, making him handsome and handsome.

At this moment, there was a hint of pity and sadness in the youth’s eyes.

“Damn it! Why on earth? Why these endless years have passed, and your disgusting face can still appear in front of me!!!”

Xi Feng’s eyes are dead Staring at the armored young man in front of him, his canthus was about to split, his breathing suddenly rose, and an inexplicable rage surged in his heart, and he roared like a thunder: “Since you dare to show up again, then I will just completely defeat you!”

As soon as the roar fell, Xi Feng had two more giant axes in his hands, and moved towards the armored youth in front of him madly.

Who knows, the armored young man did not evade, letting the wind sway the giant axe and cut it between his chest and abdomen.

Giant axe carried the infinite formidable power and shattered the armor on the young man’s body. The extremely sharp axe blade cut two huge wounds on the chest and abdomen of the armored young man.

“Pu chi! Pu chi!”

Two bloody arrows shot out, the youth is still completely motionless, staring silently at Xi Feng, eyes filled with pity and sadness, Indifferently asked: “Brother, after so many years, what are you pursuing?”

“What are you pursuing? Naturally, pursuing eternal and powerful power! I hate you, I just want to trample you under my feet, Let your disgusting and ugly face completely disappear from my heart!”

Xi Feng roared wildly, and his indescribable jealousy spread wildly in his chest, almost swallowing him.

Amidst the roar, Xi Feng frantically brandished a double axe and slashed at the youth in front of him.

The youth’s fleshy body was chopped by a double axe with countless wounds, and a lot of blood splashed out, blood flowing into a river underneath.

This is the case, the young man’s facial expression has not changed at all, and sadly said: “So in your heart, I was so disgusting and ugly… Then brother, you might as well take a look at your appearance now. “

When he heard these words, Xi Feng shivered all over his body, and looked subconsciously at the blood-stained ground.

Under the reflection of the blood on the ground, Xi Feng realized that he did not know when he had become a headless monster, with breasts as his eyes, navel as his mouth, and belly with fangs. Terrible appearance!


Xi Feng’s eyes widened, and he tremblingly took two steps back.

He verbally insulted the armored youth in front of him as disgusting and ugly. In fact, the real ugly man was himself!

Xi Feng gradually recalled the sins he committed when he was the ancient witch soul.

Once upon a time, in order to obtain the so-called eternal power, he would not hesitate to sell his Divine Soul to Demon Domain, only to survive in the world and to win the position he dreamed of.

“ha ha ha, what about ugliness? As long as you sit higher than you, it doesn’t matter!”

Xi Feng laughed wildly, taunted ventingly “Don’t think I don’t know that you have already body dies and Dao disappears, and I Xingtian… can still live with a new fleshy body vessel! You have been stepped on by me, what qualifications do you have to comment?”

The armored youth was silent for a while and sighed: “Brother, you should be very clear that what you are pursuing is nothing but falsehood. Don’t persist in your own wrong doings.”

” I’m long-winded! Isn’t your appearance just for revenge? This time I will give you a chance to fight!”

Xi Feng held the giant axe right hand and pointed at the young man angrily, and roared hysterically .

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