My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4386

“This is the end of the matter, and I will do what you want.”

After the young man said these words in a bleak expression, he did not know when there was more The mahogany dagger is as rough as a child’s plaything.

Looking at the mahogany sword in the hands of the youth, Xi Feng eyes suddenly shrank, and the memory seems to have returned to the distant Lich era.


On that day, the wife of Yi Tianxing, the leader of the Witch tribe Chishui tribe, gave birth to two baby boys. The big brother named “Xingtian” and the younger brother named As “Hou Yi”.

Eldest son Xing Tian is strong and physically strong, and he can stand and walk by birth. The bloodline of the witch is pure, and he is deeply delighted by Yi Tian Xing.

In contrast, the younger son, Hou Yi, is thin and has a crescent-shaped black pattern on the center of his brow when he was born.

At that time, the witch tribes all used the sun as the Totem, and the moon ornamentation was regarded as a bad omen.

Most clansman of the tribe also regarded Hou Yi as an ominous son, and the leader Yi Tianxing could not tolerate that he actually gave birth to an ominous heresy. To avoid the tribe being affected, he publicly stated that he would commit suicide. Hou Yi.

Yi Tianxing’s wife, after learning about this Xun, forced her to die. This prevented Yi Tianxing’s crazy behavior of killing her son, and Hou Yi, who was still a baby, escaped.

Although it escaped a catastrophe, since then, big brother Xingtian and younger brother Hou Yi have treated the difference between Heaven and Earth.

Hou Yi was kept in prison like a pig and dog since he was young, and only let his servants deliver meals every day, barely starving to death.

The clansman of the tribe regards him as a heresy and has snort disdainfully. Young children even take pleasure in the abuse and whipping of Hou Yi.

Even the servants in the house looked down on Hou Yi, and occasionally spit in the food, teasing the son of the tribe leader like a joke.

Hou Yi is kind by nature. Even though he has lived in such a distorted and cruel environment since he was a child, he has not lost his kindness. Faced with various abuses, whippings, and insults, he never resisted, but just took it silently. , Occasionally showing an innocent smirk.

His mother couldn’t bear it. Sometimes when Yi Tianxing was not at home, she secretly released Hou Yi from the cage, served food, and wiped the wound.

Hou Yi has been treated like a pig and dog since he was young, so that he would not speak at the age of six. The clansman of the tribe thought he was born deaf and mute, and snort disdainfully.

Until the end of the age of six, Yi Tianxing discovered that his wife was teaching Hou Yi to read while he was out, and fiercely flogged his wife in a rage.

The young Hou Yi desperately stood in front of his mother, willing to bear the flogging of father, and said the first sentence since birth: “Father, don’t beat mother, just hit me! “

Yi Tian Xing had never spoken before Hou Yi, but the first sentence that Hou Yi said was very fluent, and he was bruised and bruised for his mother, Yi Tian Xing inevitably gave birth to a trace of compassion in his heart. Since then, Hou Yi will no longer be imprisoned, and his mother will be disciplined. If the discipline is not good, he will still commit suicide of this unknown son!

Since then, Hou Yi, who has been imprisoned as an animal husbandry, has been free for the first time in his life.

Mother taught him literacy and some basic principles of dealing with affairs. Hou Yi understood very quickly and gradually realized this World.

Although mother can teach Hou Yi many things, only cultivation is not allowed to teach.

The main reason is that Yitian Xing from in the bones thinks that Hou Yi is the heresy of the ethnic group. If you learn Magical Powers skills, it is impossible to guarantee that it will not harm the Chishui tribe in the future.

Although I can’t get rid of the cultivation, Hou Yi is still very satisfied. On the contrary, he is not too cold about cultivation.

He was too kind by nature, and he suffered too much abuse when he was young, and he was very reluctant to fight and kill.

Compared with Hou Yi’s tragic experience, Xing Tian has almost lived in heaven.

Yi Tian Xing tried his best to cultivate his eldest son Xing Tian, ​​hoping that Xing Tian could one day inherit his ability and become the next leader of the Chishui tribe.

Xing Tian has lived up to expectations. With his extraordinary natural talent, he has cultivated into Heavenly Immortal at the age of seven, and has become a role model for the tribal younger generation to respect and learn.

Because of father’s discrimination and hiding, Xing Tian has never seen his younger brother since he was born.

But once he had the opportunity to practice Magical Powers on the edge of a mountain cliff, he met Hou Yi who was brought by his mother to collect spiritual grass.

Just because there is a Formation set by the Chishui tribe around the cliff, it is not dangerous, so the mother let Hou Yi play by herself.

It was this gap that made Hou Yi lucky to foresee the big brother who had never seen his true face.

The two hit it off at first sight. The innocent Hou Yi naturally admires his big brother.

At that time, Xing Tian, ​​a young man, had a sense of justice and felt very pity for what happened to his younger brother. He only felt that his younger brother was very pitiful, and proactively said that he would protect him in the future and not let any clansman bully. Hou Yi.

Hou Yi is very touched in his heart, and respects his big brother like a god.

Xing Tian sees that Hou Yi has no cultivation base, and is determined to teach him some simple cultivation methods privately, so that his poor younger brother can also protect himself.

Because father Yi Tianxing is very fond of him, even if father finds out that he teaches younger brother Magical Powers privately, he probably won’t do anything to him.

With this idea, Xing Tian offered to teach Hou Yi cultivation.

Who knows that Hou Yi has no interest in cultivation. He himself hates fighting and killing.

Xing weather is not light, and told Hou Yi something he had never heard of.

At that time, in the Lich era, the Monster Race forces flourished, just like the Witch race. With the expansion speed of Monster Race’s forces, sooner or later, it will fight to the death with the Witch race.

Xing Tian accused Hou Yi of being kind, but he couldn’t help anyone. If when the time comes he was still so powerless to bind the chicken, he would become a burden to the Chishui tribe.

The young Hou Yi felt shock and self-blame for the first time in his life. He was deeply moved by Xing Tian’s remark and felt that he could not become a burden to others.

If Monster Race really threatens the Chishui tribe one day, you must desperately protect your mother!

Holding this idea, Hou Yi accepted the teaching of his big brother.

Xing Tian didn’t have much time to teach Hou Yi at the time. He only taught Hou Yi some simple breaths and breaths. Then he burned a copy of the Magical Powers of his cultivation and gave them all. Hou Yi.

Out of trust in his younger brother, coupled with the passion of childhood, Xing Tian has almost no reservations. The Magical Powers given to Hou Yi are also obtained from his father. Above The record of Divine Ability is sufficient for his cultivation to Great Principle Golden Immortal!

It’s mainly because the young Xing Tian felt that his cultivation time was too tight, and there was almost no chance to meet Hou Yi. He simply gave the inheritance Magical Powers he got from his father to his youngerr first. Brother, let’s chop first and play later.

Xing Tian suggested that today, one year later, come to this cliff again, and he will check the progress of Hou Yi’s cultivation in person.

Although he said so, Xing Tian didn’t expect much at all. He didn’t think Hou Yi could really do anything. He just hoped that the Divine Ability of his younger brother would help him strengthen his body. .

However, this agreement became the beginning of Xingtian’s nightmare.

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