My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4388

Hou Yi innocently thought that the big brother just wanted to examine himself, so he demonstrated all the Magical Powers he built in front of Xing Tian on the spot, even the top battle skills Xing Tian could not comprehend. .

Until this moment, Xing Tian knew how exaggerated the gap between him and Hou Yi was!

Xing Tian always couldn’t believe that his trash younger brother could grow to this level. The impatient asked Hou Yi how he cultivated to this level.

Hou Yi just told Xing Tian in a serious manner. Since the big brother gave him the cultivation technique jade slips, he devotes himself to practicing every day and gradually mastered the various Magical Powers abilities in the jade slips. That’s it.

These casually words are a great irony to Xing Tian!

At the beginning, Xing Tian gave all the Legacy Cultivation Art he got from his father to his younger brother, but all those cultivation techniques were obscure and it took a long time. Can cultivation success Wuzu battle skill.

Ordinary shamans spend their entire lives, and they may not be able to penetrate several cultivation techniques.

Hou Yi actually said that he had all practiced. Xing Tian couldn’t believe his younger brother’s words anyway. He almost doubted whether Hou Yi had been secretly hiding from his cultivation since he was a child.

If not, it is impossible to explain why he was promoted to the Great Principle Golden Immortal realm in such a short period of time!

Even if this is possible, ordinary sorcerers have to be continuously promoted to the realm of Da Luo within a very short period of time, and there is no doubt that they have to absorb huge energy and even Chaos Immortal Qi.

Hou Yi, regarded as waste, where did that many cultivation resources come from? The red-eyed Xing Tian questioned him almost roarly, asking if he had stolen the resources of the clan?

Hou Yi hurriedly explained and told Xing Tian the truth.

Everything is the benefit of the moon pattern on the center of his brow!

Since Hou Yi learned how to breathe and breathe, he discovered that the moon pattern on the center of his forehead seemed to absorb all kinds of energy between Heaven and Earth, as if he had the ability to breathe.

Every time the moon pattern breathes, it can draw energy from between Heaven and Earth, and sometimes even the power from the stars! Can strengthen oneself at all times.

It is these energies that have laid the foundation for Hou Yi, allowing him to make rapid progress in his cultivation base.

Xing Tian’s shock is beyond resurrection. Although he is young, he has also heard that Old Ancestor, the great wizard in the temple, can condense a mark called “divine runes”, which can be classified as Power of Heaven and Earth. Self-use.

The moon decoration on the center of Hou Yi’s eyebrows resembles the description of divine runes!

It turns out that the moon pattern on the center of my younger brother’s eyebrows is not a bad omen at all, but a natural divine runes! Is a truly a record that has never been approached and will never be approached again in the history of the Witch!

At this moment, Xing Tian seemed to hear a flame called jealousy burning his internal organs, and this intense nausea almost swallowed him.

Xingtian’s pride and self-esteem seemed to be completely torn apart in this brief moment, and he was regarded as a peerless genius by clansman since childhood. Before the real genius, he was just a toddler that’s all.

No, he can’t even compare to a baby!

Compared to the younger brother who is as dazzling as the sun, my big brother can at best be regarded as a high-pitched ant on the ground.

Xing Tian gave birth to a strong sense of crisis for the first time in his life. The glory and aura he had finally acquired will soon be taken away by the dazzling younger brother.

The priesthood, the leader of the tribe, the name of genius…everything will be taken away by the younger brother.

Xing Tian could even imagine clansman mocking his own face.

He has lived in the expectation and praise of everyone since he was a child, and there is no room for doubt. The young Xing Tian began to panic.

When he was leaving, Hou Yi also gave Xing Tian a meeting gift, which was actually the fangs of a witch beast “Amethyst Devil Dragon”.

The Amethyst Dragon is a witch beast comparable to the Great Principle Golden Immortal Peak. It once appeared in the snowy mountains in the northern part of Chishui.

Xing Tian still remembers that when he was five years old, father led all the witches of the Chishui tribe to hunt in the snowy mountains, exhausted sufferer untold hardships, and severely damaged an amethyst dragon, but failed to capture it.

Hou Yi can get the teeth of this amethyst dragon, is it possible that he has already killed an amethyst dragon?

Xing Tian opened his mouth, but never asked.

No matter what, it doesn’t matter anymore. My younger brother is no longer in the same rank as him.

I don’t know what kind of jealousy he was holding, Xing Tian accepted the dragon tooth that Hou Yi gave him, and endured the strong feeling of nausea and praised Hou Yi, the suggestion of ghosts and gods He went to the “Eastern Wilderness Land” to experience it.

The so-called Eastern Wilderness land was actually the border of Monster Race in the east of Immortal World at that time. There were countless witch beasts entrenched here. It was almost one of the steep Danger Lands of Immortal World at that time.

Xing Tian asked Hou Yi to go to the Eastern Wilderness to experience, undoubtedly he wanted Hou Yi to fend for himself.

Hou Yi thought this was a cultivation goal set for him by the big brother, so he smiled and agreed.

Looking at Hou Yi’s kind and flawless smile, Xing Tian felt that he was so evil for the first time, and he felt an extremely strong sense of guilt.

When he was leaving, Xing Tian suddenly called Hou Yi. He wanted to change his words and withdraw his previous words, but he still didn’t say what he said, so he asked Hou Yi to take care.

After that, Hou Yi disappeared in the Chishui tribe just like disappear from the face of the earth.

For the clansman of the Chishui tribe, he was originally an insignificant role. No one cared about the disappearance of Hou Yi, and even the tribal leader Yi Tianxue ignored him, only when this waste unfilial son was killed. The brutal beast was taken away.

Only mother, occasionally knits clothes for Hou Yi, who has been muffling his voice.

She is determined that Hou Yi will return to Chishui tribe one day.

Xingtian is still the Heaven’s Chosen Child of the Chishui tribe, and even the entire Golden Witch Clan, enjoying the glory of Supreme and the aura of worship.

Although Hou Yi disappeared completely, Xing Tian never forgot his younger brother’s face in his heart.

He worked harder in his cultivation and was finally promoted to the Great Principle Golden Immortal at the age of eighteen. This time he is not only the famous witch clan, but even other witch clan also know the genius of Xingtian The name.

At this time, Xing Tian has grown for Great Accomplishment years, with a burly body and a mature mentality.

He has always hung the fangs of the amethyst dragon that Hou Yi gave him on his neck, and he often regretted the malice he had done to his younger brother.

In the past few years, the guilt in Xing Tian’s heart has not disappeared, but it has become more and more serious.

Hou Yi hasn’t reappeared for more than ten years since he went to the land of Eastern Wilderness. Xing Tian felt that he mostly died in the depths of the Eastern Wilderness.

“My good younger brother, big brother, I’m sorry, but I can only protect the Chishui tribe for you!”

Every time I remove the pendant from the neck, Xing Tian would recite these words silently.

In another two years, he will be able to accept the temple call and hold the priesthood.

Once he can be in power, Chishui tribe can get more superior resources, develop and grow, and have an unlimited future.

Just when Xingtian felt that everything was going in a good direction, things changed suddenly.

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