My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4389

An unprecedented battle took place among the Golden Witch Clan.

Monster Race, which was opposed to the Witch tribe, expanded aggressively, swallowing the entire Eastern Wilderness land, and then moved towards the Golden Witch tribe territory in the southeast border to launch a storm.

The Chishui tribe happened to be located in the southwest of the Golden Witch Clan territory and suffered the first wave of Monster Race’s attack.

In less than the time it takes half an incense stick to burn, several tribes close to the border have been slaughtered by the Monster Race army, and the Chishui tribe is in danger.

The leader of the tribe, Yi Tianxing, led the clansman of the Chishui tribe and the Monster Race army to fight fiercely.

Yi Tian Xing knew that the Monster Race power was on the cusp, and only the Chishui tribe’s manpower could not resist, so he arranged for Elder of the clan to send Xing Tian away.

However, Xing Tian was eager to clansman in safety, and despite dissuasion halfway through, he returned to the Chishui tribe and participated in the war.

The fighting was extremely fierce, and the Chishui tribe suffered numerous casualties. Both Yitian and Xingtian were seriously injured.

When the Monster Race army was about to crush the Chishui tribe and wipe out all the clansman, a handsome young man dressed in coarse linen was like Divine Weapon descending from the sky, blocking the Chishui tribe’s remnant army.

The young man held a shaking bow and shot an arrow from the bow.

Xing Tian still remembers the wonder, might of a single arrow is called the end of the world, the arrow pierced the sky and the earth, shattered the space, and killed all Monster Race that attacked the Chishui tribe.

The youth used this prestige of a single arrow to annihilate this group of Monster Race army, and also frightened back and came to support the Monster Race forces.

This young man is not just Hou Yi who has been muffled for ten years!

Hou Yi, who has returned again, is already a familiar face of Great Accomplishment, dashing eyebrows, handsome out of the ordinary.

Hou Yi fell to his knees, complaining that he was late and failed to save more clansman.

The mother rushed out of the crowd, and was the first to recognize Hou Yi, and she recognized him in tears.

If it weren’t for the pale-gold moon pattern on the center of Hou Yi’s eyebrows, almost no one in the Chishui tribe could recognize him.

All the clansman of the Chishui tribe in this brief moment were all dumbfounded.

The leader of the tribe, Yi Tianxing, was even more stunned, and the complex emotions were not calm for a long time.

Everyone can’t believe that Hou Yi will appear in front of the clansman in this way.

Everything has broken clansman’s cognition.

Xingtian’s brain was blank, and his guilt was finally released in this brief moment for ten years.

My younger brother is not dead!

I don’t have to be that sinner anymore.

However, when the feeling of guilt disappeared, a deep-seated jealousy rose in the mind again.

Hou Yi nowadays is no longer the waste of the year. His younger brother has been transformed and promoted to Hunyuan Great Principle Golden Immortal!

Looking at the temple of the Golden Witch Clan, at least it must be the place of Witch Zhu!

After ten years of absence, the gap between myself and the younger brother has widened. The gap is like a bright moon in the sky versus the dust and silt on the ground.

In any case, I can’t follow Hou Yi’s footsteps.

Xing Tian can only admit his fate, just when he is ready to apologize to Hou Yi and recognize his younger brother.

After a long delay, Yi Tianxue suddenly fell to his knees in front of Hou Yi. For the first time in his life, he was in pain and runny. He repented of his various Evil Thoughts to Hou Yi and asked for forgiveness from his son.

Clansman also knelt down in front of Hou Yi, his expressions full of guilt and regret.

Hou Yi helped Yi Tianxue and the clansman of the clansman. Instead of a trace of resentment in his heart, he expressed his longing and shame for the Chishui tribe. His kindness completely infected the clansman of the Chishui tribe. .

Looking at the younger brother who is as dazzling as the sun at this moment, Xing Tian is embarrassed and shivering all over.

Compared with being praised by others, Hou Yi really got the awe of all the clansman of the Chishui tribe. I think he will soon get the glory that belongs to him.

Xing Tian’s brain was in a mess, and he even forgot to apologize to Hou Yi and admit his mistake.

Hou Yi didn’t care about it at all. He approached Xing Tian and gave a hug, and laughed: “Big brother, I’m back. Thank you for your original teaching. Without you, maybe I’m still A useless person.”

Xing Tianting’s scalp was numb, and a strong nausea rose in the mind.

Yi Tian Xing impatient asked how Hou Yi achieved such a cultivation base achievement. Hou Yi just pointed to Xing Tian with gratitude and said in front of everyone that it was the big brother who secretly guided his cultivation, himself All of the achievements are thanks to the big brother.

Though these words are words of gratitude, they became a big irony in Xing Tian’s ears. He trembled all over, as if shouting and roaring in his heart:

“Enough, count me Please, go and die! A monster like you, simply shouldn’t be born in this world!”

A strong feeling of jealousy, as if to crush his internal organs into a pile Meat sauce.

The development of the matter is just as Xingtian expected.

Hou Yi, who returned to the tribe, not only won the respect and awe of everyone, but even Yi Tianxing took the initiative to cede the position of tribal leader to Hou Yi.

All the glory and aura of Xingtian were taken away by Hou Yi as expected.

After all, it is Hunyuan Great Principle Golden Immortal. In the era of Lich where the ten thousand races stand in great numbers, nothing is more important than strength.

Compared with the genius like Xing Tian, ​​Hou Yi can be called the true Heaven’s Chosen Son.

But Hou Yi has not always pursued the so-called cultivation base strength. He just wants to protect his homeland and stay away from fighting.

He thinks he is not qualified to be the leader, and years of travel have helped him develop a laid-back character, so he voluntarily gave up the position of leader to his big brother Xing Tian.

All Hou Yi’s actions stem from his inner kindness, but in Xing Tian’s eyes, it is extremely disgusting.


The Monster Race army before attacking the border territory of the Golden Witch Clan seems to be an outpost, not at all thinking about going deep inside the enemy army, more to explore gold The details of the Wu Clan were unexpectedly repelled by Hou Yi on the way.

The temple quickly learned about the battle situation of the Chishui tribe, and the news that the Chishui tribe gave birth to a Great Principle Golden Immortal also spread.

Learning that the newly promoted Hunyuan Great Principle Golden Immortal is only eighteen years old, the lord of the palace is overjoyed. He actually came to Chishui tribe himself and bestowed the priesthood of Hou Yi.

The story of Hou Yi even reached the ears of the ancestor witch of the Golden Witch clan. The ancestor received Hou Yi as a Direct Disciple and personally guided his cultivation.

The Chishui tribe was born with such an amazing genius, and naturally received the great care of the Golden Witch Clan, and moved to the main city of the Golden Witch Clan.

After the migration, clansman not only does not have to worry about getting involved in the battle with the Monster Race forces, but also enjoys the highest treatment of wizards. From then on, the clansman of the Chishui tribe respected Hou Yi as a god. The clansman even built a statue of Hou Yi for the clansman to worship.

Xing Tian, ​​shrouded in the light of Hou Yi, is getting more and more bleak, no longer being paid attention to by clansman.

Although he successfully obtained the priesthood bestowed by the temple, he still needs to start from the bottom, and the gap between him and Hou Yi is getting bigger and bigger.

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