My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4390

Xing Tian is not actually a narrow-minded person, but he has a very strong jealousy towards Hou Yi.

I should have been born a unique and unmatched peerless genius, but the younger brother Hou Yi completely overshadows his own brilliance, whether it is strength, character, temperament…Hou Yi are all perfect and without blemish , Is the well-deserved Heaven’s Chosen Son.

Hou Yi possesses abilities that Xingtian dreams of.

In any case, I have to catch up with Hou Yi!

This has also become Xing Tian’s lifelong goal.

No matter how amazing the genius is, there will be a limit. You only need to surpass this end to catch up with Hou Yi.

Thousands of years later, Xing Tian successfully promoted Hunyuan Great Principle Golden Immortal with his own efforts, and was given the position of witch blessing. He was even accepted as a dísciple by the ancestor of the golden witch clan’s Old Ancestor. .

According to Old Ancestor, Hou Yi followed Old Ancestor for only a hundred years of retreat and practice, and he has left the Golden Witch Clan after one hundred years.

Xing Tian was curious and asked the younger brother Hou Yi why he only retreats for a hundred years, but Old Ancestor said that he had nothing to teach Hou Yi, so he let him go to the world and come out of his own the way.

It turns out that Hou Yi, who followed Old Ancestor cultivation, has broken through the realm of Daozu Tianzun in just a hundred years! He even mastered all the battle skill Magical Powers of the Golden Witch Clan, even the Old Ancestor could not guide him.

Xing Tian was completely stunned. He seemed to see his younger brother once again showing the power of subverting common sense, so powerful that even Old Ancestor was amazing!

In a trance, Xing Tian seemed to be able to hear the fire of jealousy burning his flesh and blood, the distortion of skeleton and meridian.

Strongly unwilling to let Xing Tian continue to inquire about Old Ancestor, and ask if he might surpass Hou Yi.

Old Ancestor only replied indifferently, Hou Yi is the existence that makes heaven tremble, he will always be impossible to catch up with Hou Yi, no matter how hard he works, he is also impossible to do this!

This evaluation completely distorted Xing Tian.

Since I will never be able to catch up with Hou Yi’s footsteps, why was I born in this world?

Hou Yi’s existence has become a torture for Xing Tian.

Xing Tian didn’t want to admit defeat before reaching the end.

He was obsessed with cultivation and exhausted all his own efforts. After ten thousand years, he achieved the position of Daozu Tianzun, became the great witch of the Golden Witch Clan, and received the glory and praise of Supreme.

But these glories and auras don’t make Xing Tian feel much joy. His only obsession with growing stronger is to exceed his younger brother!

For millions of years since then, Xing Tian has been devoted to cultivation in the Golden Witch Clan, and has also become the leading witch in battle strength among the Golden Witch Clan and even the entire Witch Clan.

However, in these millions of years, Hou Yi muffled his voice and searched for a trace, and never showed up.

The obsession in Xing Tian’s heart has not faded. He is eager to meet his younger brother again to prove his strength.

At this time, Hou Yi has traveled almost anywhere in Immortal World and lived a free and unconstrained life.

He even pretended to be Monster Race, lived in Monster Race territory for a long time, and even met Emperor Jun’s daughter “Xiyue Saintess” during a hunt. The two fell in love with each other. Secret love.

However, Hou Yi did not want to expose the identity of the Witch clan, and took the initiative to cut off the connection with Xiyue Saintess.

At that time, the desire to rule by the Monster Race forces was too strong. The Eastern Emperor, the head of Monster Race, established the first generation Celestial Court at the Dari God Palace at the top of Kunxu, and joined the throne as his brother Dijun. Emperor, claiming to be the Eastern Emperor Taiyi, claimed to command the entire Immortal World and launch an offensive against the Witch tribe.

Hou Yi understood that Lich’s catastrophe was about to come and that this battle would surely result in a loss of life, so he returned to the Golden Witch Clan and told the ancestor Witch about the various trends and threats of Monster Race.

We knew that disaster was about to come, and she informed the other ancestors to prepare for Monster Race’s aggressive attack.

At that time, the Witch tribe had 12 factions, which were led by the “Twelve Patriarch Witches”, each in their own right. These twelve factions are not in harmony with each other, and even the tribes of this line have frequent battles.

In the first Great Battle of Witch and Demon, the Witch tribes of the twelve factions fought separately, which caused the battle to be very chaotic. It was almost destroyed by the Monster Race army. Later, they had no choice but to unite.

Hou Yi was born to hate fighting and killing. He didn’t want to participate in this battle, but in order to protect clansman, he had to contend with the Monster Race army.

In the first war, Hou Yi accidentally rescued the seriously injured Xiyue Saintess in the battlefield.

After Xiyue Saintess learned that Hou Yi was a witch, her heart was distraught.

She was willing to give up her identity for Hou Yi, but she also forced Hou Yi to elope with her.

Hou Yi knows that if he agrees to Xiyue Saintess, it means a traitor. But he also understands that the battle between the Witch and Monster Race will not end until the winner is determined.

Monster Race and the Witch race are incompatible as fire and water, the contradiction can no longer be adjusted, and there is no absolute justice party.

Hou Yi finally gave up being a hero that everyone admired, and chose to elope with Xiyue Saintess, and separated from their respective clans.

Learning that Hou Yi was a traitor, he eloped with the daughter of Emperor Jun, the ancestor of the Golden Witch Clan was furious, and Monster Emperor Emperor also flies into a rage.

Since then, Hou Yi has been labeled a traitor by the Golden Witch Clan.

This just fulfilled Xingtian’s wishes. Xingtian has become the strongest warrior besides the second only to Old Ancestor of the Golden Witch Clan. He recommended himself to Old Ancestor to capture Hou Yi back.

Who knows, during the elopement, Hou Yi learned about the secret of Sunday’s Stars Great Array from Xiyue Saintess. Hou Yi calculated the infinite expansion of Sunday’s Stars Great Array. If Monster Race is not prevented, the whole Immortal World may be destroyed.

In order to save the Immortal World creatures, Hou Yi left Xiyue Saintess sadly, and happened to encounter Xingtian.

Hou Yi was willing to take the initiative to be captured by Xing Tian, ​​but Xing Tian aroused Hou Yi’s fighting intent, held and severely injured Xiyue Saintess, forcing Hou Yi to fight himself.

Brother met for the first time. Hou Yi was eager to save Xiyue Saintess. Only by the strength of oneself, he defeated Xingtian and forcibly sent Xiyue Saintess away.

Even if Hou Yi hasn’t worked hard on cultivation these years, his defying strength is still beyond the reach of Xingtian, even if it is compared to the 12th Ancestor Witch.

The endless humiliation and frustration made Xing Tian’s hatred of Hou Yi swell to the extreme.

Hou Yi took the initiative to return to the Golden Witch Clan to be tortured, and before being tortured, he told the Zuwulingshou about the secrets of the Zhoutian Stars Great Array.

After learning this secret, Lian Shou not only pardoned Hou Yi’s punishment, but also surprised Hou Yi as a hero.

Seeing Old Ancestor’s face full of joy, Hou Yi realized that no matter how he explained the threat of Stars Great Array this week, Old Ancestor would not choose to dismantle Formation, but wanted to reverse it. Using that terrifying Formation, Xingdong Emperor Jun is the same thing, that is, delusion to use Zhoutian Stars Great Array to impact True God Boundary!

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