My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4391

The so-called Battle of Witches and Demons will probably evolve into a battle of desires. Hou Yi can already imagine what will happen next.

After the Twelve Ancestor Witches learn about the special ability of the Stars Great Array of the Sun, they will definitely unite and fight Monster Race with all their strength to snatch the Stars Great Array of the Sun of the Monster Race.

Whether it is the twelve ancestor witch of the Witch Clan or the Eastern Emperor Jun who calls himself Celestial Emperor, in order to achieve the position of True God, he will definitely at all costs, even if it is the birth and death of Immortal World and all living creatures Survival is also a bet.

Hou Yi sighed secretly, knowing so long ago, why should he tell the secret of Zhoutian Stars Great Array.

It’s better to run away with Xiyue Saintess, avoid these disputes, wait until the Witch race and Monster Race forces both sides suffer, and then think about how to dismantle the Stars Great Array.

Just when Hou Yi regretted it, he got news from Monster Race.

Di Jun actually executed Xiyue Saintess!

Hou Yi, who learned of the news, lost his mind completely if he was hit by Five Thunderbolts. He sneaked into the territory of Monster Race to check the news by himself.

After many inquiries, I learned that although Xiyue Saintess was executed, Divine Soul was sealed in the God Palace by Emperor Jun.

As long as Divine Soul Inextinguishable, there will be a chance to rescue Xiyue Saintess.

Hou Yi, who returned to the Temple of the Golden Witch Clan, began a long retreat on the grounds of delving into mysteries.

It wasn’t until the final battle of the Great Battle of Witch and Demon that Hou Yi left the customs and begged Old Ancestor to receive True Blood from the Ancestor Witch.

Old Ancestor determined that Hou Yi would play a key role in the Great Battle of Witch and Demon, so he bestowed True Blood on Hou Yi and elected Hou Yi as the leader of the great witch.

At that time, Hou Yi’s battle strength had almost reached the level of the 12th Ancestral Witch, and the 12th Ancestral Witch naturally had no opinion. He also bestowed him with the “sun shooting divine bow”, a heavy treasure of the Witch Clan.

In the final battle with Monster Race, Hou Yi took advantage of the time of Great War and infiltrated the God Palace of the Twelve Ancestor Witch and the Eastern Emperor Jun, and stole the Divine Soul of Xiyue Saintess, with The ancestral witch True Blood bestowed by 蓐 reshaped the fleshy body of Xiyue Saintess, and made his fleshy body immortal.

human’s calculation are inferior to the heavens calculation. After Hou Yi sent away the unwake-up Xiyue Saintess, the twelve ancestor witch actually perished with the Eastern Emperor Jun. Zhou Tian Stars Great Array was eventually destroyed.

Ten Star Domain dome lights fall from the sky, and the formidable power is strong enough to destroy the entire Immortal World.

To save Immortal World, Hou Yi shot nine dome lights.

The last beam of light was blocked by the wizard Goddess Nuwa, many great wizards and Monster Sovereign led by Xing Tian.

The remaining majesty of the dome light still divided Heaven and Earth into ten, but Immortal World was barely supported and was not completely destroyed by the dome light.

Hou Yi, who exhausted all life force and divine force, completely fell to his death.

Xing Tian looked at the corpse of his younger brother, and felt a sense of relief in his heart.

Heaven’s Chosen Son, who shouldn’t live in the world, finally died!

Xing Tian laughed, and his unwillingness and jealousy for a long time seemed to be vented.

To live is victory!

Hou Yi died and survived by himself, proving that he has surpassed Hou Yi and replaced him as a unique and unmatched genius in the world!

After Xing Tian’s laughter was reduced, an indescribable sense of emptiness was born in his heart.

Even if Hou Yi dies, he will not be able to achieve the same realm as Hou Yi. Xing Tian understands that this is a realm that he may not be able to touch in his lifetime.

Fortunately, now the Twelve Ancestor Witches are dead, the Eastern Emperor Jun is dead, and Hou Yi is also dead. Except for Goddess Nuwa, who was barely able to fight himself, there is no one in the world to match him. The Taoist ancestor Tianzun.

But I have endless time to exercise myself, and one day I can truly surpass Hou Yi.

However, the good times are not long.

After the Star Domain dome eroded the Immortal World earth, countless chaotic space-time energy remained.

Countless space-time energies scattered in Immortal World, like a breeze with no opportunity, merge into the body of all living creatures, which can cause all living creatures to accelerate aging.

Even if it is as strong as the Dao Ancestor Tianzun, it cannot be exempted from this curse-like space-time energy.

Unless the space-time energy invading within the body can be completely absorbed or resolved, the aging of the fleshy body cannot be reversed.

But thinking of doing this, the only way to do this is to make the law comprehension of time and space extremely brilliant.

Since the death of the Eastern Emperor Jun and the 12th Ancestor Witch, Immortal World has no cultivator to reach this level of realm. All living creatures can only cause a large area of ​​death.

The stronger the creature, the greater the backlash of time and space.

Only a few years later, all the great witches except Nuwa died during meditation.

Survived Monster Race Monster Sovereign was not spared either, and died one after another shortly after.

A large number of clansman clansman of the witch clans die in old age, and according to this trend, the clansman will be extinct within a hundred years.

In order to find a rescue method, Nuwa went far away from the Witch Clan and disappeared.

Because of his young age, Xing Tian supported him for several years.

A few years later, his fleshy body also began to age significantly.

Seeing that he was getting old day by day, Xing Tian was extremely unwilling, and he tried various methods.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard he works, how he hides in various spaces, how he delves into the laws of time and space, he still cannot alleviate his own aging.

One day, a demon ancestor from Demon Domain found Xing Tian and claimed that he had a way to prevent Xing Tian’s aging, but he wanted to surrender half of his Divine Soul to his control. , For its driving.

At this price, Xing Tian can get unlimited lifespan and gain eternal power.

Xing Tian is not interested in the so-called eternal power. He just wants to achieve Hou Yi’s realm and completely replace his younger brother. This is also the obsession that tortures him all his life.

In order to achieve this goal, he did not hesitate to sacrifice everything.

In the end, Xing Tian gave up the struggle and sold his Divine Soul to the demon ancestor from Demon Domain, allowing him to inject an extremely powerful magic core within the body. .

To activate this magic core, you need to absorb the souls of countless creatures. Weixing.

Shan Shanyue, the first thing the other party asked Xing Tian to do was to sacrifice the entire clansman of the witch clan, and while activating the magic core, it could also strengthen itself.

At that time, Nuwa, the only great witch other than Xingtian, had already left and no one could stop Xingtian.

The former enthusiastic and righteous Xing Tian, ​​now incarnation has become a bloodthirsty demon. He sacrificed the entire witch race and committed the crime of extermination!

From that moment on, his thoughts have been distorted and completely reduced to a lackey of Demon Domain.

Since then, endless years have passed, and the numb Xing Tian has almost forgotten everything about himself as a great witch.

He forgot the appearance of the twelve ancestor witches and the face of father Yi Tianxing. He only had the appearance of Hou Yi. From start to finish were clearly printed in his mind, waving like a curse. It’s not going.

Now, the same is true of the soul of Xingtian inherited by Xi Feng.

This is why he would be so excited and angry when he saw the armored youth of Shen Lang incarnation who looked like Hou Yi.

In a trance, Shen Lang is like a wisp of breeze passing over Xi Feng’s body.

At the moment Shen Lang shot, the space seemed to stagnate, Xi Feng hadn’t even had time to raise the giant axe to parry, his huge and weird body with no difficulty was held by the mahogany in Shen Lang’s hands Sword cuts in the middle!


Xi Feng’s mouth made a heart-piercing scream, and the half of his body below the waist flew out directly, and the blood shot like a fountain. It’s splattering and terrible.

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