My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4392

The moment he fell to the ground, Xi Feng’s expression fell into a sluggish state, and he even wondered if all this was an illusion.

Your own fleshy body is indestructible, how could it be split into two by an unbearable mahogany sword?

Not only the Fleshy body, even his soul body was cut into two pieces by this wooden sword, almost irreparable!

Obviously it is a slash performed by Shen Lang, but the formidable power is so large that it is so unreasonable. This is absolutely a magical skill beyond common sense!

Xi Feng’s half-length body fell to the ground with a violent roar:

“Why, why!!!”

Why can he just A ray of willpower can kill yourself in the form of Soul Shaman in seconds?

Shen Lang’s speed of that strike just now has even reached the level of distorted space, and he can completely smash through hundreds of slashes in a flash, completely smashing him!

And Shen Lang only swung a sword, it was this show mercy-like move that completely shredded Xi Feng’s last self-esteem.

A strong sense of impatience and frustration will consume all the ridicule!

Even though endless years have passed, nothing has changed. After all, I am an ugly witch soul shrouded in Hou Yi’s halo.

“I hate you! I really want to…kill you!!!”

Xi Feng’s upper body struggling to crawl to Shen Lang’s feet, his mouth was hysterical Howling.

At this time, Shen Lang was controlled by Hou Yi’s willpower. He looked at Xi Feng under him and said with pity: “Brother, I don’t understand, what makes you so mad Anger? Is it just because you hate me because you are jealous? What is it that you have pursued in your life?”

“no! Don’t ask anymore!!!”

Xi Feng’s eyes were about to split, spurt a large mouthful of blood in his mouth.

Shen Lang is condescending, staring at Xi Feng with a complex expression: “What made you betray the Witch Clan, what made you swallow clansman, and what made you so ugly? Answer me, Brother!”

“I…I haven’t lost yet!”

Xi Feng’s half body suddenly jumped up, his eyes were bloodshot, and he raised the double axe in his hand, such as A manic mad dog moved towards Shen Lang and chopped it over.

Shen Lang expressionless, the mahogany sword in his hand swung lightly twice.

Along with a burst of space distortion, Xi Feng’s arms were cut into two pieces by a wooden sword, and he flew out obliquely, a large amount of blood spurting everywhere.


Xi Feng’s body flew out again, with a painful howling in his mouth.

Xi Feng, who lost his arms, almost no longer has battle strength, and the double trauma of his soul fleshy body makes his energy within the body disordered, and he can no longer perform Magical Powers attacks.

Even though the body has become this look, the crazy Xi Feng still reluctant to let go, flying like a cannonball, opened a huge mouth and bit Shen Lang’s shoulder.

“What a humiliation, brother.”

Shen Lang looked at the shame of his body, and his eyes burst into tears, mixed with endless sympathy and compassion. .

“Shut up, don’t talk anymore!!!”

Xi Feng’s face was distorted to the extreme, and the extreme humiliation and pain almost swallowed him.

Shen Lang sighed: “Brother, I’m already dead, you don’t have to deliberately want to kill me. Even if you commit that many heinous crimes, in my heart, you are still mine. big brother. The reason why I showed up to see you, I just don’t want to see you sink into endless pain.”

“The vast years have passed, and there is no value in life and death, not to mention that in my heart. A bit of resentment. Even if you can kill my will, what’s the point?

Xi Feng’s emotions reached the climax, and he roared like a heartbreaking: “You will never understand ! At least killing your will, and calming down the hatred in my heart! “

“Do you think that I really wanted to live in the world, so I chose to sell my Divine Soul, not hesitate to betray the Witch Clan and become such an ugly monster? Not right! “

“The reason why I became such a disgusting and ugly monster, and the reason why I was cut into this look by you, I didn’t want to admit defeat…I just…I want to become you that’s all! “

Xi Feng’s remnant body trembled, and the blood and tears in his eyes couldn’t stop pouring out.

Why I have forgotten everything for so many years, but I can’t forget Hou Yi’s face.

Why does he feel a splitting headache, nausea and nausea just thinking of Hou Yi’s face.

Why is the jealousy in his heart, even after endless years, can’t be eliminated little bit.

Because Hou Yi is as dazzling as the sun in his heart, even though he feels the scorching heat from Hou Yi’s body, he still has to stretch out his hands to touch, even if he is scattered ashes and dispersed smoke I don’t hesitate!

The obsession buried deep in my heart was finally exposed by Xing Tian.

He wants to become a unique and unmatched existence like his younger brother!

“younger brother, since mother gave birth to you who collected the gods’ love in one body, why give birth to me! Can you tell me why this is…”

Xi Feng gradually discovered in his own filthy crying that the deepest obsession in his heart turned out to be so ridiculous!


While weeping bitterly, the pride and twisted self-esteem in Xi Feng’s heart completely fell apart at this moment.

Shen Lang was silent for a long time before slowly said: “Brother, in my heart, you It is never redundant. Now, no matter how much I can comfort you, it doesn’t make any sense to you. Since you are so eager to be me, then let my ray of will power into your witch soul, you and I live together in the world. “

Rather than let the soul of Xingtian endure pain and torture, it is better to satisfy him and resolve the source of Xingtian’s pain.

Xi Feng has been stagnant for a long time, Shen Lang said this. , Sure enough, most of the resentment in his heart faded in this brief moment.

“Don’t laugh, my ugly Remnant Soul fleshy body is not worthy of your radiant willpower. Instead of choosing me, you should stay with the chosen one within the body and help him save the world. “

Xi Feng said indifferently, he also knew in his heart that according to Hou Yi’s character, she would definitely help Shen Lang.

Shen Lang said solemnly: “My willpower There is only one mobile phone meeting left, and whoever stays within the body is the same. The person who stays in the chosen within the body may be able to resist the crisis for him at a critical moment, but he also has to use his body to act. “

“Rather than taking up the action time of the Chosen, it is better to merge with your brother, your witch soul. You and I belong to the witch clan, my wisp of will power can double the power after fusing with your witch soul, and it can also repair your witch soul at a critical moment. “

Xi Feng laughed at himself: “You and I were still seeing each other just now, you can trust me so much?” What’s more, the master of my fleshy body and the Chosen One are enemies of different camps. You have to think clearly. “

Shen Lang frankly said: “Brother, this is my choice, I believe you will make your own judgment. “

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