My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4393

Xi Feng fell into a long silence, his expression changed several times, and he was painful and confused.

Looking back, he suddenly felt how funny what he had done.

“ha ha ha, my Xingtian is so vicious and hateful, what face is there to coexist with you? Why don’t you let you body possession my body now, and then my body will be under your control, so this is also satisfying me The lifelong obsession of this evil soul!”

Suddenly Xi Feng laughed heartily, and the laughter was full of sadness and pain.

Until now, he has not seen clearly how vicious and tyrannical he is, how desolate he is, and how insensitive he is.

I don’t deserve to coexist with Hou Yi at all, even if it is just a piece of his willpower.

Hou Yi is as dazzling as the sun, so incompatible with his own evil witch soul. The hot sensation Hou Yi exudes is not something he can bear.

Shen Lang said solemnly: “Brother, I am dead, but you still retain the Soul Shaman. If you have not completely died, you can inherit my will to live!”

“Brother , Face reality. The moment you express your obsession, the obsession in your heart has actually begun to disintegrate. Instead of sinking into pain and questioning yourself, it is better to live for me!”

“Brother, although you are not the chosen one, you are also a person with unpredictable fate. You have the ability to reverse the way of heaven! Inherit my will and live, I believe you can rewrite all of this.”

Listening to these words of Shen Lang, Xi Feng trembled.

“Inherit your will…I understand, if it were you, maybe it might really change all of this.”

Xi Feng knows that he has been controlled by the Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning , It is difficult to get rid of the established fate.

If it can be integrated with Hou Yi’s willpower, it may really be possible to break this deadlock!

Looking back to the time of Lich, no matter who it is, Hou Yi has never been defeated, and no one has even hurt Hou Yi.

In Xingtian’s mind, his younger brother is a peerless powerhouse that surpasses the twelve ancestor witches and even the Eastern Emperor Jun. Although he has never fought against the former, Xingtian has always believed in it.

Hou Yi now has only this willpower left. After all, his younger brother is a genius who subverts common sense. Maybe he can really rewrite himself, rewrite the Chosen, or even rewrite True The fate of Immortal Realm.

“younger brother, I have been trapped by obsessions in my life, like a walking corpse, I have never let go of obsessions and live. Even now, this obsession may not be able to be completely let go, maybe it is already in my heart. Treat obsession as a part of life.”

“Now that you are willing to merge with my soul witch and let me inherit your will to live, the obsession in my heart will surely disappear slowly. “

“After the power of your will is integrated into my Soul Shaman, you will also be a part of my body. After you and I merge, I will not seize your consciousness. You can take the lead at any time. It is also convenient for you to help the Chosen One.”

After Xi Feng figured it out, he calmly said to Shen Lang.

The obsession in Xing Tian’s heart is to become an existence like Hou Yi.

If Hou Yi’s willpower merges with his own Soul Shaman and his consciousness disappears, Xing Tian will also feel that he has lost the most important part of his life. He is more willing to coexist with Hou Yi in the true sense. Feel the connection between each other.

Although this desire is a bit distorted, Hou Yi can understand his brother’s thoughts.

Shen Lang slightly nodded: “Brother, I understand what you think. Since this is your wish, I will do it according to your wish.”

, The Sun God pattern on Shen Lang’s forehead exploded and shot out the extremely golden light, like a ten thousand scorching sun burst, instantly illuminating the wasteland battlefield in the Formation of Will.

After the golden light released by divine runes is at its extreme, a round of golden sun broke out of Shen Lang’s body and merged into Xi Feng’s dilapidated fleshy body.

When the golden sun flew out, Shen Lang changed back to his original appearance. He knelt on the ground, gasping for breath, and his brain was dizzy.


Xi Feng’s dilapidated fleshy body also began to violently distorted, screaming like a heart-piercing scream in his mouth, as if he was suffering tremendously.

The power of will is essentially a kind of spirit strength, which is different from Divine Soul.

However, the power of will left by Hou Yi is extremely powerful, and under the control of the powerful spirit strength, it can merge with the Xingtian Remnant Soul within the body of Xi Feng.

Xi Feng’s fleshy body releases a blockbuster of blood light when it is twisted and changed, which complements the golden glow emitted by Hou Yi’s willpower, and continues to merge, finally turning into a burly silhouette. Floating to the ground.

The silhouette is still Xi Feng’s appearance, but behind it emerges an illusory shadow of a young man in armor, which is the respect of Hou Yi. The two seem to have been completely integrated.

When Hou Yi illusory shadow is combined with Xi Feng’s fleshy body, Xi Feng’s fleshy body has changed again, and turned into Hou Yi’s fleshy body form.

After the fusion of Hou Yi’s willpower and Xingtian’s Soul Shaman, they can switch their fleshy body and consciousness at any time. This kind of wonderful change can’t help but be breathtaking.

Shen Lang’s chest suddenly shook, and Fairy’s voice like a silver bell came from the Moon Palace: “Yi, don’t you have a word to say to me?”

The Remnant Soul of Fairy in the Moon Palace sleeping in the Baolian Lantern woke up as soon as Hou Yi appeared.

She didn’t want to disturb Hou Yi at first, but seeing that Hou Yi didn’t mean to recognize herself at all, she couldn’t help but asked.

“Xiao Yue’er, I hope you don’t blame me.”

Hearing the voice of Fairy in Moon Palace, Hou Yi responded ashamed.

“I only have a weak Remnant Soul left, so what face is there to blame you. Since you have left a ray of willpower, you must have your own purpose, can I stop Is it?”

The Moon Palace Fairy sighed faintly, and there was a trace of desolation in his words.

Even if it is a ray of willpower, Fairy Moon Palace is eager to accompany Hou Yi and fill the emptiness of endless years in this heart.

However, Hou Yi’s choice of willpower merges with Xingtian’s Remnant Soul.

This means that in the future, even his willpower will no longer be the pure Hou Yi, and Fairy in the Moon Palace will only feel desolate and sad.

“Xiaoyue’er, for so many years…you have suffered.” Hou Yi sighed.

“Yi, if you didn’t save me back then, I might still feel better.” Fairy Moon Palace had infinite grievances in her heart.

Listening to the voice of Fairy in Moon Palace, Hou Yi was in pain.

He is afraid that the only person who is ashamed is Xiyue Saintess, and it is also Fairy of Moon Palace.

I owe her too much and I can’t make up for it…

After a long silence, Hou Yi said seriously: “Xiaoyue’er, wait until this time After the Immortal World catastrophe is over, I will accompany you to reincarnation and rebirth, and you and I will meet and love again in the next life. I owe you everything in this life, and I will repay all the things that owe you in the next life… This is my promise to you!”

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