My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4394

Listening to Hou Yi’s words, Moon Palace Fairy’s tone shuddered slightly: “Yi, you…have no soul body anymore, can you really be born again?”

Hou Yi took a deep breath, said resolutely: “Trust me, Xiao Yue’er.”

“Okay, I believe in you, I will wait until that day!”

Fairy Moon Palace responded with excitement, feeling a little excited.

“Xiaoyue’er, thank you for all these things you have done for the Chosen One.” Hou Yi said gratefully.

Yue Gong Fairy calmly said: “Yi, if you change to you, you will do the same. So, what you will do, I will definitely do it too.”

“Unfortunately, my remaining strand of Remnant Soul can no longer help much. If you and I join hands as before, it would be great…” Fairy sighed quietly.

Hou Yi said with emotion: “Xiaoyue’er, you have done a good job. Don’t worry about the rest. You can rest in the Baolian Lantern at ease.”

The tone barely fell, and the sky and the earth in the wasteland began to twist and change, emitting bursts of rumbling sound.

The Will Formation here seems to disappear and collapse soon.

“Yi, I won’t bother you anymore. I hope I can wait until the day when you and I join hands in reincarnation.”

The silver bell-like voice of Fairy in the Moon Palace echoed in the space, reluctantly After She’s said this, she continued to close herself in the Baolian Lantern.

At this time, Shen Lang almost recovered from the dizziness, and his consciousness gradually became clear.

“Junior Shen Lang, I have seen Hou Yi Senior…”

Looking at the incarnation in front of you as Hou Yi’s “Xifeng”, Shen Lang respectfully carried out deeply Ceremony, showing respect.

Although the body was previously occupied by Hou Yi’s willpower, Shen Lang did not lose consciousness and knew what had happened before.

He just couldn’t think of the Sagittarius star he was within the body. He actually sealed a ray of willpower left by Hou Yi, and it was this ray of willpower that saved himself .

Shen Lang secretly guessed that the Star River Old Ancestor back then was probably also closely related to Hou Yi.

Seeing that Shen Lang has awakened, Hou Yi said straight to the point: “The Chosen One, you must already know what happened. After waiting for everything, I will talk to you and stop the snatch. The famous Demon Race cultivator of Liuyue’s divine wood divine blood!”

As soon as the voice fell, the fleshy body of “Hou Yi” began to twist and change, and in an instant it changed back to Xi Feng’s fleshy body form.

Xi Feng also fell on his knees, panting for breath, shaking and trembling all over, as if digesting a series of things that had just happened.

Since the fusion of Hou Yi’s willpower and Xingtian’s Remnant Soul, the obsession in Xingtian’s Soul Shaman’s heart has collapsed. It originally came from Soul Shaman’s hatred, tyranny, killing intent and anger all disappear without a trace.

Without the negative influence brought by Soul Shaman, Xi Feng completely awake, and all that is left is confusion, self-blame, and endless regret.

“Fellow Daoist Feng, are you okay?”

Shen Lang raised up Xi Feng and asked with concern.

He understands that Xi Feng was only negatively affected by Xingtian Soul Shaman, and he was deceived, and he became a servant of the Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning. Xi Feng is not an incurable generation.

“Shen Lang Fellow Daoist, Xi Mou’s sins are overwhelming, and he is really shameless to face you!”

Xi Feng gritted his teeth and knelt down in front of Shen Lang, with all his resolute faces Ashamed color.

Since the fusion of Hou Yi’s willpower and Xingtian’s Remnant Soul, Xi Feng, who is the body of fleshy body, has also shared some memories, and his cognitive ability has been greatly improved.

Xi Feng finally learned that the so-called Stars Great Array on Sundays, but only the latter’s own desires that’s all.

It turned out to be so stupid and ridiculous that I have always claimed to be a righteous generation!

Hou Yi is the Senior who is truly worthy of respect and admiration. Shen Lang, as the chosen one, has been working hard for the survival of True Immortal Realm.

No matter the ancient Spirit Realm or Immortal World, I am always bewitched by others to be enemies of Shen Lang, and Xi Feng hates my ignorance and stupidity.

Zhang Daoling and Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning, whom he had always believed in before, were instantly removed from his mind, vowing in his heart that he would never believe in these so-called ways of justice.

Because of his own stupidity, he almost killed Shen Lang. satellite.

Using his pen name, recalling the frenzied things he had done, Xi Feng was full of endless regrets, and his emotions were almost broken!

Shen Lang saw Xi Feng’s long kneeling cannot rise, and comforted him: “Xi Fellow Daoist Feng, you and I are also out of blows friendship grows. I, Shen Lang, are not a little-bellied guy, since I just recognize Knowing the misunderstanding, then there is nothing that can’t be reconciled.”

Xi Feng trembled and said: “Xi Feng is very sinful, and he almost killed Shen Lang Fellow Daoist before. I am a felony man, really. He is not eligible to settle with Shen Lang Fellow Daoist. Xi is willing to be Brother Shen’s slave, for Brother Shen to urge him at will to repay these sins!”

Shen Lang frowns saying: “Xi Fellow Daoist Feng said it seriously. I am serious. I still remember that in the ancient Spirit Realm, you saved my life. Although I said that I was written off before, Shen always remembers your kindness.”

“Fellow Daoist Feng, if you really trust me, Don’t worry about past grievances, let alone being a slave. You are you, and from now on, no one can control you! I also hope that Xi Fellow Daoist Feng can live for himself in the future and no longer suffer anything. Human drive!”

Listening to Shen Lang this remark, tears welled up in Xi Feng’s eyes.

Yes, why do you have to live for the beliefs of others, you should have your own beliefs like Shen Lang, and not be driven by anyone.

“Shen Lang Fellow Daoist said that Xi has done too many foolish things and will never be so foolish again in the future!”

Xi Feng was emotional, Replied solemnly.

Shen Lang patted Xi Feng’s shoulder, said with a big smile: “All the grudges and grievances in the past, let us write off! From now on, Shen Lang, I am willing to cooperate with Xi Fellow Daoist Feng Brother, I don’t know what Xi’s Fellow Daoist Feng thinks?”

Xi Feng’s heart was shaken, cup one fist in the other hand excited, and he bowed: “Thanks to Brother Shen, I can see me as a villain. It is a great blessing for Xi to have a brother like Brother Shen!”

“From now on, Xi Feng will do his best to help Brother Shen in a major event. In the future, Brother Shen If you need help, feel free to call, Xi Feng’s definition is indispensable!”

Shen Lang can repay his grievances with virtue and also offered to be commensurate with himself as a brother. Xi Feng was deeply moved.

He secretly swears in his heart that even if he loses his life in the future, he will do his best to help Shen Lang fulfill his duties as the Chosen One.

“ha ha ha, Brother Feng Xi is serious. Although brothers are not trivial, they don’t have to deliberately lower their status. Brother Feng’s kindness is accepted by Shen.”

Shen Lang tone barely fell.

“bang bang bang! !!!”

The space all around has a louder roar.

The ten dome lights in the sky are mixed together, the sky begins to shatter, the earth collapses and twists, turning into countless dust.

The will Formation released by Hou Yi’s will power is about to collapse.

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