My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4395

Hou Yi’s power of will not only solved the trouble for Shen Lang, but also miraculously cured Shen Lang’s fleshy body injury.

The fleshy body, which had almost collapsed before, has now fully recovered.

Thanks to the benefits of the fusion of Hou Yi’s willpower and Xingtian’s Soul Shaman, Xi Feng’s fleshy body also fully recovered.

“hong long!!!!”

After the collapse of the will Formation, it caused a big explosion like heaven falls and earth rends. Shen Lang and Xi Feng rushed out of the explosion. Area, returned to the outside of Liuyue City.

The Will Formation lasted only three or four minutes, that is, these three or four minutes, and the situation of the outside world has undergone earth-shaking changes.

The evil dragon demon lord headed by Blood Demon Race, saw Shen Lang exhibiting the inverse Heavenly God technique of will Formation, and his heart sank to the bottom.

The strength demonstrated by Shen Lang has completely exceeded the imagination of the evil dragon demon lord.

Even the cultivator of the late Great Principle Golden Immortal does not necessarily have this kind of battle strength!

Looking at Xi Feng being involved in the formation of will by Shen Lang, the evil dragon demon became more and more worried, feeling that Xi Feng might be killed by that powerful Human Race cultivator!

Once Xi Feng is dead, things become more troublesome.

Although the Demon Insect puppet still has one blow, it must be left to attack Liuyue divine wood.

If you want to passively attack Shen Lang, this plan will be ruined!

If you miss this opportunity, it will be impossible for the Blood Demon Race to invade the city of Floating Moon in the future.

In any case, seize this opportunity!

The evil dragon demon king decided to take advantage of Shen Lang and Xi Feng’s confrontation in the formation of will, forcibly broke the blue cloud formation, broke into the city of Liuyue, and went straight to the divine wood of Liuyue!

But with normal attack methods, it is not so easy to break through the Qingyun formation. At least the time it takes half an incense stick to burn.

Evil Dragon Demon Lord does not have that many time to consume, and must break through the Azure Cloud Array at the fastest speed.

In order for the plan to be successful, the evil dragon demon king made up his mind to fight.

After the patriarch is old, the evil dragon demon takes out a blood-colored jade bottle from the storage ring and pours out a golden red pill. The pill is crystal clear as blood. , There is a golden light flashing on the surface, releasing the scarlet gold light of Sheng Ruo Lieyang!

This is a “Crossing Misfortune Golden Pill” from Blood Demon Race inheritance. This medicine pill is among the top ten existences of all Golden Cores.

After taking it, the fleshly body strength, speed, defensive power, Magical Powers, and Divine Soul strength of the cultivator will soar five or six times in a short period of time, and the battle strength will be greatly increased!

The effect of this Crossing Misfortune Golden Pill is against the sky, but it can only last for a short time after taking it, and it has great side effects.

After the cultivator takes this pill, the blood essence within the body will continue to burn. After the medicine efficacy time, the cultivator itself will be extremely weak and will seriously damage the life essence .

Because the side effects are too great, this pill can only be used to save life.

Not as a last resort, the evil dragon demon does not want to swallow this pill.

But at the moment, in order to quickly break through the blue cloud formation, the evil dragon demon has no choice but to swallow the Crossing Misfortune Golden Pill, which only has one pill left in this Blood Demon Race.


After swallowing the Crossing Misfortune Golden Pill, the Evil Dragon Demon Lord lifted up blood light all over his body, and immediately transformed into the posture of the Blood Sun Devil Dragon.


Along with the violent medicinal power erupting in the belly of the evil dragon demon lord, I saw the dazzling blood on the surface of the blood sun evil dragon. rune, with a hoarse roar in his mouth.

A large number of blood-colored runes gathered on the surface of the evil dragon demon monarch, unexpectedly condensed into strange blood-colored scales, and the surface of the scales burned with a thick blood-colored flame!

After that, a more shocking scene appeared.

I saw that the neck of the Blood Sun Devil Dragon seemed to be congested, soaring in a circle, and then a huge dragon head broke out from the neck.

The newly born dragon head looks exactly the same as the original dragon head of the Blood Sun Devil Dragon. It is also two horns growing on the head and face looks sinister.

“bang bang bang!”

In just a few breaths, eight identical dragon heads grew on the neck of the Blood Sun Dragon, plus the original one. There are nine dragon heads in total.

“roar roar roar! !!!”

Nine dragon heads roared together, piercing screams connecting to heaven penetrating the earth, making people tinnitus and deaf, have one’s hair stand on end, fierce, brutal, bloodthirsty, shocking the battlefield!

Under the blessing of the medicinal power of the Crossing Misfortune Golden Pill, the blood sun devil dragon morphs and gains several times its power.

For the first time, the nine dragons spit out earth-shaking blood light and magic flames, and shook back several patriarch patriarchs, including the oncoming Li Feng, from the wounds, and opened their mouths with blood.

After swallowing the Crossing Misfortune Golden Pill, the Evil Dragon Demon Lord’s battle strength skyrocketed, and the Elders of the Liuyue tribe simply couldn’t stop him.

Blood Sun Demon Dragon moved towards the blue cloud array outside Liuyue City at the fastest speed, and roared: “Advanced Golden Immortal Technique, bloody sun collapses!”

Nine dragon heads are madly gathering momentum, and each of them exhales a round of extremely radiant blood-colored sun. The nine rounds of blood-colored sun hit the barrier of the blue cloud array one after another, bursting out a horrible to see-like explosion.

“Dongdong dong!!!!”

The harsh explosion sound is like the sky collapses and the earth collapses. After the bloody sun bursts, it turns into a huge bloody space vortex, crazily twisting and spinning, A terrifying energy like destroying heaven extinguishing earth burst out.

Under the impact of this extremely powerful high-level Golden Immortal Technique, the cloud vortex on the surface of the Azure Cloud Array was violently distorted, and the cloud on the surface of the vortex was almost washed away, and the Formation had a tendency to collapse.

“Advanced Golden Immortal Technique, the blood sun collapses!”

The evil dragon demon screamed again before the cloud group gathered again, nine of the blood sun demon dragon The dragon head opened his mouth again to condense the bloody ball of light.

“Hurry up and stop this dragon breaking the formation!”

Seeing that Qingyun Great Array took only one blow, it was in danger, and the wind was about to split.

“Top Golden Immortal Technique, Heaven and Earth’s Law Manifestation!!!”

The thunderstorm in desperation also began to burn up his Divine Soul and vitality, all over his body The raging cyan storm, at the expense of life essence, displays the taboo Magical Powers of the Liuyue clan!

Amidst the roar, the azure light skyrocketed, and the fleshy body swelled rapidly and became bigger, ten thousand zhang, ten thousand zhang, one hundred ten thousand zhang, thousand ten thousand zhang… Kunxu dome, with eyes like scorching sun, mouth like a pool of blood, and teeth like swords and halberds, like a cyan giant with Heaven and Earth fuse together.

The giant sword in his hand has also skyrocketed to a thousand ten thousand zhang, and it instantly surpassed the surge of blood sun dragon, making all cultivators in the battlefield fearful and shocked.

Using Lifeng’s cultivation base, it’s simply not enough to master the top Golden Immortal Technique.

The Heaven and Earth’s Law Manifestation Magical Powers forcibly displayed can only maintain ten breaths, and will ruin most of his life essence!

This is so, he also wants to stop the evil dragon demon from breaking the formation! Once Liuyue City’s large formation broke open, the consequences would be disastrous.

“Succumb to death, the dragon!!!”

The cyan giant covering the sky and covering the sun, pulls up the cyan giant sword in his hand, and collapsing the heavens splitting the earth. The potential moved towards the blood sun dragon that is breaking the formation slashed away.

Giant sword carries the terrifying destruction energy, covering all the space where it passes, and slashing into the body of the blood sun dragon.

“Just this half-hearted Spirit Transformation, I dare to call it Heaven and Earth’s Law Manifestation? Don’t laugh off this Monarch tooth!”

The cyan giant sword that came, the nine dragon heads that were gaining momentum suddenly turned their heads, and nine bloody scorching suns spewed out, attacking the giant sword and in the sky that cyan giant.

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