My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4396

“dong! dong! dong! ”

In an instant, Heaven and Earth changed color, and the deafening explosion sounded through the sky.

The sky full of blood light and azure glow are raging and intertwined. The cyan giant might of a single sword is instantly overwhelmed by the soaring blood light bursting out of three rounds of bloody sun.

The remaining six rounds of the scorching red sun slammed into the huge body of the cyan giant.

“hong long! !!!”

The loud noise is like a thunderbolt in a clear sky, and the eardrum of a person who is shaking is painful.

This blow even changed the color of Heaven and Earth.

The formidable power erupting from six rounds of bloody sun at the same time is beyond description! The space at the center of the explosion was violently distorted, making people shudder.


The cyan giant who was ten thousand zhang in length was swallowed by the blood light bursting out of six rounds of bloody sun, and he made a terrible scream in his mouth.

The terrifying blood light sweeps and spreads like a tsunami, and I want to swallow the world!

The energy impact of the violent explosion almost swept the entire battlefield. The storm was raging, and all the cultivators in the battlefield showed terrified looks, opening the defensive barriers to resist the energy impact.

Many cultivators close to the explosion area were too late to withstand this energy impact. The fleshy body was directly torn apart by the bloody wind that swept through, and died on the spot.

After swallowing the Evil Dragon Demon Lord Crossing Misfortune Golden Pill, his battle strength has skyrocketed several times, and the display of Divine Ability formidable power is almost outrageous!

“bang bang bang! ”

In the deafening blood light cracking sound, the cyan giant’s body burst and was instantly beaten back to its original shape.

Under the impact of blood light, Lifeng’s fleshy body was almost torn apart, and the whole body was bloody and horrible.

Even if it is countered by the taboo secret technique, Li Feng still loses to the evil dragon demon lord whose battle strength is soaring.

Just like the ridicule of the evil dragon and demon lord, although Li Feng can be lucky enough to display top Magical Powers such as Heaven and Earth’s Law Manifestation, fleshy body strength and its own strength are far from supporting this. Dao taboo secret technique, even if the soul power and vitality are burned like a life-saving, it can’t play a tenth of the formidable power.

The wind that was beaten back to its original form almost lost its mobility and fell from in midair.

“Protect the wind and protect the law!”

As a Liuyue patriarch roars, the rest of the Liuyue patriarch always releases them to prevent the evil dragon demon from chasing the sword. Powerful Magical Powers, moved towards The Blood Sun Demon Dragon stormed away.

“peng peng peng!”

A series of multi-colored Divine Ability attacks hit the surface of the blood sun devil dragon body, but almost did not cause any naked eyes to the blood sun devil dragon Visible damage.

The blood-colored scales condensed on the surface of the blood sun devil dragon resisted the great part of Divine Ability power, and could not hurt the blood sun devil dragon body at all.

With the increase in defensive power brought by Crossing Misfortune Golden Pill, the blood sun dragon disinclined to pay attention to these patriarch old attacks of the flowing moon, dragon claw condense a rays of light, a powerful sickle-shaped blood Light blade, knocked out.


I saw the sickle-shaped scarlet blade slamming in midair, flying across the waist of Li Feng like a dart, and cutting off its fleshy body. !

With a muffled sound of “pu chi”, Li Feng’s fleshy body was cut into two pieces, separated from flesh and blood.


There was a terrible scream from the Li Fengkou, and the two bodies flew out at an angle. A large number of flesh and blood clots splashed in all directions, which was terrible.

“Leaking Wind Guardian!”

Seeing this appalling scene, the eyes of the patriarch of Liuyue opened round, and he quickly moved towards the remnant of the wind rushing away, trying Save Li Feng.

“What are you still doing, hurry up and attack this Monarch!”

The evil dragon demon quickly moved towards several great heavenly demons on his side to give orders, and the several famous Blood Demon Race heavenly demon moved towards Liuyue patriarch, rushing away, launching a fierce attack.

Several patriarchs who tried to support Leifeng were forced to cope with the enemy and had no time to take care of the safety of the evil dragon demon lord and Leifeng.

At the same time, the golden will Formation in the high sky began to collapse and deform, making the evil dragon and demon king’s heart awful.

No, we must quickly break the formation!

Once the Human Race cultivator named Shen Lang leaves the Formation, it is impossible to guarantee that it will not disturb his plan.

The evil dragon demon king released his power to the extreme, and once again used the “Blood Sun Collapse” Magical Powers.

The nine dragons of the Blood Sun Dragon opened their mouths and fangs for the first time, spewing out nine rays of light, a dazzling blood-colored scorching sun, and suddenly attacked the defensive power weakening blue cloud array.


in an instant, nine rounds of bloody sun hit the surface of Qingyun Array one after another, connecting to heaven penetrating the earth-like loud noise shocked people. The eardrum is sore.

Nine rounds of blood-colored scorching sun erupted with indescribable Destruction Strength, and finally pierced the blue cloud array through a big hole.

Although the nine-star Tianchen array in Liuyue City has been repairing, because the gap hit by the Demon Insect puppet was too big, it has only filled the third of the gap.

While the evil dragon demon Lord Divine Ability penetrated the blue cloud array, it also pierced the damaged array barrier of the nine-star Tianchen array again! The surface of the Formation exposes a wide gap of thousands zhang.

“The entrance to Liuyue City has been opened, and the Blood Demon Race cultivator ordered to enter Liuyue City with this Monarch!”

The evil dragon demon laughed heartily, immediately Shrinking his body, turning into a ball of extreme blood light, rushed into the gap of Formation, and broke into Liuyue City!

After hearing the command of the Evil Dragon Demon Lord, the Blood Demon Race army in the battlefield rushed towards the array gap outside Liuyue City.

“Liuyue clansman, quickly block these Demon Races!”

“Don’t let Demon Race attack into Floating Moon City!”

“Demon Race Liuyue City!”

The elder Liuyue patriarch, who is still fighting with several great heavenly demons of Blood Demon Race, screamed emotionally.

The Liuyue tribe army returned to defense one after another, forming a human wall with each other, trying to stop the Blood Demon Race cultivator rushing towards Liuyue City.

For a time, the battlefield was surging, and the Liuyue tribe and the Blood Demon Race cultivator fought fiercely. Everywhere there was the sound of aura explosion, the sound of rushing, the sound of shouting, the sound of roar, the scene was instantly Has reached the white-hot stage.

Just then.

The golden will formation in the high sky finally exploded, turning into a sky full of golden light, illuminating the entire battlefield.

Shen Lang and Xi Feng finally broke away from the will Formation and returned to the battlefield.

“It’s awful!”

Shen Lang complexion greatly changed when I saw that Liuyue City City Protecting Great Formation was penetrated by a gap, and I instantly realized that it was wrong.

The Asura sacred pupil at the center of his eyebrows swept away. Shen Lang did not find the silhouette of the evil dragon demon lord on the battlefield, presumably this evil dragon demon lord should have attacked Liuyue City.

Shen Lang wanted to rush into Liuyue City for the first time, but suddenly found that his body had broken into two pieces of thundering wind, and he was falling quickly to the ground, turning pale with fright.

“Legal wind protector!”

Shen Lang’s eyes widened, the whole person turned into a white light, and quickly moved towards the wind falling to the ground and rushed over.

It is also a coincidence that the three silver stars in Crane, Immortal King and Orion are also eyeing the wind, and are quickly moving towards the wind, seeming to want to catch the wind. Lao Gong.

“Three wastes, get out of me!!!”

Shen Lang was furious, and the Asura pupil at the center of his eyebrows shot out a huge dark golden magic light beam. .

The amazing magic beam of light, like a thick laser cannon, hit three silver star envoys with lightning speed.

“bang bang bang!”

The three silver star envoys were hit by the magic beam of dropping from the sky before they could recognize Shen Lang.


The three of them were severely injured by Shen Lang before, and at this moment they have no resistance. The fleshy body was instantly torn by magic light. He screamed like wail like ghosts and howl like wolves.

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