My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4397

Only one face, the three Silver Star Envoys were shot by Shen Lang and killed most of their lives. They were bloody and bloody, like a gossamer.

The Crane and Immortal King fainted on the spot due to their injuries. Only the Orion envoy still retained a trace of consciousness.

I noticed the wind in the sky in a trance, the Orion star made the blood-stained eyes rounded, and shouted for help: “Master War God, help me!”

Xi The wind was expressionless and threw the blood-colored giant axe in his hand.

“hu hu hu!”

Giant axe kept spinning around in the air, carrying the monstrous blood light, and hitting three silver stars.

With the three muffled sounds of “pēng pēng pēng”, the bodies of the three silver star envoys were strangled and crushed by the blood-colored giant axe. The fleshy body shattered directly into blood mist, and the gods were all destroyed.

Xi Feng chose to break with the past, and these three silver stars naturally have no need to live.

Shen Lang caught up with the falling wind and caught the half of his body that was not completely dead, and his heart was also cold.

The wind-strike injury was too severe, the fleshy body had collapsed, and the soul body was also shattered. In addition, the backlash brought by the forceful use of Heaven and Earth’s Law Manifestation before made him completely exhausted. Has reached the point of irreversibility.

“Hold on, Protector of the Windfall!”

Shen Lang’s eyes were splitting, and he moved towards the remnant of Windfall into the glass fire, trying to save the windfall. Fire of Life.

However, even Liulihuo cannot heal the collapsed fleshy body and soul body.

The thundering wind stimulated by the glazed fire, as if returning to the light, the bloody hands tremblingly grabbed Shen Lang’s clothes, and said hoarsely: “My Messenger, don’t waste your effort… The Liuyue clan’s death in battle is also my best home. Although Lifeng died without regrets, I begged the envoy… to protect my Liuyue clan!”

Looking at the unwillingness and pleading in Lifeng’s eyes, Shen Lang’s heart stabbed violently, and his whole body was trembling. He said word by word: “Leaking Wind Guardian, I promise you will do your best to protect the Liuyue Race, and never let Demon Race succeed!”

” …I’m also relieved, but unfortunately I can’t accompany clansman to the end…”

Lifeng’s voice is getting weaker and weaker.

When the voice disappeared, his Fire of Life also went out completely.

“Evil Dragon Demon Lord…If I don’t kill you today, I, Shen Lang, swear not to be a man!!!”

Shen Lang’s eyes are bloodshot, and his eyes are full of hatred and anger.

“Brother Feng Xi, you help me defend Liuyue City, I will stop the magic dragon!”

Shen Lang moved towards Xifeng sound of Demon Race who is hacking from above. transmission said.

“The evil dragon demon lord’s battle strength is not weak, Brother Shen, be careful yourself! This’Flying Rainbow Talisman’ can help you speed up your escape, Brother Shen will take it away!”


Xi Feng took out a blue shining fairy symbol from the storage ring, and flew towards Shen Lang.

“many thanks!”

Shen Lang quickly reached out to his right hand and took this fairy symbol, thanking him immediately.

Just holding this blue fairy charm, Shen Lang can feel the huge energy fluctuations in the fairy charm, which should be the top grade in the top fairy charm.

“That’s the brother, why don’t you have to say thank you! After I destroy the great heavenly demon of Demon Race, I will help you!”

After Xi Feng said it, he started The giant axe in the open mountain in his hand, several great heavenly demon moved towards Blood Demon Race rushed away.


Shen Lang complied.

It is certainly not a problem for Xi Feng to resist the enemy in front of Liuyue City.

Shen Lang immediately sound transmission to inform Liuyue patriarch in the battlefield that Xi Feng has turned to his side and is worthy of trust.

The Elders were shocked, but seeing Xi Feng frantically counter-attacked Demon Race, there was no doubt in their hearts.

Before entering Liuyue City, Shen Lang found Le Feier in the battlefield.

Seeing that she is safe and sound, Shen Lang suddenly sighed in relief.

Le Fei Er’s strength is not weak, and with the many Immortal Treasures given by Shen Lang, she was basically unharmed.

Shen Lang told her about the sound transmission of Xifeng.

Although Le Feier was extremely surprised, she didn’t ask for the details, and only sound transmission replied: “Young Master, you can just do your own thing, Feier will be able to protect yourself!”


With Xi Feng present, Shen Lang is not worried about Le Fei’er’s safety.

“Be careful!”

After nodded’s command, Shen Lang turned into a white light and rushed into Liuyue City.


On the other side.

After the evil dragon demon shrank and rushed into Liuyue City, he restored the form of the Blood Sun Demon Dragon. The nine dragons spewed out a large amount of blood light for the first time, blocking the clansman of the Liuyue tribe. After all the bombardments, a bloody path was cleared.

There are not many clansman of the Liuyue clan defending in the city, and the evil dragon demon does not want to waste time, moving towards the roots of the Liuyue divine wood in the middle of the Liuyue clan flew away at the fastest speed. .

The medicinal power of the Crossing Misfortune Golden Pill is still continuously flowing into the limbs of the evil dragon demon lord. The flying speed of the blood sun demon dragon is extremely fast, and it will arrive within a few minutes. The root area of ​​the divine wood.

Not long after, Shen Lang also rushed into Liuyue City.

The aura left by the Dragon of the Blood Sun is too obvious. Shen Lang, with the sight of Asura, with no difficulty, saw the path of the Dragon of the Blood Sun, moved towards the direction of the Dragon’s flight Chase away.

Even if Shen Lang used his escape speed to the extreme, he could not catch up with the Blood Sun Demon Dragon, but seemed to be pulled further and further by the Blood Sun Demon Dragon.

Shen Lang decisively crushed the “Flying Rainbow Talisman” that Xi Feng had handed him.

At the moment when the flying rainbow talisman was crushed, the large blue rune condensed behind him, forming a huge cyan ray circle, and the opposite direction of the aperture ejected extremely strong azure light energy, like Rocket thrusters are the same.

There was a loud “bang”, and the azure light energy spewed out from the direction of the aperture pushed Shen Lang into the air quickly, which was horrifying fast.

With the acceleration of the Rainbow Talisman, Shen Lang’s escape speed instantly increased four times faster! Gradually, he could catch up with the Dragon of Blood Sun.

However, even with the growth rate of the Flying Rainbow Talisman, Shen Lang can barely catch up with the Evil Dragon Demon Lord, and it is still difficult to distance himself from the Evil Dragon Demon Lord.

Fortunately, Liuyue City covers an area of ​​only two million li. The evil dragon demon hasn’t flew for too long before he has reached the roots of the divine wood of Liuyue.

The area close to the root of the tree is also equipped with defensive restrictions, but it is easily defeated by the blood-colored light beam spit out by the blood sun dragon.

Liuyue divine wood The root diameter of the divine wood is exaggerated dozens of ten thousand li wide, and the trees are like glass crystals, bright and bright!

Even the ground soil layer of several thousands li is in the shape of glass crystals, as if assimilated with divine wood.

Because the diameter of the tree roots is too large, after the evil dragon demon king comes to the root of the tree, the root tree seen in front of him is like a raised wall.

Looking at the towering Heavenly God tree in front of you, even the evil dragon demon can’t help but be amazed.

“Is this what my Blood Demon Race Seniors want to touch even for their lives?”

The evil dragon demon can’t help but touch this amazing energy The glaze-colored roots and trees show a frenetic and excited face.

It’s worthy of being the Three Sacred Divine Wood of Taikoo. Even after endless years, the divine wood still contains unpredictable vast energy.

Today, he will fulfill the unfulfilled wish of his ancestors Seniors, dig out the core of divine wood and obtain divine blood!

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