My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4398

Seeing that Shen Lang hasn’t followed up so quickly, the evil dragon demon king decided to try to destroy the divine wood by himself first.

Although the Liuyue clan has always claimed that the divine wood of Liuyue is protected by Law Power and will not be destroyed by external forces at all, the rhetoric is a rhetoric after all.

The Taoist ancestor Tianzun of the Liuyue clan has fallen for many years. Even the Law Power that was set up in the past has already weakened or even disappeared. Maybe his Magical Powers can break through the divine wood shell. This can also save the Demon Insect puppet’s blow.

“Advanced Golden Immortal Technique, bloody day collapses!”

The evil dragon demon took advantage of his own Crossing Misfortune Golden Pill medicinal power within the body, which has not disappeared, and once again displayed the great trick.

The blood light of the blood light dragon soared into the sky, madly gathering momentum, the first nine dragons spit out nine rounds of bloody sun, fiercely hit the roots of the divine wood of Liuyue.

“Bang peng~ peng~!!”

In an instant, Heaven and Earth changed color, and the violent rumbling sound shook the sky, and all the scenery in the space was covered with blood. The thrilling blood glow erupted from the scorching sun turned into a scarlet.

The ultimate move displayed by the Blood Sun Dragon erupted with a huge formidable power. The center of the root tree that was hit even rolled up a terrifying blood-colored whirlpool. That formidable power was earth-shaking, Star Fragmentation Extinguish the sun!

The raging blood light crazily impacted the roots of Liuyue divine wood. With the high-speed rotation of the bloody vortex, the surface of the roots was really torn apart by a half-inch glass-colored bark!

The bark is like a jade stone, dazzling!

“There is a show!”

The evil dragon and demon king saw this and couldn’t help being overjoyed.

Unexpectedly, as he expected, his Divine Ability can really destroy this divine wood!

After the bark is peeled, a small gap is exposed, through which you can see the tip of the iceberg inside the divine wood.

Evil Dragon Demon Lord tried his best to release Divine Consciousness, barely able to see that the interior of the divine wood was like a deep blue ocean!

Just when he was excited and excited, the cyan ray glow like a flood and huge waves suddenly emerged from the opening where the bark peeled, sweeping across Heaven and Earth.

The attack of the evil dragon demon just now damaged Liuyue divine wood, but it has already touched the self-defense mechanism of divine wood.

“bang bang bang!”

Endless azure light rushed out from the hit roots, and instantly suppressed the blood light that was still raging, and brought the evil dragon Jun swallowed and drowned.


The evil dragon demon screamed hysterically, like a tsunami-like azure light, carrying indescribable surging energy, bringing the blood to the sun The magic dragon Zhenfei repelled.

Under the impact of huge energy, the dragon body of the blood sun demon was shocked. The nine dragons opened their mouths for the first time, and a large number of blood-colored scales on the body surface fell off.

The countermeasures of this Liuyue divine wood scared the evil dragon demon lord’s scalp numb.

Fortunately, the azure light gushing out of the divine wood of the flowing moon is not destruction energy, but pure Wood Attribute energy. Although it is powerful, it does not contain Destruction Strength itself.

If this is not the case, his fleshy body is only afraid that these terrifying azure light energy strikes will instantly turn into a powdered blood mist!

The gap in the divine wood surface of Liuyue divine wood released a large amount of cyan ray in one breath, and immediately began to repair and heal. It was almost completely repaired within 3 breaths, and even the bark grew again. Came out.

The face of the evil dragon demon became a little ugly. The recovery ability of this Liuyue divine wood is simply against the sky!

He dared not attack indiscriminately.

Even if you can damage the divine wood, you can’t open a large enough gap with external force, which is purely futile.

This time, Evil Dragon Demon Lord no longer hesitates, and is ready to re-awaken the Demon Insect puppet.

“Take blood essence as a guide, please nine-headed demon mirage!”

The evil dragon demon screamed loudly, and the nine dragons of the blood sun devil dragon spouted out a big movie for the first time The blood essence of the dragon head in the center contains a corpse the size of a chalk worm.

The corpse of the insect suddenly awakened, absorbed a large amount of blood essence of the evil dragon demon lord, and released the black light hiding the sky and covering the earth.

“bang bang bang!”

The endless black light quickly converged into a whirlpool, moving towards all directions rapidly, spreading and expanding, and a dense black thunderbolt descended in the whirlpool, the thunderbolt The sound was deafening.

Immediately afterwards, in the center of the dense black thunderbolt descended a Demon Insect puppet with nine insect heads, dragon claw, human body, centipede tail, and black scales all over!

It is the nine-headed mirage that the evil dragon demon took out before!

It turned out that after the nine-headed demon mirage was awakened, it kept alive under the control of the evil dragon demon lord, and still had the last blow.

The reason why the Evil Dragon Demon Lord deliberately hid this Demon Insect puppet in the battlefield is to allow the puppet to break through the divine wood!

“roar! !!!”

After the nine-headed magic mirage is formed, it quickly expands to a hundred ten thousand zhang long, and the nine insects roar up to the sky and roar, sending out nine kinds of completely different The roar sounds are all terrifying and terrifying, and Heaven and Earth trembles.

The horrible spiritual pressure sweeps away like a storm, turning the sun and the moon upside down, and shaking the sky!


“Oh, it’s the Demon Insect puppet!”

At this moment, he is still rushing to Shen Lang in the center of Liuyue City, Having seen the nine-headed mirage formed, I couldn’t help but breathe in a cold breath.

It is absolutely unexpected that this evil dragon demon can actually release this Demon Insect puppet.

While Shen Lang was palpitating, he roughly guessed that this Demon Insect puppet should be able to release an attack, or else it would not be released again by the evil dragon demon lord.

I’m afraid that this Demon Insect puppet is more than a single blow. The evil dragon demon deliberately only lets the Demon Insect puppet release a blow, and then hides it, just to wait for the invasion of Floating Moon City. Use the Demon Insect puppet again to break the divine wood of Liuyue!

If this were not the case, Evil Dragon Demon Lord would not be so eager to invade Liuyue City.

Everything was a plan he had planned long ago!

Shen Lang ashen-faced, I never thought that this evil dragon demon was so cunning and cunning.

He has no time to think too much, and a bloody wave of aura burns all over his body. He does not hesitate to consume his own blood essence to speed up, making the speed of escape skyrocket again by 30%.

I must prevent this Demon Insect puppet from attacking Liuyue divine wood. If the divine blood is really taken away by the evil dragon demon king, the consequences will be disastrous!

As Shen Lang quickly approached the root of Liuyue divine wood, the evil dragon demon king had ordered the nine-headed mirage to attack.

“roar roar roar!”

The nine worms of the nine-headed mirage emit nine completely different roars, either low, sharp, or hoarse, or It is a high-pitched, condense black magic light in the mouthparts, which turns into one after another huge black light ball.

The light ball twists and spins like a black hole, and the surface is still burning with a huge magic flame of formidable power.

As the nine-headed magic mirage continues to gather momentum, the black light ball of the condense at the head of the insect is getting bigger and bigger, like a black sun with billowing magic flames, driving the space distortion of all around to rotate and transmit Destroying heaven extinguishing earth-like power of terror!

“Slaying Immortal Sword of Nine Songs, kill me!!!”

Seeing the nine-headed mirage open its mouth and spit out nine rounds of black sun, Shen Lang, arriving slowly Roaring and screaming, the Nine Profound Light Sword broke out, and hundreds of millions of white sword lights were split up.

Shen Lang spouted a lot of blood essence, which was absorbed by Jianguang, pushing the ultimate move in the Nine Slaying Immortal Sword array to the limit!

Endless sword lights swarmed, gathered together high-speed rotation, suddenly turned into six huge white sword shadow vortex, burst out dazzling white light, collapsing the heavens splitting the earth. The momentum moved towards the nine-headed magic mirage overwhelmed!

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