My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4399

The ability to release six sword shadow vortices in one breath is already Shen Lang’s current limit, and the formidable power is no small thing.

“Damn it!”

Seeing Shen Lang in the distance hitting out six sky-shaking white whirlpools swiftly towards the nine-headed demon mirage, the evil dragon demon lord has a great heart. cold.

In desperation, the Blood Sun Demon Dragon flew and stopped in front of the Nine-Headed Demon Mirage, preparing to intercept Shen Lang’s attack.

Although the nine-headed mirage is a super puppet of the Hunyuan Great Principle Golden Immortal level, even if it is subjected to the high-level golden Immortal Technique, it can be done without any damage, but the evil dragon demon lord is worried that Shen Lang’s attack will be interrupted The charged attack of the nine-headed mirage.

“Advanced Golden Immortal Technique, bloody day collapsed!”

Rao is that his own consumption has reached an extremely dangerous level, and the evil dragon demon still forced his own Big move.

Awesomely, the nine dragons of the Blood Sun Demon Dragon spewed out a blazing blazing sun for the first time, and the nine rounds of the blazing blood sun moved towards Shen Lang with six sword shadows and whirlpools. Kill away.

“Bang peng~ peng~!! !”

In an instant, the nine rounds of blood sun hit the six white sword shadow vortexes, the huge sound was like the sky The ground collapsed, and the harsh rumbling sound made the heart palpitating!

The formidable powers of the two Magical Powers are amazing. After the nine rounds of bloody sun collided with the six white vortices, they exploded one after another, turning into the overwhelming blood light and layered white sword shadow. , Intertwined and collided, entangled endlessly.

The two forces stood in a stalemate for a moment. After all, Divine Ability, the evil dragon demon lord, was even better. A huge amount of blood light suppressed the white sword shadow and moved towards Shen Lang spread.


Shen Lang slapped his lips, but he didn’t expect the evil dragon demon lord’s battle strength to be so powerful. He was able to suppress his Divine Ability at the expense of consuming a lot of blood essence. The Nine Songs Slaying Immortal Sword Array displayed by the vitality!

Of course, this is also the effect brought by the evil dragon demon taking Crossing Misfortune Golden Pill, which is almost self-harming, and the Magical Powers formidable power has soared five or six times. The big move can suppress Shen Lang’s Nine Songs Slaying Immortal Sword array.

Conversely, the Nine Songs Slaying Immortal Sword Array displayed by Shen Lang can weaken most of the formidable power of the Blood Sun Dragon’s ultimatum, which is enough to show that the Nine Songs Slaying Immortal Sword Array is far better than ordinary ones. The advanced golden Immortal Technique is much stronger.

Evil Dragon and Demon Lord also felt a chill of fear in his heart!

Deserving of a role that can ridicule the wind, Shen Lang is more terrifying than he imagined!

Seeing the astonishingly distorted blood light of the formidable power spreading, the Asura sacred pupil at the center of Shen Lang’s forehead released a large amount of magic light of the shadow, trying to resist the incoming blood light.

“bang bang bang! ”

The deafening rumbling sound resounded through the sky, Shen Lang with the full strength of the Asura pupil shot the magic light of the shadow, barely resisting the monstrous blood. light.

At the same time, the nine-headed mirage is about to complete its momentum, and the black sun in the condense of the insect’s mouthparts is getting bigger and bigger, and the black light released has reached the sky and covered the sun. degree.

Shen Lang was very anxious, and frantically urged the magic seed to play an Asura image!

In a flash, the magic light like a raging wave circulated from Shen Lang’s body, turning into a ten thousand zhang with three heads and eight arms, a bronze head and iron forehead, asura, moved towards nine heads The mirage ran away in anger, attempting to self-destruct!


Seeing that Shen Lang can counterattack at such a fast speed after hitting the high-level Golden Immortal Technique, the evil dragon demon king turned pale with fright.

Blood Sun Demon Dragon is powerful in battle strength, but its response is not as quick and agile as Shen Lang. He had to spit out blood light and magic flames, trying to block the attacking Asura.

Asura’s body bursts out a dark golden shadow magic light, resisting the impact of blood light and magic flame, and constantly approaching the nine-headed magic mirage.

“Stop it for me!”

The evil dragon demon yelled out loud, and the blood sun demon dragon’s sparing attack finally stopped the Asura’s magical image that was swarming the nine-headed mirage. .

But at this moment, the distance of Asura’s magic phase is less than ten thousand meters from the nine-headed magic mirage. After the dark golden magic light released from the surface of the body is so strong that the body bursts apart.

“hong long! !!!”

in an instant, a dark golden magical light and destructive energy erupting from the bursting form of Asura’s Fa-phase, Almost want to swallow everything in the space and kill!

Even if the Evil Dragon Demon Lord resists with all his might, he cannot avoid the nine-headed demon mirage from suffering the energy impact of Asura’s self-destruct.

However, the power of Asura’s self-destruct method did not cause any damage to this Demon Insect puppet.

After all, it is a super puppet of the Hunyuan Great Principle Golden Immortal level. It would be weird to break through its defense.

Although the Demon Insect puppet was unscathed, this energy shock also caused the Demon Insect puppet to feel a slight pain, and his mouth made a violent and angry hiss.

The nine heads of the nine-headed magic mirage started to shake a little restlessly, and the huge black sun in the mouth of the insect’s head also swayed up and down with the heads of the insects, and it was about to be lost. Attack direction.

“Master mirage, don’t be distracted, please hurry up and attack this divine wood!”

The evil dragon demon turns pale with fright, trying to release the Divine Consciousness Soul Power control With a nine-headed mirage.

Under the control of divine sense, the nine-headed magic mirage finally recovered its calm. The black sun of the condense in the mouth of the insect refocused on the roots of Liuyue divine wood, and finally released this charged attack Came out.

Shen Lang was still a step slower after all, and failed to prevent the nine-headed mirage from attacking Liuyue divine wood.

Nine black suns hit the roots of Liuyue divine wood one after another!

“hong long! !!!”

At this moment, the sky fell.

The indescribable explosion sound instantly made people lose their hearing. Shen Lang only felt that his eyes were dark, and everything around him was swallowed by the black light, and the whole person seemed to lose consciousness in an instant.

The nine black suns exploded all together, and the burst of black glow swallowing heaven devouring earth instantly covered the surrounding hundreds of miles, thousands of miles, and ten thousand li space, just like a doomsday natural disaster!

The black light energy that bursts and rages is enough to kill Great Principle Golden Immortal!

unimaginable, how powerful is the attack of this nine-headed mirage!

“Heavenly Palace, now!”

Shen Lang’s scalp was numb in shock. At the moment before the black light energy spread, he took it out at the fastest speed. Heavenly Palace, hid in the Guang Heavenly Palace.

“bang bang bang!”

The rumbling sound from the outside world lasted for half a minute before it gradually converged.

With no opportunity, the black light energy is like a hurricane, and it spreads to several tens of thousands of li.

Wherever you pass, the mountains collapse, the earth collapses, the buildings, flowers, and land within several tens of thousands of li are all turned into waste!

After the explosion gradually weakened, Shen Lang impatient rushed out of the Heavenly Palace, the body surface of the condense platinum holy clothing, and quickly moved towards Liuyue divine wood roots.

The Asura sacred pupil between his eyebrows clearly discovered that the root position of Liuyue divine wood has been broken through a huge zhang wide hole, and the evil dragon demon lord and the nine-headed demon mirage have all disappeared!

The evil dragon demon probably broke into Liuyue’s divine wood during the gap of the big explosion just now.

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