My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4400

The nine-headed mirage is connected with the blood essence of the evil dragon and demon lord, and the evil dragon and lord can certainly be immune to the energy impact caused by the nine-headed mirage.

Shen Lang didn’t have time to think about it, when he was about to follow the evil dragon demon lord and rush into the gap at the root of Liuyue divine wood.

The extreme azure light energy surged from the gap, swallowed like a huge wave moved towards Shen Lang.


Shen Lang was caught off guard, and was bombarded by this huge wave of azure light energy. The huge impact made the skeleton meridian all over his body. There was a violent crackling, and his mouth was bleeding.

Fortunately, these cyan storms themselves do not contain Destruction Strength, otherwise Shen Lang will be shattered by this energy!

While Shen Lang was retreated by the azure light, the gap at the root of the divine wood of Liuyue was repairing and healing at a speed visible to naked eye. The wide gap of the original hunted zhang suddenly shrank to the forty-fifty zhang!

After a few more breaths at most, the gap opened by the nine-headed magic mirage will be completely filled and healed.

“This is over!”

Shen Lang is confused, if the gap is completely repaired, he will not be able to enter the interior of the divine wood of Liuyue.

He doesn’t have the heaven-defense ability like the nine-headed mirage, he can break the divine wood of Liuyue with external force.

While the gap is being repaired quickly, azure light energy is constantly pouring out, like a storm compressed to the extreme. The huge momentum makes Shen Lang simply unable to approach the gap.

Just when Shen Lang’s thoughts were lost, the glazed heart lamp flame at the heart vein suddenly turned around, absorbing the oncoming azure light energy.

Shen Lang hit a shivered abruptly, feeling very cool all over the body, and refreshed!

Unbelievable, the azure light energy overflowing from the divine wood gap of the flowing moon contains a huge amount of Wood Attribute vitality, which happens to be quickly absorbed by Shen Lang’s own glass heart lamp fire!

Only for a moment, Shen Lang felt that the fleshy body he had just been shocked had fully recovered, and it seemed that infinite power was pouring out of the limbs, making his blood boil.

Seizing this opportunity, Shen Lang fully energized the glazed heart lamp in his heart.

The glazed heart lamp flame at the heart vein turns into a group of extremely radiant glazed flame vortex, absorbing these azure light energy sweepingly.

As soon as these azure light energies touch Shen Lang’s body, they will be sucked away by the glaze heart light.

Thanks to this, Shen Lang rushed into the divine wood of Liuyue while running the glazed heart lamp with all his strength.

The interior of the divine wood of Liuyue is like a cyan ocean with no edge in sight. The dense azure light energy washes Shen Lang’s fleshy body like sea water.

“weng weng weng!”

Shen Lang’s heart veins burst out from the glazed heart lamp fire, and the whole person is like a black hole, devouring all around this continuously. The azure light energy.

Originally Shen Lang within the body’s glazed heart lamp flame has reached the peak of the weak fire state. Now that it has absorbed a large amount of azure light energy, within the body, the glazed heart lamp flame is like a whirlpool. Swell to the limit.

In the blink of an eye, the fire began to roar and tremble, bursting out with the brilliance of the bright sun.

Shen Lang suddenly felt that an extremely powerful force was about to erupt from his heart, and realized that it was the Liuli Heart Lamp and Tinder that was about to advance!

Tinder advancement is certainly a great thing, but it’s too untimely!

The evil dragon demon has broken into the divine wood of Liuyue. If he finds the divine blood in the core of the divine wood, the consequences will be disastrous.

I must rush as fast as possible to prevent the evil dragon demon from taking divine blood!

But right now, the energy carried by the glazed heart lamp flame at Shen Lang’s heart vein is too large, so huge that he simply cannot move freely. If he does not complete the advancement quickly, within the body flame will be Consume too much energy to burst!

Once the fire is burst, it will damage Shen Lang Divine Soul from the slightest, and destroy him in the worst case!

In desperation, Shen Lang was forced to sit in this cyan ocean, holding his breath, and fully guiding the fire to advance.

Under the control of his soul, the energy in the flame of the glass heart is constantly compressed.

When the energy in the fire is compressed to its limit, it makes a violent explosion.

Liuli heart lamp fire suddenly exploded!

In a flash, Shen Lang’s whole body was swallowed and drowned by a huge amount of glazed flame, and the flame vortex formed by glazed fire surged around him, surging like a tornado!

After the fire exploded, a glaze-colored Fire Lotus was born that was ready to be released.

The condense behind Shen Lang has a brilliant glazed halo, giving people an indescribable sense of noble and mysterious!

Until this moment, his glazed heart lamp fire within the body finally pierced the bottleneck and successfully promoted to True Fire!

The fire at the heart vein has bred into a mini Fire Lotus. The Fire Lotus is like a bud in the first stage of life, but it has not fully bloomed. The surface of the bud is continuously burning with glazed flames, and the heart of the flower bud is in the center. It is a flame of golden-bright and dazzling.

The flame in the heart of Fire Lotus is unusually peculiar, changing various forms at any time, sometimes turning into dragons and flying phoenixes, sometimes into birds, beasts, insects, and fishes, as if they have life force, agile and mysterious!

After the Liuli Heart Lamp was promoted to the True Fire state, the prototype of the lamp spirit was born.

In just a few minutes, Shen Lang itself has undergone tremendous changes. The birth of the colored glaze Fire Lotus has given Shen Lang tremendous vitality, and the vital energy contained in the colored glaze Fire Lotus is full of fire. Dozens of times as huge as the period!

This not only means that Shen Lang can release the amount of glazed fire and his own healing ability, but his Divine Soul strength has also been improved by Heaven Defying Level.

Compared with before, Shen Lang’s Divine Soul has increased five or six times the strength!

The substantial increase in the strength of the soul body means that the strength of the bloodline of Yuanfeng himself has been greatly increased, and even the controlling ability of the magic seed has also been greatly improved.

More than that, the vast vitality and energy blessing brought by the birth of Liuli Fire Lotus has made Shen Lang’s own cultivation base rise significantly, allowing him to enter the Great Principle Golden Immortal from the previous one, with a breath Climb to the middle and late stages of Great Principle Golden Immortal Early-Stage!

“This…how is it possible!”

The tremendous progress on the cultivation base made Shen Lang completely confused.

If he hadn’t experienced it personally, he couldn’t believe that he could have such a big improvement!

Generally speaking, the cultivator has reached the level of Great Principle Golden Immortal, and it is even more difficult to improve the cultivation base.

Great Principle Golden Immortal only relies on meditation and cultivation, even if it takes tens of thousands of years, it may not be able to make much effort!

And Shen Lang only relied on absorbing the energy in the divine wood of the flowing moon to give birth to the colored glaze Fire Lotus. Promoted to the True Fire level, the cultivation base skyrocketed so much, it is a fantastic good luck!

It is indeed one of the three ancient divine woods that gave birth to the star realm. The azure light energy inside the divine wood of Liuyue is too shocking.

What’s even more exaggerated is that after Shen Lang was promoted to True Fire, the glaze Fire Lotus within the body can continue to absorb the azure light energy all around, which promotes the rapid growth of Fire Lotus!

The overwhelming energy poured into Shen Lang’s body, and the overfilling energy had reached the limit that Shen Lang fleshy body could carry, so that Shen Lang’s mouth, nose and ears began to overflow with blood.

“No! I can’t swallow it anymore!”

Shen Lang gritted his teeth and immediately blocked the flow of azure light energy into the fleshy body. He bit through the tip of his tongue to prevent himself from sinking into In the greed that devours energy infinitely.

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