My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4401

Shen Lang within the body’s Fire Lotus, the glass heart lamp, can continue to absorb the azure light energy inside the divine wood of Liuyue, but it is limited by its lack of fleshy body strength. If absorbed in this way, his fleshy body may be burst!

After breaking through the Great Principle Golden Immortal, Shen Lang was dragged down by the fleshy body strength he was always proud of.

Because of the lack of the “divine wood vine” material, Shen Lang is unable to cultivation the Inextinguishable Golden Body for the time being, which leads to the slow progress of the cultivation of the Nine Zhuan Dao Sutras.

At the moment, time is pressing, and the more important thing is to find the Evil Dragon Demon Lord. Shen Lang had to forcibly stop the glazed heart lamp from absorbing the energy in the divine wood.

Shen Lang, after the cultivation base Soul Power skyrocketed, has enough confidence to deal with the evil dragon demon lord.

He began to shuttle at high speed in the blue ocean, looking for the whereabouts of the evil dragon demon lord.

Although it is expected that the evil dragon and demon king must have entered here, the energy in this cyan ocean is too surging at the moment, and can almost cover up any breath.

It is almost impossible for Shen Lang to track the evil dragon and demon lord from the breath, and he can only judge his deeds from the opponent’s purpose.

The purpose of the evil dragon demon is undoubtedly the divine blood in the core of divine wood.

Shen Lang had read some accounts about divine wood of Liuyue in the “Star River Letters” given to him by Cangyue Saintess.

The divine wood of the flowing moon is the foundation on which all beings in the star realm depend for survival. The roots of the divine wood penetrate the entire star realm and deliver continuous energy to the star realm.

The core of divine wood can be thought of as the heart of divine wood and the energy source of divine wood.

Shen Lang’s secret analysis, since Liuyue divine wood transports energy through the roots to the interface, the intersection of all roots and wood sources may be the core of Liuyue divine wood!

The roots of the divine wood of Liuyue penetrate the entire astral world, which means that the roots should be hidden deep in the ground, deep enough that ordinary cultivators can’t reach it.

I probably only need to dive all the way, and I should be able to reach the roots of Liuyue divine wood!

After making up his mind, he quickly flew to the deepest part of the cyan ocean and dived.

During the dive, Shen Lang discovered that this cyan energy was actually flowing upstream, rushing from the depths like waves of cyan waves.

As he continued to dive, the impact carried by the oncoming cyan energy became stronger and stronger, and it gradually turned into one after another huge cyan vortex, moved towards him with an impact.

Shen Lang was able to resist with his own fleshy body strength at first, but soon, the power carried by the cyan vortex became stronger and stronger, and Shen Lang was forced to display platinum holy armor to resist.

“bang bang bang!”

After a while, the surging force carried by the cyan vortex began to tear the platinum saint clothing on Shen Lang’s body into a large number of cracks.

Seeing that the platinum saint clothes could not resist, Shen Lang then unfolded the crystalline barrier, and a large amount of cold glow burst out of his palms, forming a 360-degree corner of the whole body. The surface of the ice crystal wall released amazing cold light.

Thanks to the improvement of the cultivation base, Shen Lang within the body’s Power of Stars has also recovered a lot, and the energy has become more pure and vigorous. The defensive power of the crystal barrier displayed this time is far better than before.

Relying on the powerful defensive power of the crystal barrier, Shen Lang forcibly withstood the impact of the cyan vortex, and finally rushed out of this cyan energy ocean.

The moment he rushed out of this cyan ocean, he felt that the space all around suddenly became extremely chaotic and distorted. The fleshy body seemed to sink deep in mud, and the chaotic space could actually pass through the crystal barrier. Crazy squeezing his fleshy body.

Shen Lang’s skeleton began to crackle, and the flesh and blood were in an unnaturally distorted state. The space here is already on the verge of breaking, and the force of the distorted space almost crushes his fleshy body. Shred!

Shen Lang grinned in pain, Asura sacred pupil swiftly swept, and found that there was an extremely dark abyss below.

In the abyss came energy fluctuations that were so huge that they could not be described in words. The violent fluctuations made the space on the verge of collapse, which caused the space here to be so chaotic.

This also explains why the cyan energies above will flow upstream, which is originally affected by spatial repulsion.

“Asura Saint Physique!”

Just when Shen Lang felt that his fleshy body was about to be unable to hold it, he tried his best to stimulate the power of the magic seed, and the incarnation became three-headed and eight-armed Asura Demon God.

After the cultivation base and the strength of Divine Soul are greatly increased, Shen Lang’s strength control bring it up a level to the magic seed, can already control the size of the body after transformation, and the incarnation becomes the Shen Lang of Asura Demon God Control your body at several feet high to reduce the influence of the disordered strength of Space on the fleshy body.

With the fleshy body strength of Asura Demon God far beyond the human form, Shen Lang finally resisted the power of this distorted space. Although the fleshy body still feels the pain of tearing, it doesn’t As for influence actions.

Shen Lang who has been incarnation into Asura Demon God, moved towards the abyss below and continue to dive.

The source of the energy fluctuations in the abyss is most likely the core of Liuyue divine wood!

Apart from this, Shen Lang could not imagine anything else that could release such amazing energy fluctuations.

The more you dive into the abyss, the space all around becomes more chaotic, and even a gray space turbulence is blown up.

Even the Great Principle Golden Immortal, if it is accidentally blown by the devastating space turbulence, the fleshy body will melt and annihilate in an instant, and even the dust will not be left behind.

Shen Lang relied on the crystalline barrier of the previous concentration to resist the space turbulence with difficulty.

After the crystalline barrier is impacted by space turbulence, the surface also emits “ding ding ding~” harsh sounds like pierce gold and split stone, and ice chips are flying around, barely able to support it for a while.

Shen Lang moved towards the abyss to dive at the fastest speed, and then dive.

After about 2.5 minutes of time, the crystalline barrier on his body surface began to fail, and the surface cracked into one after another crack. The situation was already quite dangerous.

Once the crystal barrier is broken, the Asura Demon God made by Shen Lang incarnation can hardly resist the continuous space turbulence in this abyss. It is very likely that it will be swallowed by space turbulence and the gods will be destroyed!

The crystal barrier hasn’t collapsed yet, and it’s still too late for Shen Lang to withdraw.

But he was really unwilling to shrink back like this, not to mention that the exit of Liuyue’s divine wood was closed, and he didn’t know how to leave the divine wood.

After struggling in his mind for a moment, Shen Lang decided to take a gamble, resolutely moved towards the dark abyss and settled away…

The chaotic space tortured Shen Lang His fleshy body made him feel lost in time and space, and he didn’t know how long time had passed.

The surface of the crystal barrier is already full of cracks, and it is about to collapse.

The energy fluctuations in the abyss are getting stronger and stronger, and it even emits a “boom~ boom~” rhythmic rumbling sound, which is very regular, like a heart beating.

In this energy fluctuation, there seems to be an indescribable amount of Willpower!

Shen Lang’s fleshy body unconsciously vibrated with this sense of fluctuation, and soon his consciousness began to trance, and his body was gradually swallowed and swallowed by this violent energy fluctuation.

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