My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4402

I don’t know how long it has been.

When Shen Lang’s consciousness regained his consciousness, he suddenly realized that he had been involved in a strange space.

In front of me is a vast and boundless starry sky, dotted with stars, like a corner of the universe, mysterious and profound.

“Here is…”

Shen Lang looked at the scene in front of him, and suddenly felt a little familiar, as if he had seen a similar scene.

“bang! bang! bang! ”

There are violent energy fluctuations in the starry sky, and the heavy rumbling sound makes people tremble.

Shen Lang was shivered all over, looked around all around quickly, and finally fixed his eyes on the sky above his head.

I saw that above the starry sky above his head, there was a bright and white moon like jade, like eyebrows like bows, and the nine-colored moonlight descended, brilliant and holy.

“Formation of Will!”

Shen Lang’s eyes burst out, and he finally remembered that the scene before him was almost exactly the same as the Formation of Will that Saintess had shown before!

The difference is that the starry sky that I am in now is ten million times bigger than the will Formation of Saintess Cang Yue!

Although the scene is similar, Shen Lang can feel that there is an incalculable sense of depth in this starry sky.

For example, the bright moon above the starry sky, which seems to hang overhead, is actually very far away from me.

Shen Lang urged the Asura sacred pupil between his eyebrows with all his strength, and he couldn’t see the distance of the starry moon above his head at the limit of his eyesight, at least a thousand ten thousand li apart!

Apart from this, this bright moon on the starry sky is like a heart, trembling regularly. Each time it trembles, a circle of nine-color rays of light will emanate and spread, illuminating the entire starry sky.

“It seems that this bright moon is the core of this divine wood!”

Shen Lang secretly said in one’s heart, a very bold mind popped out Conjecture.

This Liuyue divine wood may simply have no roots, or every place in this starry sky can be the roots of Liuyue divine wood!

It sounds complicated, but it is not difficult to understand.

According to Shen Lang’s conjecture, the entire underground of the star realm is occupied by the “starry sky Formation” made by Liuyue divine wood. Any place the starry sky touches will be provided by the Liuyue core. The energy nourishes.

In this way, the energy provided by the core of the divine wood can penetrate from the depths of the astral world to the earth and even the sky. The infinite cycle ensures the reproduction of the astral creatures.

If you think so, everything can be explained.

The only thing that puzzles Shen Lang is that he entered this piece of “starry sky Formation” so easily, is it a bit too simple?

At this moment, an untimely explosion sounded into Shen Lang’s ears.

“bang bang bang!”

Shen Lang’s ears suddenly sensed the very far above his head, and there was one after another irregular roar and cracking sound, which seemed to be the result of a fierce fight sound!

The source of the sound is the core of the divine wood, which is near the bright moon above the starry sky above.

“Evil Dragon Demon Lord, finally let me find you!”

Shen Lang didn’t have time to think too much, the whole turned into a white light, moving towards the sky above his head at the fastest speed The bright moon flew away.


As Shen Lang guessed.

Just a few minutes before Shen Lang entered this “starry sky Formation”, the evil dragon demon king reached the core of the divine wood and came up ahead of the starry sky.

After really approaching this bright moon, I know how huge the moon is.

This bright moon in the sky is tens of billions of feet! Even the evil dragon demon lord in the form of the blood sun devil dragon, in front of the bright moon, is as big as a sesame seed.

“bang! bang! bang! ”

Every time the energy of the bright moon fluctuates, a large nine-color storm gushes out on the surface. This storm is very powerful, even powerful Distort the nearby space.

Evil Dragon Demon Lord cannot even get too close to the bright moon, otherwise he will be injured by this energy storm.

“ha ha ha, finally…I finally found it!”

Looking at the huge moon in front of you releasing such intense energy, the evil dragon demon lord I believe this is the core of Liuyue divine wood!

The evil dragon demon lord showed ecstasy, and he exhausted his own suffering untold hardships, and he did not hesitate to lose countless Blood Demon Race cultivators. It was finally worth it.

I am finally about to fulfill the dream dream of the ancestors Seniors!

“True God’s Blood, it was received by my evil dragon demon lord!”

The first nine dragons of the blood sun spit out the blood of the blazing sun. The beam of light, moved towards the huge bright moon in front of him blasted away.

Just when the Evil Dragon Demon Lord is full of expectations that his Divine Ability can penetrate this round of bright moon and obtain divine blood.

“Dirty Demon Race villain, don’t want to get involved in the core of divine wood!”

Suddenly a silver bell sounded in the starry sky.

A young girl in a glazed dress suddenly appeared in front of the bright moon, like a beautiful sculpture, her deep eyes pierced the bright starlight, and the slender jade hand pushed forward, cold and shocked. “Golden Immortal Technique, crystalline barrier!”

In a flash, a large area of ​​cold light swept out of the girl’s white snow palm, which quickly condense a huge side in a very short time The surface of the ice crystal wall released amazing cold light.

“Dongdong dong!!!!”

The blood light, like a raging wave, hit the surface of the ice crystal wall, bursting with a loud noise like the sky and the earth.

“It’s you! You didn’t die!”

Amid the explosion, Evil Dragon Demon Lord fixed his eyes on the girl, and his face became extremely ugly.

The girl who suddenly appeared in front of her to resist her Magical Powers was not Cangyue Saintess.

This Cangyue Saintess has been silent for hundreds of millions of years. The evil dragon demon thought that she died during meditation because she failed to break through. Absolutely did not expect that she was not dead, but appeared in this divine wood. Before the core!

“Oh, really ignorant conjecture, when did this Saintess say that he was dead?”

The goddess sneered coldly, the crystal barrier opened by his palms A large piece of cold glow gushes out of the surface, interweaving and colliding with the raging blood light.

The evil dragon demon lord is very anxious, obviously there is only the last step left, and he will actually kill Saintess.

These are not the main points, the main point is that this woman broke through the late Great Principle Golden Immortal! The cultivation base surpassed oneself.

After a violent bombardment, Saintess Cangyue barely resisted the blood light shot by the Blood Sun Demon Dragon, his petite body moved back several hundred meters, and his pretty face looked a little serious.

Although she perfectly resisted the Evil Dragon Demon Lord’s blow, the crystalline barrier in front of her was also knocked out of many mottled holes by the blood light.

I haven’t seen him for many years, I never thought that this evil dragon demon king has grown so much!

Although I thought so in my heart, Cang Yue Saintess still taunted coldly: “But with this ability, I dare to covet the core of divine wood. It’s a hundred-day dream!”

The Dragon Demon Lord has a terrifying face, and roared said: “This is the end, do you really think this Monarch will scare you? I want to see what your slut has to stop me!!!”

The matter has reached this step, the evil dragon demon lord has no choice but to fight it out.

“Senior Golden Immortal Technique, bloody day collapsed!!”

The evil dragon and demon master exhausted the last power of within the body and displayed big moves.

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