My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4404

The evil dragon demon knows that he is not the opponent of Shen Lang and Cang Yue Saintess. He simply took advantage of his last blow to break through the core of the divine wood and seize the divine blood!

“Burn it, my Demon Soul!”

While rushing to the core of the divine wood, the evil dragon demon madly burned his soul body, nine dragon heads in the mouth condense Sheng Ruo Lieyang’s bloody ball, ready to perform the final blow.

“Not good!”

Cangyue Saintess exclaimed and scolded himself carelessly, actually letting go of the evil dragon demon lord.

The core of the divine wood is composed of the original energy in the divine wood of Liuyue, and it does not have much defensive power.

Before the War of Extinction, the core of divine wood still had the powerful rule of prohibition and protection of the Liuyue tribe’s ancestors, but since the fall of the ancestors, the rule of prohibition protecting the core of divine wood has disappeared, and now it is basically The state without any protection.

Cangyue Saintess always chooses to stay in Liuyue divine wood, a large part of the reason is to protect the core of Liuyue divine wood.

“Huntian Ling, go!”

Shen Lang, who came from flying, took the lead in reacting and threw Huntian Ling.

Huntian Ling suddenly turned into a red light filament like hiding the sky and covering the earth, moving towards the bloody dragon that quickly approached the core of the divine wood and swallowed away like an inescapable net.

After Soul Power skyrocketed, Shen Lang’s speed in stimulating Immortal Treasure has also been increased several times, and it has been able to fully utilize the abilities of this Hun Tian Ling.

Under the full urging of Shen Lang, Hun Tian Ling was faster than the Evil Dragon Demon Lord.

The large red light filaments are like one after another dense rays, clinging to the body of the blood sun dragon.


Shen Lang screamed, and countless red filaments condensed into one body, turning into a long red silk wrapped around the blood sun and the dragon, and the blood sun The dragon is tied up.

At this moment, the fleshy body of the evil dragon demon lord was temporarily restrained.


But soon, the blood sun devil dragon roared in the sky. Under the guidance of Soul Power, a lot of blood light appeared all over his body. , In an instant, all the red silk entwined around the body collapsed.

Huntian Ling is still not enough to control the evil dragon demon lord.

Fortunately, Cang Yue Saintess was not idle. The moment Shen Lang took out Hun Tian Ling, she started to cast spells.

“Advanced Golden Immortal Technique, Aurora Punishment!”

Cangyue Saintess spit out another blood essence and used the battle skill Magical Powers of the Golden Star Envoy of Aquarius.

I saw her hands clasped together, and her white jade-like arms were formed into the shape of an Aquarius, behind which was a condense cold light starry chart of Aquarius.

The Aquarius star map is a graceful Goddess holding a huge silver bottle. Goddess slowly tilts the silver bottle, and the white water flows straight down from the mouth of the silver bottle, just flowing into it. Cang Yue Saintess’s hands.

“bang bang bang! !!!”

in an instant, a white wave of hiding the sky and covering the earth burst out from the hands of Saintess Cang Yue, releasing Indescribable cold light and freezing air.

The white waves that turned over the river moved towards the blood sun and the dragon flew past, and the cold glow and freezing gas released only turned into a violent snowstorm.

Even the space where you pass is rendered pure white by Extreme-Cold Force, which is enough to prove the formidable power of this blow!

At the moment when the Evil Dragon Demon Lord was bound and restrained by Hun Tian Ling, the white waves caught up with the Blood Sun Demon Dragon, and the horrible cold light burst out, and his body fleshy The body is swallowed and drowned.

Only in an instant, the huge body of the Blood Sun Devil Dragon was frozen more than half by the freezing air of Extreme Cold.

This cold air seems to freeze even space. The fleshy body of the Blood Sun Dragon is frozen in midair, and the ice seals his actions, making him unable to move forward any longer. .

The reason why Cangyue Saintess displayed his relatively unskilled Aurora Penalty Magical Powers was to seal the action of the Blood Sun Dragon so as not to threaten the core of the divine wood.

“Hateful! I am not willing to…I am not willing to!!!”

Seeing the core of divine wood close in front of me, I was frozen in At midair, the evil dragon demon master lost control of his emotions completely, and he roared hysterically.

The ice is about to spread to the top of the forehead, the evil dragon demon lord made the final struggle to resist, the condense red sun in the mouth of the nine dragon heads suddenly moved towards the surface of the divine wood core close at hand. go with.


Cangyue Saintess’s star eyes were rounded, and there was a hint of panic on her pretty face.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

After all, the evil dragon and demon lord’s big move was displayed. The nine rounds of bloody sun hit the core of divine wood one after another, huge movement As if the sky was falling apart, the ear-piercing violent sound wave after wave.

“hong long! !!!”

The defensive power at the core of the divine wood is really not very strong, and the surface of the bright moon is easily exploded into a hole by the attack of the evil dragon and demon lord The gap, the endless nine-color holy light gushing out of the gap.

The intensity of the light almost illuminates the entire starry sky Formation!

In this instant, Shen Lang and Cangyue Saintess both lost their vision.

Shen Lang relied on Asura’s eyesight to barely see the nine-color holy light gushing out from the divine wood core like a continuously waterfall, spreading rapidly.

Nine-color rays of light have no destructive power, on the contrary, there are immense vitality energy in the rays of light.

Only by the ray of light, Shen Lang felt the bloodline spurted all over his body, as if continuous power emerged from the limbs, unspeakable refreshed.

Shen Lang is cool, Cangyue Saintess is cool does not raise.

“This is over!”

See the divine wood core being shot out A gap, Cang Yue Saintess pretty face deathly white extremely.

Since the Hunyuan era, the core of Liuyue’s divine wood has never been destroyed by anyone. Now that this core is destroyed, Saintess simply doesn’t know how to repair it, but feels that disaster is imminent!

Shen Lang is too lazy to worry about it, he is going to kill the evil dragon demon lord first.

“Evil Dragon Demon Lord, let me die!”

Asura Demon God holding a flint gun, moved towards the frozen Evil Dragon Demon Lord with the momentum of shaking the sky Sprint and assassinate.

At this moment, the evil dragon demon king used Magical Powers to explode to produce formidable power, which shattered a small part of the ice covering himself.

“Even if I sacrifice my fleshy body Demon Soul today, this Monarch will still get divine blood!!!”

Seeing Shen Lang pick up and kill him, the evil dragon demon king deep Knowing that his body was impossible to survive, he let out a violent roar of exhaustion.

He freed up his right hand and took out the chalk-shaped nine-headed mirage puppet as quickly as possible, and swallowed it alive!

“Take the Fleshy body Demon Soul as a guide, sacrifice!!!”

The evil dragon demon monarch is eager to split, looking up to the sky and howling, his face is extremely mad and ferocious.

Seeing the abnormal behavior of the Evil Dragon Demon Lord swallowing the Demon Insect puppet, Shen Lang was confused and had a very bad premonition.

“Fire-tip spear, break for me!!!”

Asura Demon God is still some distance away from the evil dragon demon lord, and simply threw the fire-tip spear with all its strength, trying Kill this evil dragon demon king at the fastest speed.


The fire-tip spear flew out like thunder, the golden light of the spear tip flashed, and the gun body was dragging the extreme star flames. The space wherever he goes is rendered fiery-red, like a dazzling comet, attacking the body of the blood sun dragon.

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