My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4405

It was just a fire-tip spear. Shen Lang felt that it was not safe yet, and immediately performed the ultimate move in the Nine Slaying Immortal Sword formation.

“Nine songs of Slaying Immortal Sword formation, kill me!”

With a scream, the nine mysterious lightsaber broke out, and the endless sword light gathered and compressed and turned into Six huge white sword shadow whirlpools flew out.

“bang bang bang! ”

Sword shadow vortex carries billions of white sword shadows, bursting out dazzling white light, collapsing the heavens splitting the earth The momentum moved towards the evil dragon demon lord and overwhelmed him, and the space where he passed was distorted and blurred by the collision.


The sound of an earth shattering resounding loudly came, and the fire-point spear first hit the evil dragon demon lord.

The back of the Blood Sun Devil Dragon was pierced by the tip of the fire-tip spear, exploding a huge blood hole, the violent star fire swallowed and drowned his fleshy body, and the sound of fire bursting was endless.


“hong long!!!!”

Six huge sword shadow vortices hit the body of the blood sun dragon, exploded one after another, bursting out like the sky and the earth again. There was a loud noise, and the violent white light rose into the sky, and the entire starry sky was illuminated by this dazzling white light.

Blood Sun’s body was severely strangled by countless white sword shadows, and the fleshy body was torn into countless wounds, and the flesh and blood flew across it, which was terrible.

Seeing that Shen Lang strikes out Divine Ability with such a powerful attack, Cang Yue Saintess’s star pupils can hardly conceal the astonishment. After a long time, Shen Lang’s strength seems to have improved significantly compared to before!

Although Shen Lang’s two attacks caused heavy damage to the Blood Sun Dragon, they still failed to kill the Blood Sun Dragon.

It is mainly that the medicinal power of the evil dragon demon taking Crossing Misfortune Golden Pill has not completely disappeared, and the fleshy body defensive power is still there.

“ha ha ha, you think you can kill me, dream of it! Today this Monarch borrows the body of the mirage to kill you!!!”

The bloody Blood Sun Demon Dragon laughed frantically, and its body was constantly twisted and sunken. Within the body, it seemed that something was creeping violently, which was extremely frightening and terrifying.

next moment, the wounds on the body of the Blood Sun Devil Dragon suddenly blasted a large amount of black beams, as if a strong energy within the body was about to burst out.

Shen Lang’s heart was shocked by this familiar breath, and he shouted anxiously: “Not good! Miss Cang Yue, let’s stop him soon!”

When the voice fell, Shen Lang The Asura Demon God made by incarnation is already close and decisively displays the lightning beam punch.

The eight giant fists of Asura Demon God slammed out like a thunderbolt, and suddenly turned into a lightning fist shadow hiding the sky and covering the earth.

The surging power carried by each fist shadow trembles and twists the space, and countless fist shadows gather, like a huge golden thundercloud, moved towards the blood sun dragon overwhelmed!

“Advanced Golden Immortal Technique, Milky Way Starburst!”

Cangyue Saintess is unclear, but as Shen Lang reminded, she naturally did not idle, running the small universe again and displaying Make a big move.

A large number of golden stars flew out from the Star River universe behind her, exploding all together, and the burst of destructive energy moved towards the blood sun devil dragon forced the past.

Unfortunately, I haven’t waited for the two Divine Ability to hit the Blood Sun Dragon.


The fleshy body of the Blood Sun Devil Dragon exploded first.

“hong long! !!!”

The black black light of Danger Land erupts from the body of the blood sun dragon, instantly covering everything around it, like the end of the day Natural disasters are coming.

The suffocating magic light energy erupts from the fleshy body burst by the blood sun dragon, and spreads outwards. In an instant, the murky heavens dark earth, even the light of the divine wood core, is all magic light. hidden.

The source of this magic light is a black shadow flying out of the fleshy body exploded by the blood sun dragon.

The black shadow has nine worm heads, dragon claw, human body, centipede tail, black scales, hideous and terrifying.

It is the nine-headed mirage!

Perhaps because the power of the evil dragon and demon lord to sacrifice alone is insufficient, the nine-headed demon mirage that appears again is not big, only a few ten thousand zhang in length, not even comparable to the transformation of Shen Lang into Asura Demon God.

But the terrifying breath it releases is enough to make people have one’s hair stand on end!


Nine headed demon mirages roared up into the sky, making a violent and bloodthirsty roar sound, and the nine insect heads spewed out nine black light balls.

The ball of light twisted and rotated like a black hole. The surface was still burning with a huge might of magic flame, and it hit Shen Lang and Cangyue Saintess and knocked out Divine Ability.

“bang bang bang! !!!”

The movement of the black ball of light after bursting is like a broken world. The terrifying black light and rolling magic flames instantly suppressed Shen Lang And the attack of Cang Yue Saintess.

Although the ability of this nine-headed mirage is significantly weaker than in its full state before, it is still very deadly compared to the cultivator of Shen Lang and Saintess this level.

The two shot Divine Ability and couldn’t compete with it.

“It’s awful!”

Seeing the black light and the spread of magic flames hitting the river and the sea, Saintess Cangyue has been weak and pretty face incredibly pale.

She has used the advanced Golden Immortal Technique three times in a row just now, and her body strength is severely overdrawn, and she cannot continue to display the powerful defensive Magical Powers in a very short period of time. The scene is precarious.

“Cangyue girl, be careful!”

Shen Lang was aware of this and rushed to Cangyue Saintess in front of him with lightning speed.

“Gold Immortal Technique, crystalline barrier!”

The eight giant palms of Asura Demon God pushed forward, and a large amount of cold glow gassed out from the palms, which quickly condensed It forms a cold light radiant crystal wall, blocking himself and Cangyue Saintess.

Looking at Shen Lang in front of him in time, Goddess was in a trance. After reacting, he quickly displayed his defense Magical Powers to assist Shen Lang.

“Crystal Wall!”

Cangyue Saintess both hands forming seals opened up a crystal barrier and gathered in front of herself and Shen Lang.

hiding the sky and covering the earth-like black light and magic flames raged like a storm, hitting the surface of the crystalline barrier, making a sharp sound like cutting a glass plate.

Even if Shen Lang tried his best, he didn’t support it for too long, and the crystal barrier was torn into countless cracks.

The defensive power of the crystal wall opened by Saintess Cang Yue was weaker than the crystal barrier, and it was instantly shattered by black light and magic flame.

At the moment of crisis, Shen Lang used the Nine Slaying Immortal Sword formations, and the nine mysterious lightsabers lingering around him turned into a huge white sword cloud, blocking him and Cang Yue Saintess.

Fortunately, his Soul Power cultivation base has greatly increased before, and now he is able to use the defensive ability of the nine Slaying Immortal Sword arrays.

I saw the huge white sword cloud condensed in front of me like a waterfall vortex, offsetting the black light and the destructive energy carried by the magic flame.

Relying on the Nine Slaying Immortal Sword formations, Shen Lang was able to withstand the attack of the Nine Headed Magic Mirage in a frightening manner.

Cangyue Saintess’s expression was slightly shocked. She also noticed that Shen Lang’s cultivation base has greatly increased, and Shen Lang seems to have mastered a lot of great Great Divine Ability.

However, in just a few dozen days, Shen Lang has become a different person.

I really don’t know how Shen Lang did it. Cangyue Saintess admires the vision of the Star River Old Ancestor in his heart. He is indeed an astral messenger. Shen Lang’s ability is truly extraordinary!

There is no time to think too much right now, Cang Yue Saintess releases Divine Consciousness to be alert to the immediate threat.

However, after the explosion was subdued, the nine-headed mirage in front of him was gone.

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