My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4408

Since Shen Lang broke through the Great Principle Golden Immortal, the source of Shennong’s power within the body has also been greatly improved. Even in the face of powerful undead creatures, it can achieve a single blow. kill!

Shen Lang has experienced in the depths of hell. He smelled the breath of dead soul early in the morning and knew that the white giant dragon that appeared was a “dead” creature born in this piece of will formation.

The so-called “dead” creatures are Spirit Physiques without Life Aura, which can only be born under certain laws of reincarnation.

The power of Shennong happens to be able to exempt from the law of reincarnation to a certain extent, so it can cause huge damage to creatures such as “dead” that spans the level difference.

Seeing Shen Lang crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood to destroy the white giant dragon, the Saintess pretty face of Cang Yue was shocked, and his heart could not be calm for a long time.

She can feel that the white giant dragon is very tricky. She doesn’t want to be instant killed by Shen Lang one hit. She really doesn’t understand how Shen Lang does it.

The deeper the contact with Shen Lang, Cangyue Saintess actually felt that the astral messenger became more unfathomable, and a sense of worship was vaguely born in his heart.

After killing the giant dragon, Shen Lang did not linger, and continued to break through the waves with Saintess on his back.

Cangyue Saintess felt a little ashamed and embarrassed, but she was silent all the way to avoid disturbing Shen Lang.

In the process of treading the waves, several undead creatures emerged from the sea of ​​blood, which were easily killed by Shen Lang with a holy light.

The time it takes half an incense stick to burn After that, the two finally came to the deepest part of the blood sea.

A blood day hangs over the sea of ​​blood.

Shen Lang saw an incredibly strange scene.

I saw a huge Resurrection Lily floating in the center of the sea of ​​blood.

This Resurrection Lily is ten thousand zhang wide and pure bright red, gorgeous and weird, carrying a breathtaking and unique breath.

The scarlet petals are like leaf threads, releasing light blood energy. This blood energy is not turbid, but transmits as clean as a thread, like a bloody light thread fixed in space, giving people an indescribable gorgeous beauty.

It turns out that the blood energy bloodshot in the air before is actually the breath of this Resurrection Lily!

“This is…”

Looking at the Resurrection Lily in the middle of the blood sea, Shen Lang was completely confused.

This Resurrection Lily in the sea of ​​blood is exactly the same as the Resurrection Lily left by Su Ruoxue!

No matter the shape or the breath, they are very similar, only the difference in size.

Not only that, Shen Lang has also witnessed this bloody scene in front of him.

I still remember that I saw this scene vaguely before I stepped into the Heavenly Palace in Guangzhou for the first time and met Su Ruoxue.

The only difference is that in the Resurrection Lily in the memory lies a woman in a blood skirt who looks like Su Ruoxue.

And in the Resurrection Lily in this bloody sea, not at all the woman’s silhouette, but there are other things.

I saw the Resurrection Lily flower center wrapped in a large number of leaf threads, a condense, a colorful light bead, sometimes releasing blood light, sometimes releasing golden light, and sometimes releasing multi-colored light , Mysterious incomparable.

Although the light bead is only the size of a drop of water, it can make people feel as vast as the starry sky and universe, as if it is the only thing that can embellish this sea of ​​blood.

“It’s divine blood! Envoy, the light bead in the Resurrection Lily is the divine blood in the core of divine wood!”

Cangyue Saintess stared scorchingly, Excited and shouted out.

“Resurrection Lily…Resurrection Lily, does this divine blood…have something to do with Cher?”

Shen Lang’s eyes are still dull, muttering to himself, it seems Haven’t recovered from the trance.

I found clues in True Immortal Realm for so long, and asked a lot of powerful information about the Resurrection Lily left by Su Ruoxue, but nothing was found.

Didn’t expect finally found the same Resurrection Lily in the core of Liuyue divine wood!

The place where this Resurrection Lily appeared, and the form of its existence, is too unbelievable.

Shen Lang didn’t know how to analyze for a while, and his thoughts fell into chaos.

At the same time, on the other side of the sea of ​​blood, a silhouette of a nine-headed magic mirage appeared.

“divine blood belongs to this Monarch! No one wants to take it!!!”

The nine-headed mirage roars hysterically, moving towards the sea of ​​blood like a mad dog Resurrection Lily in the center rushed over, staring at the mysterious light bead in Resurrection Lily’s heart!

The evil dragon demon master who controls the body of the nine-headed demon mirage, forcibly relied on the powerful battle strength of puppet’s body to defeat the dead creatures in the blood sea, and it took a lot of effort to reach the center of the blood sea.

The Evil Dragon Demon Lord hasn’t had much time, and the Demon Soul energy in the puppet’s body has also begun to weaken rapidly.

He must swallow divine blood before his Demon Soul is destroyed, in order to have the hope of continuing his life, otherwise he will definitely die!

“Not good, it’s the evil dragon demon lord! Envoy, let’s stop him from snatching the divine blood!”

Seeing that the nine-headed mirage that popped up quickly approaching Resurrection Lily, Cang Yue Saintess pretty face suddenly changed color, and moved towards Shen Lang shouted to remind.

Shen Lang finally woke up from the trance. Seeing that the nine-headed demon mirage wanted to encroach on Resurrection Lily, he was suddenly distraught. His heart suddenly burst into boundless anger, and he roared hysterically: “Dirty. Thing, don’t want to defile divine blood!!!”

As soon as the roar fell, Shen Lang rushed out like a sharp arrow and swept towards the Resurrection Lily in the middle of the sea of ​​blood at the fastest speed.

Unfortunately, the speed of the nine-headed mirage is so amazing that Shen Lang can’t keep up with the opponent.

According to this, it is estimated that before I get close to Resurrection Lily, the nine-headed mirage will take away the divine blood first.

Shen Lang leaped in a hurry, shouting loudly: “Gold Immortal Technique, Asura Faxiang!”

As soon as the roar fell, Shen Lang pushed his palms forward , An incomparable magical light gushing from the palm of the palm, quickly condensed into a three-headed, eight-armed, bronze-headed, iron-forehead Asura, exuding an extremely powerful and violent aura. The imposing manner is as strong as the birth of Demon God!

in an instant, the Asura body swells to ten thousand zhang high, with eight arms supporting the sky, moving towards the nine-headed magic mirage and rushing away in anger, the speed is so fast Dizzy!

“Gold Immortal Technique, starlight is extinct!”

Cangyue Saintess did not idle either, and while Shen Lang jumped, he played a starlight extinction with all his strength.

The infinite starlight energy poured out from the palm of Saintess right hand, turned into countless stardust light spots that collided and exploded, releasing huge Destruction Strength, moved towards the nine-headed demon in the sea of ​​blood below The mirage was over.

“Two wastes of overestimate one’s capabilities, get out of my sight!”

The nine headed mirages are extremely angry, and the nine heads of worms spew out nine formidable powers. The black ball of light hit the two of them to perform a Divine Ability attack.

“bang bang bang!!!!”

The thrilling crackling sound makes people tinnitus and deaf.

For a time, the sea water poured in, Heavenly Overflowing Blood Waves.

The battle strength of the nine-headed mirage is still much stronger than Shen Lang and Cang Yue Saintess after all. The black light burst from the nine black light balls almost swallows everything, with no The difficulty defeated Asura’s magic and stardust energy.

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