My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4409

The evil dragon demon master who controls the body of the nine-headed demon mirage has almost the other powerful battle strength of the Great Principle Golden Immortal Peak Level, and the defensive power of the puppet’s body can be said to be against the sky. Unable to break open with normal Magical Powers.

On the basis of battle strength alone, the nine-headed mirage formed a crushing force on Shen Lang and Cangyue Saintess.

“Nine Songs Slaying Immortal Sword Formation!”

Just as the two were about to be swallowed and bombarded by black light, Shen Lang urged the Nine Songs Slaying Immortal Sword Formation.

“bang bang bang! ”

The nine mysterious lightsaber broke out and turned into a white sword shadow that covered the sky and the sun, and gathered into one after another sword shadow vortex.

In order to maximize the attack effect of the sword array, Shen Lang opened his mouth and spouted a mouthful of blood, not hesitating to consume his own blood essence and even Soul Power, to stimulate the ultimate move in the Nine Songs Slaying Immortal Sword array To the extreme.

“sword array, kill me!!!”

Shen Lang, who was furious and mad, finally played the complete formidable power of the nine Slaying Immortal Sword array.

The white sword shadow made by the nine-xuan division lightsaber merges and condenses with each other and turns into nine white sword shadow vortex. In the vortex, there seems to be infinite sword shadow spinning, swallowing, colliding, as if to tear Split the sky and destroy the earth!

Nine sword shadow vortex is arranged in a spiral shape, swept and shot out, exerting double formidable power.

“Dongdong dong!!!!”

The rumbling sound came again, the endless white sword shadow collided with the spreading black light, two strong Divine Ability intertwined power and shock.

In the end, it was Shen Lang who struck out the nine Slaying Immortal Sword array with all his strength to dominate!

The nine-wheel sword shadow vortex forcibly withstood the impact of the black light, like nine white scorching suns that kept spinning, violently attacking the body of the nine-headed mirage.


The eyes of the nine-headed mirage are full of incredible colors.

This kid can actually rely on Immortal Technique to break his own powerful blow? What exactly is Sword Array Magical Powers!

The nine-round sword shadow vortex came too fast, the nine-headed mirage was hit before it could react, and the huge body was instantly swallowed and swallowed by endless white light sword shadow.

“bang bang bang!”

The heavy rumbling sound made the sea of ​​blood all around. There was a big tsunami, huge waves surging into the sky, and sea water inverted. The scene was terrifying!

The energy impact caused by the fierce fighting between the two sides was very intense, but fortunately, it did not have the slightest impact on Resurrection Lily in the middle of the blood sea.

The sound of explosions continued for a long time.

Shen Lang didn’t have time to observe the situation of the nine-headed mirage. After landing to stabilize his figure, he continued to move towards the Resurrection Lily in the middle of the sea of ​​blood at the fastest speed and rushed over.

Cangyue Saintess, who reacted, also followed closely from behind.

Ten ten thousand meters, ten thousand meters, kilometers… Seeing Resurrection Lily close in front of him, Shen Lang took a leap again, this time successfully jumping into the heart of Resurrection Lily.

The heart of this giant Resurrection Lily is as empty as an open-air plaza, and the brilliant light beads made by divine blood hang just a few thousand meters above the heart of the flower, emitting brilliant and wonderful light. gosh.

Under the radiance of divine blood, a familiar breath penetrated into Shen Lang’s limbs, making him unable to help but beat up a shivered, feeling inexplicably sad.

Shen Lang is also sad for some reason, this feeling is beyond words.

“No, do the right thing first!”

Shen Lang forcibly get rid of the distracting thoughts in his mind, after taking a deep breath, he jumped up, and suddenly stuck out his right hand , Moved towards that brilliant light bead hanging in midair caught it!

Who knows, just at the crucial moment.

A huge black figure suddenly flashed over Shen Lang’s head, and the black figure let out a hoarse roar: “Human Race, dare to take my divine blood, dream! Divine blood is mine! , Don’t want to take it away!!!”

Along with the violent roar of shaking the sky, the nine-headed mirage actually appeared again.

Shen Lang couldn’t help taking a breath of cold in his heart.

It turned out that although the nine-headed mirage was repelled by Shen Lang’s Nine Slaying Immortal Sword array just now, he was not harmed at all because the defensive power of the puppet’s body was against the sky.

He almost came to Huaxin after Shen Lang.

This time, the nine-headed mirage benefited from its huge size. It jumped directly to the center of Huaxin, just above the divine blood, and took advantage of the opportunity to protrude the dragon head in the center.

The huge dragon head swiftly swept down, opened its mouth and fangs, moved towards the suspended divine blood like lightning and swallowed it away, a few points faster than Shen Lang.

“Not good!”

Seeing that the nine-headed magic mirage is about to swallow divine blood very quickly, Shen Lang turn pale with fright, the Asura pupil at the center of the eyebrow burst out suddenly The dark golden magic light of the bright sun.

Unfortunately, everything only happens in an instant.

Before Shen Lang showed the magic light of shadow, the dragon head in the center of the nine-headed mirage had swallowed a drop of divine blood in the air.

“no! !!!”

Shen Lang saw the nine-headed mirage swallowing divine blood into his mouth first, his face was instantly distorted, his emotions collapsed, and his mouth uttered Unwilling to roar like heartbreaking.

“ha ha ha!”

The nine-headed mirage laughed excitedly: “divine blood ……this Monarch finally got divine blood!!! ha ha ha , You two wastes, you still want to fight with me, it’s so ridiculous!

“evil creature, spit out the divine blood! “

Cangyue Saintess, who followed up, saw that the nine-headed mirage had swallowed divine blood into his abdomen, his emotions were completely out of control, and his pale pretty face showed a hideous color.

” Galaxy starburst! ! ! ”

Cangyue Saintess burned his blood soul power like a life-saving, expression almost madly drinking roar, burning the small universe to its limit, and rolling up a huge Star River universe behind him Satellites.

Look at the spoiler under the pen name, countless golden stars swept out from behind Saintess, burst and shattered, like a planetary explosion, with terrifying to extreme destructive energy moved towards Nine-Headed Magic Mirage. Kill away.

“bang bang bang!! ! “

There was a deafening roar and crackling, and the nine-headed mirage in ecstasy did not even evade, allowing Cangyue Saintess Divine Ability to hit her body and continue with the explosion. Laugh out loud.

The divine blood was taken away, Shen Lang felt a sense of despair at this moment, boundless anger rise in the mind, making him want to tear this triumphant nine-headed mirage into pieces !

“I… I must kill you today! ! ! “

Shen Lang’s eyes are bloodshot, his eyes are filled with incomparable anger, and his face is distorted to the extreme.

“Nine Slaying Immortal Sword array, kill! “

Shen Lang expelled several blood essence, once again spurring the ultimate move in the Nine Songs Slaying Immortal Sword formation.

Nine rounds of huge white sword shadow vortex above his head The high-speed rotation, the white sword shadow compressed to the extreme, reveals the infinite power of destroying heaven extinguishing earth, moved towards the nine-headed magic mirage on the top of the head.

“Boom! boom! boom! “

The violent explosion sound is like the collapse of Heaven and Earth, with the imposing manner of destroying heaven extinguishing earth, the light of the sky covers everything, as if to tear the sky apart!

The nine-headed demon mirage in the middle was shaken and flew out by the vortex of the nine-wheel sword shadow.

In the sound of the explosion, Shen Lang rolled up to the heavenly demon light, directly incarnation into Asura Demon God, and jumped out. Outside of Huaxin.

Shen Lang was almost swallowed by inexplicable anger, he even imagined that he could break his stomach and regain divine blood!

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