My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4411


Cangyue Saintess only hesitated for a moment, then agreed and entered Guang Heavenly Palace.

She didn’t want Shen Lang to be embarrassed. She believed that Shen Lang’s ingenuity should not make fun of her life.

Shen Lang did not linger for a moment, holding the miniature Heavenly Palace in his hand, moving towards the exploded area at the fastest speed, flew away, and began to look for divine blood all around in the sea of ​​blood, emotions Looks very excited.

He doesn’t know what’s wrong with him. He has a very strong obsession with the Resurrection Lily and divine blood. He has to make sure that the divine blood is safe and sound!

The previous explosion area has become a mess, all around is filled with a lot of space gaps and even Space Cracks.

Shen Lang did not hesitate to search all around at great risk, but still could not find the trace of divine blood.

At the same time, the collapse of the Formation of Will has further intensified.

The gap in the space surrounding the sea of ​​blood continued to expand, collapsed and distorted, and the entire space began to be swallowed by darkness, with no fingers in sight.

Shen Lang still seems unwilling to give up, but the platinum saint clothing on the surface of the condense has been torn apart by the force of the distorted space, and a large number of cracks have appeared on the surface of the saint clothing, and he has reached the edge of collapse.

The endless darkness seems to be about to swallow him, and the chaotic space makes Shen Lang’s brain dizzy.

As soon as Shen Lang was about to enter the Heavenly Palace, he saw a mysterious light floating in the darkness, like a light in the dark.

The light spot is very gorgeous, and the soft breath released makes Shen Lang feel very familiar, and even a touch of sadness is inexplicably born in his heart.

Shen Lang subconsciously stretched out his right hand, that mysterious light spot fell into the palm of Shen Lang’s right hand like spirituality, emitting a warm light.

Only this moment, it seems eternal.

No matter how the space all around is distorted or collapsed, this mysterious spot of light seems to protect itself, releasing one after another nine-color aperture, which can dissolve the strength that acts on itself of Space!

Shen Lang finally realized that this mysterious light spot to protect himself is the divine blood in the core of divine wood!

But what makes him feel incredible is why this drop of divine blood came to him on the initiative and protected himself?

Can’t figure it out, Shen Lang is too lazy to think.

With the saving ability brought by divine blood, Shen Lang is almost completely immune to the influence of strength of Space.

After just ten breaths, this piece of will Formation completely collapsed.

As the Will Formation collapsed, the core of Liuyue divine wood also began to explode.

“hong long! !!!”

The huge bright moon in the starry sky burst directly.

The loud noise shook people’s eardrums, and the dazzling nine-color light instantly covered everything in the starry sky, spreading to all directions like a monstrous tsunami, until it filled the entire starry sky.

The heavy crackling roars endlessly.

The originally gloomy starry sky was enveloped by the nine-color light pouring out after the bright moon exploded, which was particularly bright and dazzling, and it was full of nine-color glow everywhere.

Shen Lang is located in the center of the explosion. He only felt that his fleshy body was swallowed and swallowed by endless glare. The glare contained indescribable huge energy, which almost made him lose his five senses.

In a trance, I saw a golden light flashing before my eyes.

That golden light took Shen Lang out of the explosion area, and came to the edge of the starry sky Formation.

Shen Lang gradually regained his sobriety, and saw that this golden light on the side was turned by Xi Feng!

Xi Feng exudes a completely different temperament, with a layer of golden light lingering all over his body, and behind it is a illusory shadow of a handsome, long-haired young man, and the youth’s eyebrows are condensed and exudes brilliance. The Sun God pattern of golden light looks like a god!

The young illusory shadow behind him is not exactly Hou Yi.

Hou Yi’s willpower has previously been fused with the witch soul of Xi Feng within the body, and it can appear in the form of Hou Yi whenever necessary.

The “Xi Feng” in front of me is temporarily dominated by Hou Yi.

“I have seen Hou Yi Senior!”

Shen Lang was shocked and immediately bowed to salute.

“Heavenly chosen person, don’t need to be polite.”

The Hou Yi illusory shadow behind Xi Feng shook his head slightly, and then asked: “What happened to such an accident in this place? “

Shen Lang explained what happened just now, saying solemnly: “Although some accidents occurred on the way, but fortunately, divine blood was preserved.”

After that, Shen Lang stretched out the palm of his right hand, and there was a mysterious light bead floating in the palm, which was the drop of divine blood in the core of the divine wood.

“so that’s how it is.”

Hou Yi illusory shadow felt relieved, gazed deeply at the drop of divine blood in Shen Lang’s palm, slowly said: ” Since the divine blood is intact and everything is fine. Chosen one, you must first collect the divine blood, and I will take you out of this space.”

Shen Lang couldn’t help asking: “Hou Yi Senior, The core of Liuyue divine wood has been blown up, and we let the energy in the core escape. Is this… really okay?”

Hou Yi illusory shadow shook the head: “It’s okay. True Immortal Realm doesn’t have much time, and the star realm connected with it is about to usher in destruction.”

“The explosion of the divine wood core allows the energy originally stored in the core to flow into the star quickly. within the realm. Considering the end times are coming, this is not a bad thing.”

Hou Yi added.


Shen Lang is a little hard to accept this remark by Hou Yi.

Listening to Hou Yi’s tone, it seems that True Immortal Realm is completely hopeless. If this is the case, what is the meaning of being a chosen one?

“The Chosen One, I know you must have a lot of doubts in your mind. But the fighting outside is not over right now. After all the wars are over, I will talk to you in detail.”

Hou Yi at a moderate pace said.


Shen Lang solemnly hugged cup one fist in the other hand. He believed that Hou Yi would be able to answer his doubts.

Actually, Shen Lang wanted to ask Hou Yi about the mysteries of Su Ruoxue and Resurrection Lily.

Everything will wait until the end of the war.

This drop of divine blood in Shen Lang’s palm contains a huge amount of energy and cannot be stored in the storage ring. I had to put the divine blood into a treasure box and put it in my arms.

After doing these things, the Sun God pattern on the center of the eyebrows of Hou Yi illusory shadow releases a golden beam of brilliant sun, and the beam tears out a strange space channel in the starry sky formation.

After that, Xi Feng pulled Shen Lang up and entered this golden space channel.

next moment, the two of them were thrown away by space and came outside the divine wood of Liuyue.

Shen Lang floated to the ground, breathing the outside air again, his expression was quite shocked.

Being able to go back and forth to and from Liuyue divine wood so easily, Hou Yi must have a lot to do with this Liuyue clan.

Xi Feng also floated to the ground, the Hou Yi illusory shadow behind him has disappeared and returned to his normal state.

“Brother Shen, you can be regarded as coming out! Then the evil dragon demon Lord did not make any moths, right?”

Looking at Shen Lang appearing in front of him safe and sound, Xi Feng sighed in relief, knowing that Hou Yi Senior has successfully brought Shen Lang back.

“The Evil Dragon Demon Lord is dead, and there is no threat in Liuyue City. Brother Feng, I don’t know what the battlefield is like?” Shen Lang asked Xi Feng.

Xi Feng said solemnly: “All the great heavenly demons have been killed by me, and now the Liuyue tribe army is basically a stable victory!”

Shen Lang is grateful. The cup one fist in the other hand said: “Shen’s Liuyue clan, thanks to Brother Feng Xi for helping me!”

“Brother Shen, don’t want to break Xiu! Xi has done it in the past. I don’t know how to compensate for the countless mistakes, and it is not worthy of Brother Shen’s thanks.” Xi Feng said ashamed.

Shen Lang waved his hand: “There is no need to mention the old thing again. You and my brother can go hand in hand in the future! Without further ado, I will rush to the battlefield immediately to help the Moon Clan finish and annihilate. Demon Race army.”

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