My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4412


Xi Feng nodded complied.

Before going to the battlefield, Shen Lang did not forget to release the Cangyue Saintess in the Heavenly Palace.

Previously, Cangyue Saintess said that her Divine Soul had been integrated with Liuyue divine wood and could not be too far away from Liuyue divine wood, otherwise she would suffer serious backlash.

I saw Cangyue Saintess, who came out of the Heavenly Palace in Guangzhou, looked as usual and did not seem to suffer a backlash.

“Cangyue girl, we have left the divine wood of Liuyue, how do you feel?” Shen Lang asked worriedly.

Cangyue Saintess tried to feel one or two, and found that his soul body had been able to break away from the divine wood of Liuyue, he moved freely, and he couldn’t help showing surprise, and immediately responded to Shen Lang: “My Envoy Don’t worry, it seems that the core of the divine wood is destroyed. Cang Yue’s soul body seems to be no longer bound by the divine wood.”

“That’s fine.”

Hearing what Saintess Cangyue said, Shen Lang also sighed in relief and said: “The matter of divine wood, we should wait and discuss how to deal with it. Miss Cangyue may as well go with us to the battlefield first.”

“That’s what I mean.”

Cangyue Saintess is slightly nodded. As a patriarch of the Liuyue tribe, she is naturally an impatient who wants to protect clansman and destroy the enemy.

The three of them did not stay and rushed to the battlefield immediately.

The battle outside Liuyue City is nearing its end.

Since Xifeng wiped out all the great heavenly demons of the Blood Demon Race, Liuyue patriarch started to slaughter the senior officials of the Blood Demon Race wildly, and the battle became one-sided.

The fierce battle lasted for 2.5 minutes of time, and the Blood Demon Race army was defeated. The casualties quickly exceeded half, and the casualties continued to increase.

Shen Lang incarnation came to become Asura Demon God and joined the battlefield.

The three coppers of Asura Demon God spewed a beam of magic light from their mouths, and the army moved towards Blood Demon Race blasted wildly, slaughtering the Blood Demon Race army like a slaughter of pigs and dogs.

Xi Feng is also overlooked, and he smashes the giant axe and sets off the bloody blade hiding the sky and covering the earth, raging and killing the Blood Demon Race cultivator.

Cangyue Saintess is even more gorgeous, I saw her both hands forming seals, her body was condensed with the brilliance of the stars and the moon, and the starlight energy poured out from her body, turning into countless stardust spots. Attack on the Blood Demon Race cultivator in the battlefield.

“It’s Cangyue Saintess!”

“Saintess appears, my Liuyue clan will win!”

Several patriarchs in the battlefield were the first to notice the Liuyue patriarch Cang Yue Saintess, who smashed out of Liuyue City, was extremely emotional, and shouted loudly.

“The clansman of the clansman, follow this Saintess to annihilate the enemy!”

Cangyue Saintess yelled out, and continued to cast the starlight to extinction, endless starlight energy from her Pouring out from the petite body, it was as holy and dazzling as a divine residence.

“Annihilate the enemy!”

The Liuyue tribe army has noticed the shining stars and moon Saintess in the battlefield. The morale of the battlefield is greatly increased, and their mouths are extremely excited. voice!

Cangyue Saintess has not been present for hundreds of millions of years, and now suddenly appeared on the battlefield, the excitement of the clansman of the Liuyue tribe can be imagined.

Blood Demon Race cultivator Seeing that the patriarch of the Liuyue tribe, who had been muffling for a long time, suddenly appeared, and his patriarch, the evil dragon demon lord, disappeared, and his morale instantly dropped to freezing point.

Shen Lang, Xi Feng, and Cang Yue Saintess swept all the way, and no one could stop them.

The number of Blood Demon Race cultivator is declining almost at the speed that naked eye can see.

In just a few minutes, the Blood Demon Race was destroyed, all fighting intents were lost, and they fled westward.

“The Elder listened to the order, don’t let go of a living!”

Cangyue Saintess personally moved towards Liuyue patriarch and initiated the order.


The patriarch of all the elders took the lead, each leading a team to block the back of the battlefield to prevent the Blood Demon Race cultivator from escaping.

In the end, the Liuyue tribe army won with an overwhelming advantage, almost annihilating the entire Blood Demon Race and capturing a hundred senior Blood Demon Race.

In this way, the battle between Liuyue Clan and Blood Demon Race that lasted for over 1 billion years is finally over.

The Blood Demon Race army was almost completely annihilated, and the remnants left behind in the Blood Demon City are not worth mentioning. It is only a matter of time before the Blood Demon Race is controlled.

The 2 billion Liuyue tribe army has lost less than 200 million people, and the death rate is less than one-tenth, which is quite beautiful data.

It’s a pity that the Great Elder Star Remnant and the Guardian of the Windfall died in battle.

This is undoubtedly a huge loss for the Liuyue clan.

According to the custom of the Liuyue tribe, the first thing after the battle is not to celebrate the victory, but to bury the cultivator of the Liuyue tribe who died in the battle and pray.

Cangyue Saintess personally held a memorial ceremony, built a tombstone for the star remnant and Li Feng, and buried Li Feng’s bones and broken Qingping stick fragments under Liuyue divine wood. For clansman worship.

Among the Liuyue clan, only the clansman who had the Supreme credit to the Liuyue clan before his death is eligible to be buried under the Liuyue divine wood.

All the clansman of the Liuyue clan bowed down in front of the tombstones of Xing Can and Li Feng, and worshipped them devoutly.

Although Shen Lang is not from the Liuyue clan, he also knelt before the tombstone, admiring the spirit and character of the two who are willing to sacrifice themselves for the Liuyue clan.

The atmosphere at the scene seemed a bit solemn and serious.

After the ceremony was over, Cangyue Saintess respectfully moved towards Shen Lang and gave a polite ceremony, and solemnly said: “Thank you again, Lord Messenger, if it weren’t for Lord Messenger pulling strongly against a crazy tide , It’s impossible for my Liuyue clan to defeat Blood Demon Race so easily! The day when the Liuyue clan can have a big victory is all the credit of the messenger.”

“Yes, thanks to the messenger Lord by the strength of oneself, turn the tide of the battle, otherwise it will not be so easy for my Liuyue clan to defeat Blood Demon Race!”

“The kindness of the messenger, the Liuyue clan will never forget!”

Several Elders from the Liuyue clan also moved towards Shen Lang to express their gratitude.

“Thank you, my lord!”

Not only Cangyue Saintess and the patriarch of Liuyue, countless clansman of the Liuyue tribe also recognized Shen Lang’s credit, and clansman leaned forward. He gave a big gift, showing respect.

From the beginning of the formation of troops to the counterattack later, everything is in Shen Lang’s layout.

It was Shen Lang’s participation that made the Liuyue tribe win a big victory. If Shen Lang is not the coach of this battle, the casualties of the Liuyue tribe are definitely not so small, and can they even defeat the Blood Demon Race. Both are still two talks.

Seeing what everyone said, Shen Lang was quite embarrassed, and said: “You don’t have to be so polite. At first, it was also thanks to Saintess who looked at me, and Shen himself had a deep hatred with Demon Race, so he chose Help the Liuyue Clan, so you don’t need to raise Shen.”

“In fact, Shen is more willing to make friends with the Liuyue Clan than the Astral Envoy, so you don’t have to call me in the future. For the messenger, everyone should treat it as their own. If the Liuyue clan has any difficulties in the future, Shen can not refuse to define it!”

Shen Lang’s hearty words dispelled the solemn atmosphere of the scene.

This remark said it was low-key, but it made the clansman of the Liuyue clan at the scene have a more favorable impression of Shen Lang. I only felt that the messenger was really approachable.

Cangyue Saintess chuckled. She likes Shen Lang’s unique temperament, which is free and unconstrained. She smiled and said: “The Cang Yue generation Liuyue clan thanks Brother Shen, but Brother Shen This astral messenger still has to be, otherwise Changyue will not be able to deal with Old Ancestor.”

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