My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4413

Listening to Cangyue Saintess’s words, Shen Lang was rather helpless. It seemed that the title of Astral Envoy could not be shaken off.

After this great battle, Shen Lang’s name spread throughout the Liuyue clan, and was highly respected and respected by clansman.

After Cangyue Saintess explained some post-war matters, he took the initiative to invite Shen Lang and Xi Feng to the observation platform to discuss matters.

At present, the core of divine wood is destroyed, which has a significant impact on the star realm. We really need to discuss a countermeasure.

Come to the viewing platform.

Cangyue Saintess has laid a layer of sound insulation and isolation from the Formation of Divine Consciousness.

Shen Lang immediately took out a treasure box from the storage ring and gave it to Cang Yue Saintess, and solemnly said: “Cang Yue girl, the divine blood obtained from the core of divine wood is in Inside this treasure box. Just now there were many people with complicated eyes, and it was not easy to show people. Now it is considered to be able to return to the original owner, Miss Cang Yue must put it away.”

Look at the jade box handed over by Shen Lang. Cangyue Saintess took a deep breath. She knew how important divine blood is to the Liuyue clan, but she did not accept it in the first time. Instead, she said in a straightforward manner: “Brother Shen, even if you return the divine blood now, we will The moon clan can’t display the ability of divine blood. It’s better to… let you take care of this divine blood.”

Shen Lang saw the struggling color in Cang Yue Saintess’s eyes, and said in a firm tone. “Cangyue girl does not have to test Shen. Shen is definitely not a sacred relic. Divine blood is your sacred relic. If Shen seizes divine blood, wouldn’t she become thankless wretch? Cangyue girl, anyway. , You have to take back this divine blood!” After that, Shen Lang forcibly stuffed the treasure box into the hands of Cang Yue Saintess.

Everyone knows what divine blood means.

Getting divine blood means having unlimited possibilities! Not to mention the extraordinary innate talent like Shen Lang.

Seeing that Shen Lang could not be tempted by divine blood and voluntarily hand it back. Cangyue Saintess admired his temperament very much, and invisibly trusted Shen Lang even more, said resolutely: “Brother Shen, you It’s the messenger of the stars. As for the ownership of divine blood, let Hou Yi Senior decide.”

After that, Cangyue Saintess turned his gaze to Xi Feng.

Xi Feng hugged her cup one fist in the other hand, and then her eyes suddenly appeared golden light, and Hou Yi’s illusory shadow appeared again behind her, and there was a Sun God pattern on the center of her eyebrows. The deep golden divine light, dazzling!

Hou Yi’s spirit willpower once again occupied Xi Feng’s consciousness.

Cangyue Saintess is awe-inspiring and respectful moved towards Hou Yi illusory shadow behind Xi Feng. Deep carried out ceremony: “Junior Cangyue, I have seen Hou Yi Senior.”

Shen Lang had previously told Cangyue Saintess all kinds of news about Xi Feng and Hou Yi.

“Lioyue patriarch, what you see is just a ray of spirit will power that’s all, you don’t need to be polite.”

Hou Yi illusory shadow shook his head calmly.

Cangyue Saintess’s star shining, cup one fist in the other hand said: “Hou Yi Senior, you are the Revered Master of Saint Ancestor, and you are also the Ancestral Master of Cangyue. No matter what you use The form of existence in the world deserves the high respect of all beings in the star realm. Cang Yue can see the Ancestral Master, it is really fortunate for the three lives!”

Hou Yi illusory shadow said with emotion: “No wonder that your bloodline is special. It turned out to be the descendant of Star River Fellow Daoist.”

Shen Lang was taken aback for a moment, and then asked in surprise: “Cangyue girl, you just said that Hou Yi Senior is the Reverted Master of Star River Old Ancestor? “

Cang Yue Saintess slightly nodded, explaining slightly apologetically: “Sorry Brother Shen, before Cang Yue couldn’t believe that Hou Yi Senior could reappear in the world, so he didn’t tell Saint in person. The relationship between Ancestor and Hou Yi Senior.”

“Now, it turns out that Brother Shen is right. Now that Hou Yi Senior has appeared, Cang Yue has no worries in her heart. Lord Divine Ancestor did in the past. I was an Ancestral Master of my Liuyue Clan.”

Shen Lang was shocked. It’s no wonder that the Star River Old Ancestor was able to get the blood of Hou Yi, and he was also regarded as the Ancestral Master of Hou Yi. Blood poured out the stars of Sagittarius, it turns out that Hou Yi is actually the Master of Star River Old Ancestor!

Hou Yi illusory shadow said frankly: “I am not so much a master and disciple relationship with Star River Fellow Daoist, but rather a both teacher and friend.”

“Back then, I visited Star Realm, and Star River Fellow Daoist have a good time and we talked very happily. The two of me talked about Magical Powers.”

“Maybe Star River Fellow Daoist from I have learned a few crude Magical Powers. I want to worship me as my teacher that’s all, but it’s not worth mentioning. After that, the two of me will still be friends.” Hou Yi illusory shadow said, shaking his head.

The more Hou Yi said this, the more Cang Yue Saintess felt that this Ancestral Master was deep and unmeasurable, and that he could allow Saint Ancestor to take the initiative to apprentice. It can only show that Hou Yi’s cultivation base at the time has reached even Saint. The realm that Ancestor is impressed by!

Shen Lang can also feel the power of Hou Yi in Hou Yi’s casually words.

Cangyue Saintess is both awe and worship, cautiously asked: “I don’t know how Hou Yi Senior entered the astral world back then? As far as the juniors know, if there is no key to the astral door, the outside world There is no way for a cultivator to enter the gate of the astral world.”

Hou Yi neither fast nor slow said: “The memory of my willpower is incomplete, but I only vaguely remember that I was looking for a Hidden land of peace and prosperity, far away from disputes, visited the dome of Sacred Domain and unintentionally saw the existence of other worlds.”

“At that time, I did not know that other worlds were the four small worlds. The star realm in the middle of the world tried to open the star realm with external force, but failed countless times. The seal at the entrance of the star realm was very obscure and strong. Even the Eastern Emperor Jun and the Twelve Ancestral Witch of the year might not be able to break this seal with external force. .”

“In order to find a way to break the seal, I closed the dome of the Sacred Domain for a hundred years, and finally realized the law of the astrology, and by the power of the astrology, I happened to open the door of the astral world.”


Listening to Hou Yi’s words, Shen Lang and Cang Yue Saintess were speechless in shock.

Only relying on your own comprehend Law Power, you can forcibly open the gate of the astral world… Is this Heaven Defying Level and other innate talents really something that a cultivator can have?

Shen Lang swallowed, finally he can feel the feeling of Xing Tian once before, Hou Yi is really the unique Heaven’s Chosen Son in Immortal World!

Hou Yi continued: “After entering the star realm, I initially had some conflicts with Star River Fellow Daoist, but fortunately, we resolved the misunderstanding. Star River Fellow Daoist and I also became close friends and agreed I will settle down in the star boundary in the future.”

“The reason why I found the star realm back then was mainly to find a place where I could retreat from the world with Xiyue. The star realm was very good. Unfortunately… After I left the star realm, I realized that Xiyue had been executed by Dijun. This can be considered fortune plays with people.”

Hou Yi sighed.

Feeling the loneliness in Hou Yi’s words, Cangyue Saintess and Shen Lang were silent.

After Hou Yi was silent for a while, he said resolutely: “My spirit willpower cannot be revealed frequently. If you have any questions, just ask.”

Yue Saintess was slightly nodded and asked directly: “Hou Yi Senior, now the core of Liuyue divine wood has collapsed, is there any remedy?”

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