My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4414

Hou Yi shook his head and said: “There is no need to remedy it. Now there are only more than 700,000 years left before the destruction of Immortal World. Once Immortal World is destroyed, the star realm will be drained of energy sooner or later. .”

“After the core of the divine wood is destroyed, the energy originally stored in the core will continue to overflow from the astral ground, allowing the astral to gain huge energy in a short time.”

“The Liuyue clan can take this opportunity to quickly increase cultivation base, and be fully prepared before the real catastrophe comes.” Hou Yi said solemnly.

Shen Lang was puzzled, cup one fist in the other hand asked: “Hou Yi Senior, why do you always think that Immortal World will be destroyed? Is everything I do not stop Immortal World Destroyed?”

Hou Yi said frankly: “The destruction of Immortal World is irreversible. Since the destruction of the Stars Great Array on Sunday and the collapse of the seal world, Immortal World has been exposed to the huge Threatening.”

“It can be seen from the rapid passing of interface energy after the War of Extinction that the energy of the entire Immortal World may be being sucked away by other realms. According to the records in the Book of Prophecy, Immortal World is bound to be destroyed!”

“Before the final battle of Lich’s Great Tribulation, I once returned to the star realm. At that time, Star River Fellow Daoist had already got a glimpse of the contents of the book of prophecy. Thanks, I also learned about the destruction of Immortal World in the Book of Prophecy.”

“It is already impossible to prevent the destruction of Immortal World. But I guess that destruction does not mean all living. The demise of creatures probably refers to the collapse of the original interface.”

“Since the destruction cannot be prevented, then a new world can only be established, hoping that the Immortal World can be reborn after destruction! As long as the fire is left behind , Immortal World may not be able to be reborn.”

Hearing this, Cangyue Saintess and Shen Lang are both bright.

Shen Lang was still a little confused and couldn’t help but ask: “This…how do I do it specifically?”

Hou Yi shook his head and said: “No one has ever experienced Immortal I can’t point you to the scene of World’s destruction. But when you think of the four great ancestors of the Hunyuan era, you can build the four small realms. As the last chosen one, you may not be able to rebuild Immortal World!”

Although Hou Yi’s words are very reasonable, Shen Lang is still confused.

Is it possible to rebuild Immortal World?

Compared with being a chosen one, he just wants to protect the people around him. This pressure is really too great.

Hou Yi seemed to see what Shen Lang was thinking, and said: “The Chosen One, you don’t have to bear this pressure forcibly. No matter when and where, you only need to improve yourself.”

“If you someday reach a height that any True Immortal can’t reach. Maybe everything is no longer a problem for you!”

Listen to Hou Yi. In other words, Shen Lang seems to be inspired.

Yes, I’ve walked along the way, I don’t know how many times I’ve been confused, not when the boat gets to the pier-head, it will go straight with the current.

Rather than setting the goal of illusory, it is better to improve yourself step by step, even if you cannot protect this innumerable living beings, at least you can protect the people you value.

Until now, Saintess Cangyue felt the pressure Shen Lang was under, and instantly felt that the way of survival between himself and the Liuyue clan was too small compared to Shen Lang’s responsibilities. There is no reason to monopolize divine blood.

Cangyue Saintess bit her thin lip and asked: “Hou Yi Senior, I wonder if this drop of divine blood in the core of Liuyue’s divine wood will help Brother Shen?”

Hou Yi said resolutely: “This drop of divine blood of Liuyue divine wood contains infinite energy. If part of it can be used by this chosen one, it can help him obtain Supreme good fortune to deal with the threats he faces.”

“Apart from this, divine blood can also help you, the Liuyue patriarch, practice the technique of’removing the soul’ to the Great Success Realm. Then you can make the divine wood part of your body. This can better protect the star realm.”

Hou Yi’s words refer to Shen Lang and Cangyue Saintess respectively, which shocked their hearts.

“Hou Yi Senior means…this divine blood can be absorbed and used by Miss Cang Yue?” Shen Lang asked.

Hou Yi said solemnly: “You are only half right. Even the fallen True God, the power contained in a drop of blood cannot go against one’s own will. If you forcefully absorb divine blood, it is extremely It is easy to suffer from divine blood backlash, which leads to the destruction of the gods.”

Shen Lang and Cangyue Saintess looked at each other and couldn’t help thinking of the tragic experience of the evil dragon demon lord. reform.

Swipe my pen name and analyze the secrets of Founder Demon. Previously, the evil dragon demon king, who was incarnation as a nine-headed mirage, had a delusion to swallow divine blood and gain energy, but was backlashed by divine blood and ended up in an explosion.

“Although you cannot absorb divine blood to directly gain power, you can use the power of divine blood to gain some powerful abilities.”

Speaking of which, Hou Yi glanced at Shen Lang, said: “The Chosen One, you should have also sensed it. This drop of divine blood can actively protect you and prove that you are very recognized.”

“If divine blood can merge with your soul, or It is permitted to protect your soul body from harm. Based on this, you can continue to gain the power of the Sagittarius star sealed by the soul within the body!”

“The Sagittarius in your soul body The constellation stars have poured the blood of my generation and absorbed countless astrological energy, which contains incomparably powerful power. If divine blood can make your soul body contain the infinite power of the Sagittarius stars, you can continue to absorb the energy of the stars , It can greatly improve its own cultivation base battle strength in a short time.”

Hou Yi patiently explained that it sounds a bit complicated, but Shen Lang understands it.

As early as when he was in the Sagittarius house of Sacred Domain, the Sagittarius star was sealed in the body of the Sagittarius by Meteor. Meteor said that he could not control this with his own cultivation base. A star in Sagittarius.

Once the seal of the stars of Sagittarius is forcibly released, all the energy contained in the stars must be injected into the golden arrow within a very short time, otherwise the soul of one’s fleshy body will be unable to carry it. The huge energy exploded and died.

Of course, if all the energy contained in this Sagittarius star can be condensed in the golden arrow, the burst of formidable power is even comparable to the small-scale Star Domain skylight, which is enough to kill all foreign enemies and even Powerful Dao Ancestor Tianzun!

Unfortunately, Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning seems to have calculated this, and took the Golden Arrow hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Shen Lang only holds the Golden Arrow Artifact Spirit in his hand, unable to play the power of the Sagittarius star.

Without the body of the Golden Arrow, the Sagittarius star sealed in the soul of Shen Lang within the body can only be used as a deterrent and has no substantial use.

Hou Yi means to fuse divine blood with Shen Lang’s soul body.

With the blessing of divine blood, even if the seal of the Sagittarius star is unlocked, Shen Lang’s soul body can contain the power of the Sagittarius star, and will not explode and die.

In this way, Shen Lang can absorb the power of the Sagittarius stars wantonly and strengthen himself!

For Shen Lang, this is undoubtedly a great luck.

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