My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4415

Before Shen Lang could speak, Cang Yue Saintess got excited and couldn’t help asking: “Hou Yi Senior, you have a way to integrate this divine blood into Brother Shen’s soul In the body?”

Hou Yi frankly said: “If my generation is allowed to cast spells, at least 70 to 80% can be assured. After all, the Sagittarius star of the Chosen within the body is still flowing. With the blood of my generation, I can roughly control the energy flow of this star, and try to keep it in a balanced state to avoid damaging the fleshy body due to restlessness.”

Shen Lang turned his eyes to Cang Yue Saintess, frowns saying: “Cangyue girl, this divine blood is after all your Liuyue clan, I have what skills and abilities……” Before he could finish, Cangyue Saintess interrupted. :”Brother Shen is both the messenger of the stars and the savior of the world. Naturally, he is virtuous and capable! Instead of putting this divine blood in the Liuyue clan for unknown reasons, it is better to devote it to Brother Shen for use.”

“If Brother Shen gets a great good fortune in the future, my Liuyue clan can also follow it.” Cangyue Saintess’s delicate and flawless face showed a smile.

Shen Lang felt a little ashamed to see Cang Yue Saintess so happy.

“You two don’t have to argue about this, divine blood, you can get half of it!”

Hou Yi suddenly said.


As soon as these words came out, Shen Lang and Cangyue Saintess were slightly surprised.

Hou Yi turned his gaze to Shen Lang and said bluntly: “The Chosen One, if divine blood is to fuse with your soul, your fleshy body strength must bring it up a level, otherwise you will still be unable to bear it. The huge star energy flow within the body bursts into death.”

“Even if your fleshy body strength is qualified, you can only fuse half a drop of divine blood. Just because the energy contained in divine blood is too large Based on your Soul Power, it’s the limit to be able to fuse half a drop of divine blood.”

After that, Hou Yi looked towards Cang Yue Saintess and said: “The remaining half drop of divine blood can be For your Liuyue patriarch to use. You have cultivation the technique of moving the soul to the tree, and the soul body has been integrated with the Liuyue divine wood. Because of the insufficient cultivation base and poor strength, you can’t control the Liuyue divine wood.”

“If your soul and body can integrate half a drop of divine blood, and use Liuyue divine wood as a container, you can use divine blood as the driving force to completely control the flow of Divine wood.”

“Control the flow The divine wood means that you can get many good abilities. In addition to being able to the Shouhu Star world, you can also help the heavenly choosers when necessary!”

Hou Yi’s proposal made Shen Lang and Cangyue Saintess found it acceptable.

Divine blood can make the best use of it for both, and everyone is happy.

“Just wait for the two of you to be ready, I can help you wait for the integration of divine blood at any time.” Hou Yi said sternly.

Cangyue Saintess doesn’t need to prepare, he can let Hou Yi cast a spell to fuse divine blood at any time.

Shen Lang has nodded pain. He also knows that his fleshy body strength is insufficient, but if he wants to cultivate an Inextinguishable Golden Body, he still lacks the key material of “divine wood vine”.

As for this difficulty, Shen Lang didn’t hide it, but said it directly.

Learning that the so-called divine wood vines are the roots of Heaven and Earth spirit seeds over 1 billion years old, Cangyue Saintess’s eyes lit up and said: “Brother Shen, you are really asking the right person. Liu The Moon Clan actually had the habit of planting Heaven and Earth Spirit Seeds before the Battle of the World.”

“Although almost all of the Spirit Seeds were destroyed in the flames of war, there were still a few in the clan. Complete spirit seeds, including spirit seeds more than 1 billion years old, should be available to Brother Shen!”

Shen Lang was overjoyed: “This is really good! Many thanks Miss Changyue, Shen Someone is willing to exchange items of the same value.”

Cangyue Saintess shook his head and said: “It’s just a rhizome. What kind of rare things can’t be considered can be given to Brother Shen.”

“Shen Mou can get half a drop of divine blood from the Liuyue Clan, already feels ashamed. Miss Cangyue has to agree to Shen’s request anyway!”

Shen Lang’s attitude is quite tough, and Cang Yue Saintess had to agree.

Many problems were solved, and the two were in a good mood.

The Hou Yi illusory shadow behind Xi Feng began to become illusory, and moved towards Shen Lang instructed: “The Chosen One, after your fleshy body strength is qualified, my generation will help you integrate divine blood. .”

“Okay, time is running out for my appearance this time. What questions do you have at the end? Ask them soon!”

Shen Lang hearing this, Take out a jade box from the storage ring immediately.

Open the jade box, and there is a scarlet as blood Resurrection Lily in the box, with dots of blood light on the surface, gorgeous and weird.

This is exactly the Resurrection Lily left behind when Su Ruoxue soared.

Previously in Liuyue divine wood core will Formation, Shen Lang saw exactly the same Resurrection Lily, set off that drop of True God’s Blood, and was very curious about the relationship between the two.

Shen Lang did not hide it, and told Hou Yi all kinds of news about Su Ruoxue.

“Hou Yi Senior has a wide range of knowledge, do you know the origin of this Resurrection Lily? I have seen the same Resurrection Lily in the divine blood before, within the realm. Who is the owner of that drop of divine blood in the core?”

Shen Lang asked questions one after another, respectfully.

If you can know the origin of this Resurrection Lily, you might be able to trace Su Ruoxue’s clues.

Hou Yi said truthfully: “I don’t know the origin of this Resurrection Lily, but what is certain is that the Resurrection Lily in your hand is not something of Immortal World, and it exudes weird energy, unlike It is something that grows naturally, a bit similar to the product of the power of will…”

“The power of will?”

Shen Lang startled, when Su Ruoxue soared back then, it was only talented Great Ascension Peak, how can power of will be born?

“The memory of my spirit willpower is incomplete. I cannot identify the source of this power, so I cannot answer your first question. But the divine blood master you mentioned, I can Try to answer you.”

“The owner of this drop of divine blood is not Pangu, most likely the owner of’Demon Domain’ or’Ghost Domain’!” Hou Yi illusory shadow said solemnly .


Shen Lang startled.

Cang Yue Saintess beside her also showed a surprised look.

“Demon Domain, Ghost Domain…I don’t know where these two realms are?” Shen Lang asked with a shocked face.

Hou Yi at a moderate pace said: “Actually, I learned about this alien world after talking to Star River Fellow Daoist a few years ago.”

“Star River Fellow Daoist once said that the Star Domain where Immortal World is located is vast. There are nine realms in this Star Domain.”

“The nine realms are : Divine Realm, Deity Domain, Heaven Domain, Heaven Outer Domain, Demon Domain, Demon Domain, Ghost Domain, Human Domain, Soul Domain.”

“The nine realms also have levels of each other, Divine Realm And Tianyu is the superior realm, Deity and Tianwaiyu are intermediate realms, Demon Domain, Demon Realm, Ghost Domain, Human Realm, Soul Realm, etc. are all lower realms.”

“The so-called True Immortal Realm is the human domain in the nine realms! Some Peak powerhouses of Demon Domain also call Immortal World cultivator as human domain cultivator.”

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