My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4416

“The Nine Realms…”

It was the first time that Shen Lang heard what the Nine Realms said, and he was very shocked.

Cangyue Saintess only knows that the Demon Race that entered the True Immortal Realm in the Battle of Demon is a force from the Demon Domain, and he does not know that there are other realms, and his expression is quite surprised.

“Although the nine realms are in the same Star Domain, they are very far apart from each other. Generally speaking, there will be no intersection between the realms and the realms. Unless it is a realm master who is cultivation to True God Boundary, he has the ability to travel through the realm.”

“In the past, the Star River Fellow Daoist once said that Pangu, the master of Immortal World, has a deep hatred with other realm owners. , Was finally punishable! And the murderer who killed the Ancient Boundary Lord may be the Lord of Demon Domain or Ghost Domain.” Hou Yi said solemnly.

Hearing this, Shen Lang couldn’t help feeling shaken.

Once in the depths of hell, Emperor Monarch Eastflower’s Divine Soul had the same guess.

The landlord who cultivation to True God Boundary is almost impossible to die unexpectedly. There is only one possibility of True God’s fall, which is to be killed by other True God!

Shen Lang couldn’t help asking: “Dare to ask Hou Yi Senior, how can you be sure that the death of the Lord Ancient Boundary was the work of the Lord of Demon Domain and Ghost Domain?”

Hou Yi said resolutely: “What I said is based on my own or Star River Fellow Daoist’s conjecture. I can’t assert the truth of the matter.”

“The reason I guess is from Demon Domain or Ghost Domain Realm Lord, because the closest realm to Human Realm is Demon Domain and Ghost Domain. The other realms are too far away to have any conflict of interest with Immortal World.”

Shen Lang Asked: “Since the seal world chart of Immortal World shattered, the Demon Domain forces have been coveting Immortal World. Is the probability of the Demon Domain owner as the murderer the greatest?”

Hou Yi shook the head, said: “Things are not as simple as you think. Immortal World is threatened, but not only Demon Domain. Star River Fellow Daoist once mentioned that the catastrophe in the Hunyuan era was not caused by Demon Domain, but with Ghost Domain has a great relationship!”

“The catastrophe of the Hunyuan era? What kind of catastrophe it is?”

Shen Lang became more curious in his heart.

Hou Yi frowns saying: “The Star River Fellow Daoist back then was not a cultivator who had experienced the Hunyuan era, so he knew very little about it. He just happened to hear that Goddess of the Star mentioned it and couldn’t explain the catastrophe. What is it, but it is indeed related to Ghost Domain.”

“In addition, it is said that the four small realms were established because of the disaster in the Hunyuan era. Perhaps we should ask Goddess, the star who created the star realm. To get the answer.”

Shen Lang’s expression is a bit embarrassing and helpless. The four true ancestors have been silenced in the Hunyuan era, and impossible still exists in the world.

He found that whenever he wanted to dig out these mysteries, things became more complicated and confusing.

Shen Lang felt distressed for a while, and he was too lazy to think about it. He already understood what Hou Yi meant.

In addition to Pangu, True God that has appeared in True Immortal Realm has a high probability of being the master of Demon Domain or Ghost Domain.

So this drop of divine blood from Liuyue divine wood is probably left by the master of Demon Domain or Ghost Domain.

As for the origin of divine blood, Shen Lang didn’t want to worry about it anymore. He just wanted to know whether this drop of divine blood had anything to do with Su Ruoxue. He immediately asked: “Hou Yi Senior, since my wife is staying The Resurrection Lily below is exactly the same as the Resurrection Lily in the Divine Blood Will Formation. Does it mean that the owner of the divine blood in the divine wood is related to my beloved wife?”

Hou Yi Da He stared at Shen Lang intently, a trace of grave expression flashed in his eyes, and then he shook his head: “Can’t judge. Just the appearance is the same, and it can’t prove the relationship between the two parties. It can only show that the Resurrection Lily is big. Probability is something in another world.”

After hearing this reply, Shen Lang sighed in relief inexplicably.

Whenever I explore Su Ruoxue’s clues step by step, I always feel that Su Ruoxue is getting farther and farther away from him. Shen Lang dislikes this feeling very much and even feels a trace of fear.

He has not forgotten the weird dream that he had during the 100,000 years of being in a coma on the Great Saint Peak.

The black haired youth wearing a sheep skull mask in the dream stretched out his hand and twisted the neck of the woman in the blood skirt who looked like Su Ruoxue.

This dream is buried deep in his heart. He often remembers that Shen Lang doesn’t know what the black haired youth’s so-called prompt means.

He can vaguely feel that there are many secrets hidden in Su Ruoxue, and he is very worried that Su Ruoxue will be in danger.

Shen Lang tried his best not to think about it, and continued to ask: “I wonder if Junior can still leave the star realm?”

Hou Yi indifferently said: “You want to leave the star realm But it is not difficult. The Seven Stars on the astral dome is the key to the astral door. As long as you can absorb the Seven Stars, you can turn it into the key to the astral door.”

” You can use the Sagittarius stars of the soul within the body for your own use, and cultivation out of the small universe, it is not difficult to absorb the Seven Stars. At that time, I will guide you how to do it.” Hou Yi added.

“Thank you Hou Yi Senior!”

Shen Lang’s eyes lit up and he finally heard good news!

After I have completed the Inextinguishable Golden Body, all the problems seem to be solved.

Soon, Hou Yi illusory shadow began to lighten and darken, becoming more illusory, and intermittently said: “The Chosen One, this time is here, if you have other questions, wait Let’s ask again.”

The fusion of Hou Yi’s spirit willpower and Xi Feng’s spirit willpower within the body is not yet complete. Although you can freely transform your self-consciousness, you can’t maintain it for a long time. The consciousness of the deity of Xi Feng is dominated.


Shen Lang respectfully moved towards Hou Yi illusory shadow deeply carried out ceremony.

Cangyue Saintess also gave a courtesy.

Next moment, Hou Yi illusory shadow disappeared completely, turned into a ball of golden light and returned to Xi Feng within the body.

Xi Feng’s consciousness returned to normal.

The three exchanged a few words briefly.

The war has ended, and the Liuyue clan is no longer threatened, and Cangyue Saintess can start preparing for the integration of divine blood.

She consumes a lot of money and plans to rest for a few days before integrating divine blood.

Xi Feng is also preparing to meditate for a few days, so that Hou Yi’s spirit willpower is completely integrated with his within the body’s spirit willpower.

Shen Lang can take advantage of the rest period of the two to quickly cultivate into a golden Saint Physique, so as to meet the requirements of divine blood.

Cangyue Saintess asked Shen Lang and Xi Feng to live in the Liuyue clan temporarily, and sent a sound transmission talisman to inform the clan Elder to arrange a secluded accommodation for them.

Most areas of Liuyue City were destroyed by war and are being rebuilt.

There are still some buildings in the Northern Part of City that have not been damaged. Shen Lang and Xi Feng are temporarily living in a tower-shaped attic in the Northern Part of City.

Cangyue Saintess sent someone to send the Heaven and Earth spirit seed rhizomes from the Liuyue clan’s collection to Shen Lang’s residence.

This section of the Heaven and Earth Spirit Seed rhizomes sent here has exceeded 1 billion years, which is in full compliance with the description of “divine wood vine” in the Nine Zhuan Dao Sutra.

Shen Lang, who got the “divine wood vine”, was overjoyed and immediately began cultivation Inextinguishable Golden Body.

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