My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4417

Shen Lang and Le Feier confessed a few words, and then entered the Heavenly Palace in a hurry.

Le Fei’er stayed outside the Heavenly Palace in Guangxi, protecting the law for Shen Lang.

The original Inextinguishable Golden Body method can be cultivated in Heaven Encompassing Exalted Immortal Peak Realm. It was only due to Shen Lang’s delay in collecting the materials and it was delayed until now.

Now that the materials are ready, with his Great Principle Golden Immortal’s cultivation base, the Inextinguishable Golden Body is almost a matter of where water flows, a canal is formed.

Shen Lang, Guang-Heavenly Palace, after a few days of meditation and rest, when Essence, Qi, and Spirit return to a better state, it is the beginning of the cultivation Inextinguishable Golden Body.

It is not so much cultivation, as it is to refining one’s own fleshy body to the realm of “Inextinguishable Golden Body”.

The whole chapter of the Nine Zhuan Dao Sutra talks about how to use the fleshy body of the cultivator as a magic weapon to forge refining, and the Inextinguishable Golden Body is no exception.

Inextinguishable Golden Body, as the method of the second part of the 4th floor of the Nine Zhuan Dao Sutra, still uses Saint Physique as the base, supplemented by new materials to continue forging and strengthening the fleshy body, further strengthening the firmness of the fleshy body , While greatly improving the recovery ability of Fleshy body.

The steps of refining Inextinguishable Golden Body are quite similar to that of Saint Physique, that is, using a powerful flame to burn the nine turns of the fleshy body soul within the body to a “semi-melted” state , And then fused Heavenly Jade star sand, divine wood vine, mysterious yellow iron, Tianhe spirit milk and other materials with his own fleshy body Divine Soul and even the nine-turn Dharma seal, and then use the energy provided by the original stone to stabilize the soul fleshy body and the nine-turn Dharma seal.

Among them, Heavenly Jade star sand is used to strengthen the flesh, the divine wood vine is used to strengthen the meridian, the black yellow iron is used to strengthen the skeleton, and the Tianhe spirit milk is used to strengthen the Spirit Transformation soul.

Shen Lang has many times of refining fleshy body experience, and this time he did not feel any pressure.

He easily took out the Da Ri furnace from the storage ring, then took off his clothes, entered the Da Ri furnace, and sealed the lid.

Shen Lang, who was in the Great Sun Furnace, took out the Fire Point Spear, causing the Fire Point Spear to release a large amount of Stellar Fire, which filled the Great Sun Furnace.

“bang bang bang!”

The star fire released by the fire-tip spear surging like a raging wave in the furnace of the sun.

Shen Lang was bathed in the hot star fire, gritted his teeth and endured the intense pain caused by the burning of the Stellar Fire.

Due to the substantial increase in his own cultivation base, Shen Lang wants to burn his body with Stellar Fire, which takes a lot of time.

After enduring the indescribable pain for several days, Shen Lang’s fleshy body was finally burned into a red-hot shape by the Stellar Fire in the Sun Furnace, like a hot soldering iron, the soul body The seal of the Nine Turns in the fleshy body also began to melt and loosen.

When the fleshy body reached the critical point of melting, Shen Lang took out dozens of kilograms of Heavenly Jade star sand prepared in advance and swallowed it into his belly in one breath!

Then Shen Lang tried his best to control the Heavenly Jade star sand swallowed into his abdomen, rushing into the flesh and blood of his limbs.

The process lasted several hours. Shen Lang evenly blended dozens of kilograms of Heavenly Jade star sand into the flesh and blood of his body, and burned it with Stellar Fire to completely melt and be compatible with flesh and blood.

Several hours later, Shen Lang completed this step of fusing Heavenly Jade star sand, and the flesh and blood of the whole body began to burst out with a bright starlight, gorgeous and profound.

After that, Shen Lang took out the divine wood vine, calcined it into a green juice, and swallowed it directly.

Shen Lang cautiously controls the sap of the divine wood vines, blends it into its meridian, and secures it with the Nine Turns Seal!

The veins and blood vessels that absorbed the divine wood vine sap released incomparable life force. Shen Lang’s meridian flashed with cyan ray, and he fully controlled the circulation of his own blood to the refined meridian. Infinite cycle, until the divine wood vine completely merges with meridian and becomes a part of one’s own body.

In this way, Shen Lang completed the 2nd Step again.

Third Step is the fusion of the black iron and the whole body skeleton, which is similar to the previous two steps, but the pain to bear is much more intense than the previous two steps!

Shen Lang took out the black yellow iron, calcined it with Stellar Fire for seven days and seven nights, turned it into a large amount of golden iron juice, and then swallowed it into the abdomen.

“chi chi chi!”

The molten black iron iron madly destroyed Shen Lang’s body, and Shen Lang’s body instantly became pale-gold.

The pain was so intense that he couldn’t stop screaming, and his mouth, nose and ears were oozing hot blood mixed with traces of gold, which was terrible.

Shen Lang restrained the pain and tried his best to run the nine-turn Dharma seal within the body.

With the assistance of the Nine Turns Method Seal, the skeletons of Shen Lang’s body are rapidly absorbing the molten black iron, and the hot black iron is absorbed by the body’s skeleton.

The whole process can be called hell-like torture. Shen Lang was suffering from suffocating hot energy, his body was unstoppable trembling and spasm, and he felt that his whole body was poured by the hot molten slurry, which was extremely painful!

Fortunately, I am already Great Principle Golden Immortal, and the huge chaotic spirit strength and Power of Stars within the body can suppress part of the pain.

If your cultivation base is still in Heaven Encompassing Exalted Immortal Peak and forced to refining Inextinguishable Golden Body, you may not be able to withstand such extreme pain.

It’s no wonder that Jiuzhuan Daojing is a Magical Powers that is extremely difficult to cultivation, and only a cultivator such as Shen Lang can cultivate it to perfection.

After several hours of torture, Shen Lang finally completely absorbed the black yellow iron, and his skeleton became pale-gold, lingering a layer of golden streamer!

Fourth Step is the fusion of soul and body with Tianhe Spirit Milk, which is also the easiest step.

Shen Lang took out the jade bottle with Tianhe spirit milk and drank the spirit milk in one bottle.

The so-called Tianhe Spirit Milk is not the spiritual liquid in Tianhe, but rather a mysterious spiritual liquid that the fairy stone absorbs Heaven and Earth Moon’s Essence and breeds a mysterious spiritual liquid, named after the top fairy grass fairy fruit .

In the old days, the Peach of Immortality Fruit tree in the Peach Garden in Tianshan Pan Peach Garden, which can produce the full maturity of Peach of Immortality Fruit, is nourished by Tianhe Spirit Milk.

In addition to nourishing the fairy grass and fruit, Tianhe Spirit Milk also contains infinite energy. In addition to supporting the Divine Soul, it can also drive away impurities within the body.

If the cultivation base is insufficient and the Tianhe Spirit Milk is taken forcibly, the soul and body of the cultivator will be disturbed, and in severe cases, it will even lose the mind.

Shen Lang is a Great Principle Golden Immortal. Naturally, there is no hidden danger in this area. After taking Tianhe Spirit Milk, I only feel a cold breath rushing to my forehead, the energy is extremely refreshed, and the Divine Consciousness becomes very clear. .

Perhaps because Shen Lang’s Divine Soul is strong enough, he didn’t feel how much his Soul Power has improved, but he felt that some excess energy and impurities in the soul within the body were being excreted!

During the process of Tianhe Spirit Milk moisturizing the soul body, Shen Lang’s Divine Soul overflowed with a trace of black air, which should be the impurities discharged from the soul body.

When the impurities are completely discharged from the soul body, Shen Lang feels that his mental thoughts are abnormally smooth, without a trace of mental pressure, and even his mood is much better.

This feeling is very strange, like suddenly eliminating the pressure accumulated for many years, there is an indescribable sense of comfort.

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