My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4418

After eliminating impurities in the soul body, Shen Lang basically completed most of the steps of refining Inextinguishable Golden Body.

The last step is to absorb the energy in the primordial stone to stabilize the strengthened fleshy body.

Shen Lang first emptied himself within the body’s chaotic spirit strength and Power of Stars, then took out a primordial stone and swallowed it into his belly.

After finishing all these things, Shen Lang began to meditate, absorbing the energy in the primordial stone and spreading it into the fleshy body, soul body, and even the Nine Turns Dharma Seal.

While absorbing the energy of the primordial stone, Shen Lang continued to sit in the big sun furnace, absorbing the energy of the Stellar Fire, condensing his own flesh and blood, meridian, skeleton, soul body, and further tempering himself.

The last step is simple, but it takes a long time.

Shen Lang meditated for ten days to completely stabilize the newly refining fleshy body.

After completing this last step, Shen Lang can be considered as an Inextinguishable Golden Body.

The skin and flesh of his whole body are as white as jade, but faintly exudes light golden rays of light, and it seems to condense the brilliance of stars and moons, giving people a mysterious and unpredictable temperament.

The Nine Turns Seal within the body has also changed from the original rune to a group of gorgeous starlight!

When the French seal is running, it releases a brilliant starlight, mysterious and noble.

After practicing the Inextinguishable Golden Body, Shen Lang’s temperament has become deeper and deeper, and the whole person looks even more dusty, and there is a mysterious awe-inspiring aura between his gestures.

Not only has she become more handsome, Shen Lang’s fleshy body strength has been greatly improved, the chaotic spirit strength and Power of Stars within the body have become more solid, and its own cultivation base has also been improved. The middle section of the original Great Principle Golden Immortal Early-Stage climbed to the back section of the Great Principle Golden Immortal Early-Stage.

Although the improvement on the cultivation base is not so obvious, only this little improvement is enough to compare hundreds of thousands of years, or even several millions of years of meditation.

Compared with Fleshy body, the improvement on the cultivation base is not worth mentioning.

Shen Lang flipped his hand to sacrifice a Spirit level Immortal Treasure Flying Sword, urging Flying Sword to slash at his arm.

I only heard Flying Sword hit the arm with a crisp sound, and my arm was not damaged.

Shen Lang urged Flying Sword with all his strength and repeatedly attacked several times before he barely scratched a light blood mark on his arm.

In the blink of an eye, the bloodstained wound will heal on its own, leaving it as smooth as ever.

Shen Lang is overjoyed. After he has cultivated an Inextinguishable Golden Body, with his own colored glaze Fire Lotus, the recovery ability of the fleshy body is a qualitative leap!

Although it still cannot be compared with Xi Feng’s immortal physique, the strength and resilience of Fleshy body has made Shen Lang very satisfied.

This is enough for him to guarantee an absolute advantage in the battle with Great Principle Golden Immortal!

Shen Lang elated’s exit.

Le Feier, who was guarding outside the Heavenly Palace in Guangzhou, came to Shen Lang for the first time, and smiled and said: “Congratulations, Young Master cultivation technique Great Accomplishment!”


Shen Lang shook his head and said with a smile: “Mayfair is overpraised, and is still far from the cultivation technique Great Accomplishment. I’m not worth mentioning, I can only say that I have made some progress.”

“Young Master is too modest. With Young Master’s current ability, I am afraid that there is no second Great Principle Golden Immortal to be your opponent!”

Le Fei Er is exceptionally intelligent, yes Shen Lang’s strength has been roughly judged.

If there is no such explanation, now Shen Lang is called True Immortal Realm number one Cultivator.

Le Feier is certainly happy for Shen Lang’s achievements, but she also feels anxious. Seeing Shen Lang’s strength progress so fast, her own cultivation base will remain stagnant for a long time. Sooner or later. Will become a burden.

“I don’t know… After Young Master leaves the star realm, what are your plans?” Le Feier asked softly.

“There are too many things to do. In addition to dealing with the troubles caused by interpretation and teaching, we must find Cher, Xiaorou, Murong Mingyue and others before the Immortal World catastrophe. My Dao Companion and my close friend brothers are safe.”

Shen Lang sighed slightly. His idea was simple, that is, after he transferred the people he wanted to protect to a safe place, he would think of ways to deal with the interpretation. Teaching and Immortal World catastrophe.

There are only a few hundred thousand years left from the Immortal World catastrophe. Even if he can’t protect everyone, Shen Lang wants to protect the people he values ​​as much as possible.

Le Feier felt relieved, this answer is indeed very Shen Lang’s style.

Even if Shen Lang obtains achievements and status that Le Feier looks out of reach, he can still remember his original intention. This is where Le Feier admires Shen Lang most.

Le Fei’er hesitated for a while, and still said, “Fairy’s cultivation base is low and can’t help Young Master too much. So, Mayfair will probably stay in the star realm and work hard for cultivation in the future. It can come in handy to help Young Master.”


Listening to Le Fei’er’s “behaved and sensible” words, Shen Lang suddenly felt a little flavourful. Chen Za.

For Shen Lang, he naturally expects Le Feier to choose this way.

I’m alone, I can get rid of everything when something happens, and I can often put it to death and live.

If Le Fei’er is with him, Shen Lang will inevitably think more about it, and it will be difficult to give full play to his advantages.

With Le Fei’er’s cleverness, of course she can guess that Shen Lang doesn’t want her to follow her.

If these words were spoken by Shen Lang, it would be a bit too sad, so Le Feier mentioned them first to avoid embarrassing Shen Lang.

Shen Lang was silent for a long time, and took Le Fei’er into his arms along the way: “Fei’er, I really don’t want you to take risks with me. Maybe I can’t stay with you for too long this time. But I’m Shen Lang. I swear, when everything is over, I will make up for it.”

Listening to Shen Lang’s words, Le Feier’s eyes were slightly moist, and her heart was infinitely moved. She stretched out her white arms. He hugged Shen Lang and sobbed softly: “Young Master, there is no need to say any compensation between you and me. It is the best feedback for Mayfair that you can tide over these difficulties without incident.”

“Well, I promise you.”

Shen Lang said solemnly.

The two embraced each other, and they didn’t let go for a long time.

Thinking that after meeting Le Feier, she hadn’t been with a woman, and the two hadn’t even had a good chat, Shen Lang felt guilty.

It just so happened that Xi Feng was still meditating and retreating, and it seemed that it would take several days for Cang Yue Saintess.

With these times, Shen Lang can also accompany Le Fei’er to make up for the guilt in his heart.

Le Feier doesn’t want to travel, just want to talk briefly with Shen Lang.

Shen Lang complied with her wishes, and it was rare to set up tables and chairs in the Heavenly Palace in Guangzhou, served Spirit Fruit, and chatted with Le Feier about their experiences.

Compared with Shen Lang’s various strange encounters, Le Fei’er’s experience is much simpler.

Probably, it was soaring to the Jiuli Immortal Realm, and was chosen by Fengchan accidentally to become a Direct Disciple, which got good luck.

“Young Master, what have you experienced in the years since your ascension?” Le Feier asked impatient.

Shen Lang can grow up to this point, must have experienced many unknown hardships, she wants to know the experience of men.

“It’s a long story…”

Shen Lang sighed slightly, and said about his main experiences and encounters during these years without omission and in detail.

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