My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4420

She has a red dress and red eyes, bare feet, black hair like a waterfall of stars floats slowly like silk, and her beautiful face is like a jade stone carved, like Heaven and Earth Essence The condensed beautiful heavenly man, with a scarlet Resurrection Lily pinched between his sickly white fingers.

This peerless grace and elegance woman has a completely different charm from other women in the bones. It is cold and quiet, strange, dangerous, mysterious… it is revealed under the face of the world The treacherous and gloomy cold brings a suffocating oppression!

Shen Lang was somewhat absent-minded, and the woman in front of him made him feel like he forgot to breathe.

He is not fascinated by the peerless grace and elegance of the other party, Divine Soul turned upside down, but the appearance of the red dressed woman in front of him is actually similar to Su Ruoxue!

Although the appearance is similar, this red dressed woman exudes an extremely dangerous aura. There is a sense of horror as if the next moment is about to take human life. It is as different as heaven and the temperament of Su Ruoxue earth.

“You…you are not Xueer, who are you? Why are you here?”

After Shen Lang came back to his senses, his eyes widened and he couldn’t bear it Live in surprise.

“You are not him, and I am not me…”

The woman in the blood skirt has hollow eyes, and the corners of her mouth are slightly open, and she speaks some irresistible words.

“What do you mean? I don’t understand!”

Shen Lang yelled blankly.

The corner of the woman’s mouth in the blood skirt curled, revealing a fascinating sly smile, and an inexplicable sadness was revealed under the smiley face.

Shen Lang seemed to be infected. There was a sudden cramp in his chest, and he felt very sad. This kind of sadness… actually seems to have known each other and cannot be described in words.

Next moment, the woman in the blood skirt was shrouded in a ball of blood light, and the illusory shadow gradually changed, and she turned into Su Ruoxue.

This time it is the real Su Ruoxue, standing in front of him, no matter his appearance, demeanor and temperament, he is exactly the same as Su Ruoxue in reality.

The only difference is that the big “Su Ruoxue” in front of him has very hollow eyes, and his expression is very stiff, just like a puppet.

Shen Lang knew that Su Ruoxue impossible appeared in front of him, but his emotions at the moment were a bit difficult to restrain. He felt that Su Ruoxue would leave him at any time.


Shen Lang awkwardly stretched out his right hand, trying to touch Su Ruoxue’s white and snowy face.

However, before he touched Su Ruoxue’s cheek face.

Su Ruoxue suddenly flashed behind Su Ruoxue. It was the black haired youth wearing a sheep skull mask. The right hand of the youth turned into a black sharp claw, without a trace of pity. Split to Su Ruoxue’s neck.

“no! !!!”

Shen Lang’s eyes widened and he roared like exhaustion.

The attack speed of the black haired youth is so fast, the space is even shattered by the sharp claw when it is shot, Shen Lang simply has no time to react, and watched the black haired youth hit Su Ruoxue’s right paw with the right paw Neck.

“Pu chi!”

Along with a bloody arrow shooting out, Su Ruoxue’s head flew out obliquely, shooting out a lot of blood from the broken head.

At this moment, a rain of scarlet’s blood suddenly fell over the sea of ​​blood.


Looking at the tragedy of Su Ruoxue’s severed head, Shen Lang’s heart was twisted, and he let out a hysterical growl.

He flew forward madly, caught Su Ruoxue’s flying head, and held his hands trembling in his palms.

Su Ruoxue’s blood-stained face showed a stiff and weird smile, and the wound at the severed head was still pouring out blood. The scene was very frightening.

Shen Lang was at a loss, his hands holding Su Ruoxue’s head even started to shake, muttering to himself: “This is not true, this is not true!”

The black haired youth wearing a sheep skull mask in front of him stares at Shen Lang like a nightmare, releasing a chilly and terrifying aura, taunted: “The sad boy, this is your end.”

“Dare to hurt Xue’er, I want to kill you!!!”

Shen Lang held Su Ruoxue’s head and roared endlessly in his heart, like an angry beast to black haired Youth rushed over, spit out a beam of magic light, moved towards black haired youth and shot away.

However, before Shen Lang’s attack hits the black haired youth, the body of the black haired youth has turned into a black mist, disappear without a trace.

When Shen Lang came back to his senses again, he found that Su Ruoxue’s head in his arms had turned into a rotten puppet head, hideous and ugly.

Not only the head, but the body of Su Ruoxue who fell down has also become a rotten puppet with a missing head, exuding a pungent, decadent smell.

“That’s the case again! What the hell does this mean? Pay me Xueer soon!”

Shen Lang took a half step back and roared blankly.

Shen Lang once had a similar dream. In the dream, a human-shaped puppet resembling Su Ruoxue had its head destroyed. The puppet that appeared this time is not like Su Ruoxue, but Su Ruoxue himself. .

Shen Lang doesn’t understand what this means, but feels flustered and confused.

If this is a reminder to himself, Shen Lang can’t accept this nightmare scene at all, and he can’t imagine this scene will happen in reality.

Shen Lang kneels down in a sea of ​​blood and screams to the sky, helpless and painful.

Fortunately, the environment in the sea of ​​blood quickly changed. A large amount of blood light overflowed from all directions in the sea of ​​blood, turning into a huge bloody vortex, and gradually engulfing Shen Lang in.

The endless darkness swallowed and drowned Shen Lang, and the extreme dizziness made him faint directly, unconscious.

I don’t know how long it took, when Shen Lang opened his eyes again, he was already standing on the sky dome, and the starlight that covered the sky and the sun gushed out of his body. A hexagram-shaped ornamentation on the center of the eyebrows, like divine runes, releases endless starlight.

The starlight is so strong that it even obscures the Guan Hui of the flowing moon, embellishing the entire sky like the Star River universe, bright and dazzling.

The entire Liuyue City was shrouded in starlight, and all the clansman looked up at the sky, revealing a vast but incredible expression.

As Shen Lang opened his eyes, a powerful force erupted from him within the body, in the sky covered by the starlight, and quickly condense a centaur with wings on its back, arching bow and arrows. star map!

“Sure enough!”

Cangyue Saintess above the moon-watching platform, watching Shen Lang above the sky, release this outrageously powerful small universe, and his heart is again Shock and envy.

Above the sky.

Shen Lang, who was awake, realized that there was a huge amount of energy flowing within the body.

At some point, the star soul in dantian has turned into a small universe like the vortex of Star River! Endless energy gushes out from the small universe.

“Is this…”

Shen Lang looked at his body, showing a dazed expression, only feeling his fleshy body, the soul body and even the power of will, All are enveloped by a mysterious energy that is hard to describe.

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