My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4421

“Congratulations to the Chosen One, you have not only successfully integrated divine blood, but also integrated very thoroughly, almost bringing the effectiveness of divine blood to the limit!”

Shen Lang flashed a golden silhouette in front of him, it was the ridiculous wind exuding golden light all over his body, and the Hou Yi illusory shadow was still condensed behind the xifeng.

Hou Yi illusory shadow stared at Shen Lang, with a rare hint of admiration.


Shen Lang was shocked speechless, he just had a dream, he didn’t feel anything, just so silly that he merged with divine blood?

If he didn’t really feel the enormous energy flow within the body, Shen Lang couldn’t help but wonder if he was dreaming!

“You don’t have to ask, I have integrated the Sagittarius stars in your soul body with divine blood, refining them into a “pseudo divine runes”, condensed in the center of your eyebrows, and you can try Take control of the power contained in this’pseudo divine runes’.”

Hou Yi illusory shadow said with a calm heart.


Although Shen Lang has a strong sense of unreality, he decided to try the body transformed by Hou Yi.

He first looked inside his body, and he realized that the changes were huge!

The first is the “pseudo divine runes” at the center of the eyebrows, which is shaped like a six-pointed star, tentatively named “star pattern”.

There is endless energy in the star pattern. This is no longer as simple as the vastness of the sea. With Shen Lang’s divine sense, it is impossible to see how much energy is contained in this star pattern! It seems inexhaustible.

This star pattern seems to have just condensed into shape, very active, and is constantly releasing star energy.

Just now, it was the stars in Shen Lang dantian who absorbed the massive energy of stars and successfully promoted to the small universe!

Shen Lang, who gave birth to the small universe, unconsciously released his own small universe. Thanks to the Power of Stars blessing provided by the star pattern, the small universe he released can almost fill the entire moon The city is already strong to an incredible level!

According to Hou Yi’s proposal, Shen Lang tried to display the battle skill Magical Powers of the Sagittarius star envoy.

“Advanced Golden Immortal Technique, meteor swarm!”

Suddenly, hundreds of millions of golden meteors flew out of the universe of Star River above Shen Lang. The densely packed golden meteor falls like a downpour, and the scale is so wide that it can cover almost a thousand miles.

Shen Lang was shocked, afraid that a meteor swarm of this size would hurt the clansman in Liuyue City, so he quickly controlled these golden meteors and made them collide with each other to offset the formidable power.

“Bang peng~ peng~!!”

Countless golden meteors collided and exploded, and the huge movement was like the collapse of Heaven and Earth.

The entire sky will be swallowed by a strong golden light. All the cultivators in Liuyue City below have lost their vision and were scared by the Divine Ability formidable power displayed by Shen Lang above the sky. I have to take a breath.

The huge Destruction Strength carried by countless golden meteors can even shred the space of the astral world, exposing tiny gaps in the original space, which shows how powerful this Magical Powers formidable power is.

Shen Lang was stunned by the meteor swarm he released. The formidable power of this meteor swarm is almost three times stronger than before!

“Advanced gold Immortal Technique, crystal barrier!”

Shen Lang’s palms support the sky, and an incomparable gigantic ice crystal barrier on top of his head is condense, spreading to an exaggerated dozens of ten thousand li ! Absorb and offset the energy impact produced by the meteor explosion as much as possible.

The ability of the crystal barrier is determined by the strength of the cultivator’s own Power of Stars, and can reach the level of the high-level Immortal Technique.

The crystalline barrier activated by Shen Lang can be used as a medium-to-large-scale defensive formation. Saintess Cang Yue was stunned!

After trying several Magical Powers, Shen Lang himself feels his scalp is tingling!

I can’t help but wonder, is this power really my own?

The power brought by the star pattern is so powerful that Shen Lang is worried about whether he can manage this power freely. He tries to recover the released small universe.


Shen Lang shook his body.

The Star River universe shrouded in the sky was suddenly absorbed by Shen Lang and disappeared in an instant.

Shen Lang’s expression has not yet relaxed, he gently put out a breath, trying to block the energy released by the star pattern.

“weng weng weng!”

The light from the pseudo-divine runes of the hexagram at the center of Shen Lang’s eyebrows dimmed rapidly until it disappeared completely.

After the light disappeared, this hexagram-shaped pseudo divine runes also disappeared from the center of Shen Lang’s brow.

But his divine sense can activate this star pattern at any time, so that the brilliance it releases instantly can give full play to its original ability.

I can really control the power of the star pattern!

Shen Lang showed an unbelievable look. He knew very well how huge the energy contained in the star pattern was. With his fleshy body, it was impossible to accommodate this shocking power.

It is not difficult to guess, thanks to the divine blood integrated into the star pattern!

Under Hou Yi’s transformation, divine blood not only incorporates the star pattern, but also integrates with Shen Lang’s Divine Soul.

So when Shen Lang just awakened, he found that his fleshy body, soul body and even the power of will were enveloped by a mysterious power that is hard to describe. This power is brought about by divine blood The power of binding.

Without the control and restraint of divine blood, the energy released by the stars of Sagittarius would have long been like a wild horse, which could burst Shen Lang’s fleshy body in an instant!

Shen Lang repeatedly awakened the star pattern and felt the characteristics of the star pattern.

The energy in the soul body flowing from the star pattern to the fleshy body is too large. After the star pattern appears on Shen Lang, the meridian will appear unnaturally violent, and the body will also increase. ring.

This is a normal phenomenon. Even with the control of divine blood, the energy released by the star pattern is too large, so that Shen Lang’s fleshy body is always in a half-limit state.

This is also reflected from the side. Even if the Inextinguishable Golden Body is repaired, Shen Lang’s fleshy body has just reached the level that can withstand the energy of the star pattern, still not strong enough.

Apart from this, the energy in the star pattern is essentially the Power of Stars released by the Sagittarius stars.

Although it is Power of Stars, Shen Lang who refining the small universe has been able to freely transform Power of Stars into chaotic spirit strength.

In other words, with this star pattern on the center of his eyebrows, Shen Lang will no longer have to worry about his own consumption in the future. The chaotic spirit strength and Power of Stars within the body can be used almost unlimitedly!

More than that, Shen Lang was also pleasantly surprised to find that he could even use this star pattern to meditate on cultivation.

The huge energy provided by the star pattern can drive your own cultivation base to rise!

Shen Lang’s mind was shocked by this kind of heaven-defying ability, and he was overjoyed!

It took 2.5 minutes of time, and Shen Lang was able to figure out some of the characteristics of this pseudo divine runes at the center of his eyebrows.

“Hou Yi Senior, Shen Lang will never forget!!”

After came back to his senses, looking at the Hou Yi illusory shadow standing in front of him, Shen Lang bowed and bowed, showing one’s feelings in one’s speech.

Be able to integrate divine blood with the stars of Sagittarius within the body and refining to produce such shocking pseudo divine runes. Shen Lang admires Hou Yi’s prostrate oneself in admiration!

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