My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4424

“The so-called Divine Ability itself has no distinction between good and evil. The reason why Heart Demon is born is mainly because the cultivator is lost in power and changes his mind. As long as you are firm, It should be able to avoid the breeding of Heart Demon.”

“But with your current cultivation base, this is not yet possible. This “Blood God Scripture” you can wait until the cultivation base reaches the peak realm. You don’t need to study too deeply. You only need to understand the general idea and be familiar with the energy characteristics of the blood god child magic core.”

Hou Yi suggested.

“Junior knows.”

Shen Lang was slightly nodded, and then asked the main point: “I don’t know where Junior is going to find the magic core of the blood god child?”

Hou Yi said solemnly: “In fact, trying to find the magic core of the Blood God Child is not something human can do. Judging from the memory of this Xifeng junior, Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning seems to have coveted this thing, but suffers There is no clue. Not long ago, I ordered a large army to be sent to the Xuancang Immortal Territory. It seems that I wanted to search for the possible location of this Devil Core.”

Actually, it is precisely because of Hou Yi from Xifeng. In his memory, he learned that Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning was trying to search for the Blood God Child Demon Core, which made Hou Yi think of letting Shen Lang within the body’s demons to fuse the Blood God Child Demon Core to deal with the Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning method.

“Since even the search for Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning was fruitless, according to my guess, the magic core that the Blood God Child turned into after his fall may not be a dead thing!” Hou Yi speculated.

Shen Lang was shocked: “It’s not a dead thing, is it possible that the magic core can still be incarnation into life?”

Hou Yi shook his head and said: “I can’t say it, but In this world, only you can find the magic core of the Blood God Child.”

“This…Hou Yi Senior is joking. Junior knows very little about the Blood God Child and has no clue.”

Shen Lang said with a puzzled face, not quite understanding what Hou Yi said.

Hou Yi said: “Although you are wirelessly connected, the’Heaven and Earth 宝鉴’ on your body can help you. This treasure is made by Emperor Fuxi, which can give you a glimpse of everything in the world, even Rebirth in reincarnation.”

“But this world Baojian needs to absorb the aura of Heaven and Earth in order to be able to move freely, so the ordinary people can’t stimulate this treasure, only your chosen one can stimulate it. The ability of this treasure.”

“You can use the treasure mirror of this world to get a glimpse of the location of the blood god child’s magic core.”

Shen Lang’s expression is quite unexpected, and he can’t think of himself Heaven and Earth Baojian within the body actually has this ability.

This world Baojian recognizes himself as the master, but since his trip to the Five Villages, he can no longer feel the Heaven and Earth Baojian within the body, even if he breaks through the Great Principle Golden Immortal, can’t wake it up either.

Shen Lang frowns saying: “Hou Yi Senior, Junior is the owner of this world treasure, but I don’t know how to wake it up.”

“Let me come Help you.”

Hou Yi illusory shadow said in a deep voice, walked slowly in front of Shen Lang, abruptly stuck out his right hand, and plunged directly into Shen Lang’s chest, reaching his soul body in.

“weng weng weng!”

Shen Lang only felt his brain feel dizzy.

“Stupid Artifact Spirit, how long do you have to hide within the body of the Chosen One!!!”

With a shocking shout of Hou Yi illusory shadow, Shen Lang’s Divine Soul released an extremely golden light, and an awkwardly gray mirror appeared on the surface of Shen Lang’s soul body.

Hou Yi grabbed the treasure mirror and decisively pulled it out of Shen Lang’s soul body and held it in his hand.

The shape of the treasure mirror is peculiar. With stone cracks as the boundary, the words “Heaven and Earth” are engraved on the left and right sides, which are ancient and thick.

After regaining consciousness, Shen Lang saw the stone mirror in Hou Yi’s hand. His eyes were rounded. This is the treasure of Heaven and Earth who recognized himself as the master!

At this moment, this world Baojian was forcibly taken out by Hou Yi illusory shadow.

“Who…Who are you? Why can you touch my body!”

Heaven and Earth Baojian actually speaks human’s words, and it seems that Hou Yi can It is stripped from the soul of Shen Lang within the body.

After saying these words, a golden light flashed through the cracks in the center of the precious mirror. After seeing the appearance of Hou Yi illusory shadow, he suddenly exclaimed: “Ah! You… He is the first chosen person, Hou Yi, the head of the Great Desolate Witch Clan!”

Heaven and Earth Baojian recognized the true face of Hou Yi, and the mirror began to shake wildly. I don’t know if it is afraid or excited.

“It doesn’t matter who I am, but if you stupid Artifact Spirit continue to hide in the Chosen within the body and wantonly absorb the Heaven and Earth aura of the Chosen, I will definitely Tear you to pieces!”

Hou Yi said calmly, and the right hand holding the Heaven and Earth treasure mirror began to surge with golden energy.

Heaven and Earth Baojian felt the extremely dangerous energy in Hou Yi’s hand, and he was so scared that soul flew beyond the heaven, begging for mercy: “Forgive me… forgive me!”

“The reason why the small person hides in the body within the body to absorb the energy of Heaven and Earth is mainly to help the person of heaven and earth at the critical moment. Moreover, the natural energy of the heaven and earth of the chosen person is together with Heaven and Earth fuse. The part of Heaven and Earth aura absorbed is nothing more than one hair from nine oxen.”

Heaven and Earth Bao Jian Shiver coldly explained.

Hou Yi scolded: “No matter what reason you Artifact Spirit has, it is not light to fool the Chosen One!”

“Hou Yi Senior, please forgive me! Shen Lang brother, oh No, Master! Master! Forgive me, I won’t dare anymore!”

Heaven and Earth Baojian first begged Hou Yi for mercy, and then lost one’s head out of fear to Shen Lang.

Shen Lang brows tightly knit. I didn’t know the situation for a while. Cup one fist in the other hand asked: “Hou Yi Senior, what do you mean, this world treasure has been hidden within me the body, how much the Heaven and Earth aura that absorbs my within the body?”

Hou Yi slightly nodded: “Yes. In fact, the Artifact Spirit of this world treasure mirror is the same as you, and both are Heaven and Earth The thing born of Qi.”

“But the difference is that the Chosen One is the real life born by condensing Heaven and Earth Qi in the realm, while the Artifact Spirit of this world Baojian absorbs Heaven and Earth Qi. The Spirit Physique life was born.”

“This Artifact Spirit has been shielding your own perception, hiding in your soul body, absorbing your Heaven and Earth aura within the body to restore your own power. Now it is early It’s almost recovered, and I’m still reluctant to come out.”

“Although the amount of Heaven and Earth energy that Artifact Spirit can absorb is very few for you, if you don’t come out, you will still be Your own growth has caused a little impact, so I forced it out!” Hou Yi raised the Heaven and Earth treasure in his hand and said sternly.

Heaven and Earth Treasure trembling with fear moved towards Shen Lang and said: “Master, the little one will never absorb the amount of Heaven and Earth you have within the body indefinitely, just without affecting the master It only absorbs a little within its own range. The small one is mainly to accumulate strength, so as to better serve you in the future!”

Shen Lang has never understood the so-called “Heaven and Earth aura”. It works, but the behavior of Heaven and Earth Baojian still makes him feel very uncomfortable, and his face is gloomy and said: “Since you want to absorb my Heaven and Earth aura within the body, why doesn’t at first tell me?”

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