My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4425

Heaven and Earth Baojian panicked: “At that time, the master’s cultivation base was insufficient, and the small body was still in a broken state, and needed strength to repair, so…”

“I didn’t have enough cultivation base, so I thought of using me?”

Shen Lang stared at the Heaven and Earth treasure in Hou Yi’s hands, focusing on cold light.

“no no no!”

Heaven and Earth Baojian hurriedly denied and hurriedly said: “Master, you are the chosen one, and the youngest one is the Spirit Physique born of Heaven and Earth. , Has the same life as the owner, and there is never the slightest idea of ​​wanting to use the owner.”

“And the young person recognized you as the master early in the morning, and never had any idea of ​​resisting the owner. The owner is no longer what it used to be. As long as you move the divine sense, you can control the life and death of my Artifact Spirit.”

Shen Lang released the divine sense and tried a few times, and found out that his own this world, Baojian’s Artifact Spirit, and his Divine Soul is connected as one, as he said, he can indeed control the life and death of this Artifact Spirit.

Although this world Baojian Artifact Spirit did not tell lies, Heaven and Earth Baojian Artifact Spirit has been shielding its divine sense with special ability over the years, hiding in its own soul body. So that Shen Lang could not wake up Baojian.

This kind of behavior is too arrogant and conceited, Shen Lang decided to punish this arrogant Artifact Spirit a little, and the divine sense moved.


Heaven and Earth Baojian trembles sharply, making a mournful scream sound, and Spirit Physique is tearing like pain.

This world Baojian Artifact Spirit is really subject to Shen Lang. See Shen Lang’s divine sense. If you want to abuse your Spirit Physique, Heaven and Earth Baojian Artifact Spirit cried out and begged for mercy: “Master forgive me. The little one knew that he was wrong, and the little one would never dare anymore!”

After punishing for a while, Shen Lang stopped and said solemnly: “I won’t worry about that many things in the past. If you can’t make up for it in the future, I will let you die without a burial site!”

Heaven and Earth Baojian was taken aback, and hurriedly agreed: “Yes, yes, the younger ones must do their best to help the master. !”

Shen Lang said: “I have one thing here, I need you to do it.”

“I don’t know what’s the matter?”

Heaven and Earth Bao Jian cautiously asked.

Shen Lang talked about the search for the blood god son’s demon core, and said bluntly: “I heard that the Heaven and Earth treasure can see everything in the world, please help me find the blood god son’s demon core Where is it now?”

A golden light appeared in the seam in the center of the treasure mirror of Heaven and Earth. It only sensed for a moment, and then said in embarrassment: “Master, this is not Immortal World. Small ones cannot cross the interface. Look for something. Only after the master returns to Immortal World, the younger can cast spells to find the magic core.”

Astral and Immortal World are indeed not in the same interface, Shen Lang did not embarrass the Heaven and Earth treasure. Jian.

But this world Baojian can see at a glance that this place is not Immortal World, it does have some abilities.

Heaven and Earth Baojian cautiously added: “In addition, the small ones have never seen what the magic core looks like. I’m afraid it’s not accurate to guess. The owner can provide similar information if it is convenient. Show the small things. As long as the auras are similar, the small ones should be quite sure that they can find such things.”

Shen Lang frowned, I have never seen what a magic core looks like. What a similar thing.

At this moment, Hou Yi illusory shadow turned his hand and took out a piece of pitch-black as ink. The fragment released a deep magic light like stars.

Continuously Heavenly Demon Qi gushes out from the fragments, rising like a tornado. The rich and substantial Heavenly Demon Qi contains a strong fierce power, which can suffocate people!

“This is…”

Shen Lang looked at the fragments that Hou Yi took out, with a terrified look, and the heartbeat accelerated a little.

Because of being possessed by a demon seed, Shen Lang is very sensitive to the breath released by a monster, and he can deeply sense how profound the magic power in this fragment is!

Hou Yi neither fast nor slow said: “Previously in the divine wood core of Liuyue, after the Demon Insect puppet burst, the magic core within the body also burst and shattered. This is my accident. A piece of demon core fragment that was picked up.”

“The demon core itself between the Demon Insect puppet within the body has run out of energy, so the power of this fragment of demon core is very weak. The demon of the blood god child The breath and energy fluctuations emitted by the nucleus are at least a million times more than this piece of magic core fragment!”

After that, Hou Yi threw this piece of magic core fragment to Shen Lang.

Shen Lang subconsciously took this piece of magic core fragment, and the terrifying baleful qi released by the fragment instantly made him feel like an ice cellar.

Just the breath and energy fluctuations released by this depleted magic core fragment made me feel a bit of horror.

What does it feel like to be unimaginable more than a million times.

Heaven and Earth Baojian also seemed a little surprised. A golden light shot out from the cracks of the Baojian stone, illuminating the magic core fragments in Shen Lang’s hand, and radiating the energy fluctuations and breath from the magic core fragments. It is fully recorded.

After doing all these things, Hou Yi condense a runes at his fingertips, immersed in the treasure of Heaven and Earth, and set a restriction.

“The Chosen One, I have placed a manifestation restriction in this world treasure mirror. After this treasure enters you within the body, you can clearly perceive the existence of this treasure.” Hou Yi indifferently said.

“many thanks Hou Yi Senior!”

Shen Lang is grateful for cup one fist in the other hand, and then Heaven and Earth Baojian temporarily retracted into the soul.

This time, he can indeed easily perceive the existence of the treasure of Heaven and Earth, and he can easily take out this treasure.

The reason why I could not perceive the Heaven and Earth treasure before is mainly because of the poor Shen Lang cultivation base.

As long as he can be promoted to the peak realm of Da Luo, even if Heaven and Earth Baojian wants to hide, he cannot escape Shen Lang’s divine sense detection.

With the help of Heaven and Earth treasure mirror, it is not impossible to find the magic core of the Blood God Child.

Shen Lang also set his action goal after leaving the star realm.

“The Chosen One, if you want to leave the star realm, you only need to absorb the Seven Stars of the star realm dome one by one with the power of pseudo divine runes and your own small universe, and you can condense the gate of the star realm. The key.”

“Absorbing these seven Big Dipper stars will greatly help your own cultivation base. My generation recommends that you leave the star realm before you break through.” Hou Yi suggested Tao.

Shen Lang slightly nodded: “Junior thinks so too. I wonder if Hou Yi Senior will leave the star realm together?”

Hou Yi calmly said: “I will not leave for the time being , But you don’t have to worry too much. When you really want to deal with the Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning, my generation will definitely not be absent!”

“Actually, when you have the key to the Astral Gate, almost You can enter the astral world anytime and anywhere. At that time, you can bring your trusted cultivator friends to the astral world, so as not to increase your worry.”

Shen Lang’s eyes lit up, thanking him: “If If it can be so, it is really the best choice. Hou Yi Senior, Junior has no retribution, and can only do his best to fulfill the duties of the Chosen One.”

Hou Yi sighed: “These are not important , The important thing is that everyone can survive and continue each other’s lives…”

Speaking of which, Hou Yi changed the subject and said: “The Chosen One, what are your final questions? , Just ask. After waiting for today, my generation will not show up for a long time.”

Shen Lang solemnly nodded, said the last doubt in his heart : “Hou Yi Senior, Junior once absorbed an artifact called the ancient Buddha slate. This object seems to be the key to unlocking the Mongolian world among the four small realms. I wonder how Junior should use this ancient Buddha slab?” /p>

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