My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4426

“It’s no wonder that Buddha’s radiance is looming in your body, it turns out that you have absorbed the ancient Buddha stone slab.”

Hou Yi raised his eyebrows, said resolutely: “As early as the time of Lich, it was rumored that this ancient Buddha stone slab was the key to opening the Mongolian realm. I had studied the ways to enter the four small realms to escape the world. Compared with the star realm, the virtual realm and the gray realm, the Mongolian realm is quite mysterious. It is almost the most difficult interface of the four small worlds to enter.”

“If you want to enter the Mongolian world, you first need to be recognized by the ancient Buddha slab. In the Lich era, almost no one knew what the ancient Buddha slab was. Now that the ancient Buddha stone slab can be absorbed by your fleshy body, it should be your chance.”

“But if you want to enter the Mongolian world, it’s not enough to have the ancient Buddha stone slab. You need to motivate this. The ancient Buddha stone slab, you can control it freely before you can enter the Mongolian world.”

Shen Lang cup one fist in the other hand said: “Junior feels the ancient Buddha stone slab enters my body. , But I have never sensed the existence of this within the body, let alone spur the ancient Buddha slab. I wonder how Junior should urge the ancient Buddha slab?”

Hou Yi thought for a moment. said solemnly: “You did not cultivation out of wisdom roots, nor are you a Buddhist cultivator. It is almost impossible to motivate the ancient Buddha stone slab. But there may be a way, maybe it is feasible.”

“What method?” Shen Lang asked.

Hou Yi said resolutely: “As long as you can find the sarira left over after the Buddha passed away, perhaps you can borrow Buddha’s radiance stimulate the ancient Buddha stone slab in the Buddha Relic.”

“Buddha Relic!”

Shen Lang startled.

No wonder he was so surprised. True Immortal Realm’s Buddhism cultivator itself is very rare. The Buddhism cultivator in history can be counted on one’s fingers.

According to Shen Lang’s cognition, only the three Buddhas of Spiritual Mountain in Tianmu Immortal Domain meet the requirements…

Not that sarira will be born after the Buddha passes away.

On the contrary, the conditions for the birth of sarira are quite harsh.

Only a Buddhist monk with a pure heart and respected ethics burns his life force to the extreme before it is possible to give birth to sarira.

The so-called sarira is an aggregation of the Buddhist monk’s essence, qi and spirit, fleshy body will and even his own will. It is very rare and precious.

The ordinary sarira is rare, let alone the Buddha-level sarira.

Listening to what Hou Yi said, Shen Lang has no hope of entering the Mongolian world.

Actually, the reason why he wanted to enter the Mongolian world was mainly because of the fantasy dream he had made when he absorbed the ancient Buddha stone slab in the Spirit Transformation Pond of Spiritual Mountain.

In the dream, Jin Chanzi talks with Tathagata Buddha.

Finally, Jin Chanzi urged the stone slab of the ancient Buddha and involved the Tathagata Buddha within the realm, disappear without a trace……

Shen Lang vaguely felt that he did this The dream is a reminder given by Jin Chanzi.

He wants to find Jin Chanzi to ask about cause and effect, and by the way, he can try to win over Jin Chanzi to cope with the Immortal World catastrophe.

Hou Yi saw the dilemma on Shen Lang’s face and said bluntly: “The chosen person, the destined person of the Buddha, since the ancient Buddha stone slab can be absorbed by you, you must be destined to enter Mongolia in the future. realm. Before the fate comes, you don’t have to worry about how to enter the Mongolian world.”

Shen Lang slightly nodded: “Hou Yi Senior said it is extremely true.”

Whether you can enter the Mongolian world, Indeed, we can see the fate in the future.

While Hou Yi was still there, Shen Lang finally asked about the fragments of the Heavenly Dao, the fragments of the hexagram disk, and the usefulness of items such as Primal Chaos Nine Colored.

Shen Lang has collected five fragments of the Heavenly Path, and only the last one can form half of the Seal World chart.

Hou Yi recognized Shen Lang’s move through time and space, collecting all the fragments of heaven, and reshaping the seal world astrolabe.

Whether True Immortal Realm is destroyed or reborn, it needs the defense of the seal world astrolabe to ensure the proliferation of all living creatures after the catastrophe.

Unfortunately, only the last fragment of the Heavenly Path is left to travel through time and space.

This last piece of Heavenly Path fragment, most likely to be in the hands of the Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning.

Hou Yi also asked Shen Lang to collect as much as possible the fragments of the hexagram disk of heavenly secrets. After all, the hexagram disk of heavenly secrets was made by Hongjun Old Ancestor using the technique of Dream Dao, which has its own magical effects.

As for the Primal Chaos Nine Colored, Hou Yi also suggested Shen Lang to collect them one by one.

Primal Chaos Nine Colored can be reconverted into Power of Primal Chaos after being combined with each other and fuse together with Heaven and Earth. It has the ability to repair Heaven and Earth aura and Heavenly Dao Law.

However, the most urgent task is to find the magic core of the blood god child, and merge your own magic seed with the magic core as soon as possible to increase your battle strength to the limit, and complete it in the imitation version of the Sunday Stars Great Array Before, he fought to the death with Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning.

If Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning uses the Stars Great Array to recover from his injury, it is almost impossible for Shen Lang to want to defeat the opponent.

Shen Lang also understands this. He intends to quickly progress the cultivation to the middle of the Great Principle Golden Immortal, and then leave the star realm to find the magic core of the Blood God Child.

After finishing the question, Hou Yi relieved the will formation.

The two returned to the outside world.

Hou Yi then cast a spell to help Cang Yue Saintess merge with another Demi-God blood.

However, Saintess’s weak fleshy body cannot carry the power of divine blood, and can only return to the starry sky knot of Liuyue divine wood within the realm, using Liuyue divine wood as the container of the power of divine blood.

Hou Yi merged the remaining half of divine blood with the soul body of Cang Yue Saintess in the starry sky Formation.

After the divine blood successfully merged with the soul of Cang Yue Saintess, the whole divine wood began to release a brilliant glaze light, and the flowing moon at the top of the tree was even more radiant. Nine colors of moonlight.

With the help of the power of divine blood, Cangyue Saintess finally achieved the perfect realm of the “soul transfer” technique that had been used for years of cultivation. With the power of divine blood, he successfully “body possession” Liuyue divine wood.

Her Divine Soul and Fleshy body are completely integrated with Liuyue divine wood, and she has been able to freely control the energy flow of Liuyue divine wood.

After posing the divine wood, Cangyue Saintess can do more than that.

She can even change the shape of the divine wood of the flowing moon to a certain extent, such as shrinking the size of the body, changing the color of the tree, or changing to other types of trees.

It’s just that no matter how it changes, it can only be transformed into trees, and cannot be transformed into other kinds of things.

Of course, compared to these bells and whistles, the most surprising thing is that Saintess can deploy defense formation in the form of divine wood and even display high-level Divine Ability spells.

When necessary, Saintess Cangyue can borrow the body of Liuyue to transform into a human form, draw strength from the divine wood of Liuyue, and exert great battle strength!

In short, the battle strength of Saintess, who is fused with divine blood, is more than seven or eight times stronger than before! Compared to Shen Lang, who can get fake divine runes, he doesn’t do much.

Both of them have just merged with divine blood, they can continue to absorb the energy of divine blood, and quickly grow their own cultivation base.

Zangyue Saintess was originally the cultivation base of the later period of Great Principle Golden Immortal. If the cultivation base can be quickly improved, promotion to Hunyuan Great Principle Golden Immortal is not impossible!

It seems that, as Hou Yi said, Cang Yue Saintess is really capable of helping Shen Lang.

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