My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4428

Shen Lang had to keep the small universe open and continue to absorb the next Big Dipper star.

Fortunately, the star pattern at the center of the eyebrows can provide continuous energy, allowing him to release his own small universe almost unlimitedly, without worrying about his own consumption.

In this way, Shen Lang took the released small universe to the location of the next Big Dipper star, and absorbed the seven Big Dipper stars into his own small universe.

When his small universe absorbed seven Big Dipper stars, Shen Lang began to cast spells.

Seven Big Dipper stars are immediately arranged in a circle. In the small universe, the high-speed rotation releases the huge energy of the stars, which makes the space all around twist and rotate.

Shen Lang urged the small universe to the extreme, causing the seven Big Dipper stars to release all their energy, condense and compress them into a dazzling light spot.

“weng weng weng!”

The spot of light releases a violent starlight, just like countless stars exploded together, the sky full of starlight almost swept over the entire star realm, Dotting the sky is as gorgeous as the Star River universe.

All the creatures in the star realm were shocked by this scene, and the clansman all looked up at the wonder of the starlight sky.

After the light spot is released to the extreme, it turns into a profound light bead.

The light bead is round, the size of a goose egg, and the surface releases a dazzling starlight. Through the bright surface of the starlight, it can be seen that the inside of the light bead is actually composed of countless precise golden gears.

These gears are constantly biting and rotating, which seems to contain a certain pattern, which is very mysterious.

“This is the key to the Astral Gate?”

Shen Lang was a little surprised and couldn’t help but stretch out his right palm, controlling the small universe and pushing this mysterious light bead down to him In the palm of the hand.

Hold it in the palm of your hand, and you can feel the huge unimaginable energy in this little light bead.

Different from the restlessness of the seven Big Dipper stars, the energy in this light bead is very stable, and like the countless gears inside it, it maintains a certain regularity.

There is no doubt that this light bead must be the key to open the door of the astral world.

Inside the light bead are countless gears, and the surface releases a dazzling starlight. Shen Lang tentatively named it the “star wheel”.

Observing and feeling the state of the star wheel, Shen Lang found that this thing seems to be psychic, not forbidden to cut the fingertips with a sharp blade, and drip a drop of blood into the star wheel to see if it can be recognized. Master.

The facts really confirmed his conjecture.

After the star wheel absorbed the blood of Shen Lang, the golden gear inside suddenly released the golden light of Sheng Ruo Lieyang, and immediately established communication with its own divine sense.

Shen Lang moved towards the star wheel, inject chaos spirit strength into the star wheel, try to urge the star wheel.


The countless gears inside the star wheel turn quickly like chains.

Just in the process of turning the gears inside the star wheel.

“hong long! !!!”

A loud noise came from the top of the sky, and a large golden light suddenly appeared from the top of the sky, illuminating the whole Astral land.

This sudden sign of the sky suddenly attracted the attention of all astral cultivators.

I saw the golden light released in the sky getting stronger and stronger, and finally turned into a golden-bright and dazzling door!

The golden gate is full of the entire sky, big and boundless, in a half-opening state, the extremely complex golden rune releases endless golden light, which is breathtaking.

“Gate of the Stars!”

Shen Lang looked at the golden gate suddenly appeared in the sky dome, his eyes were shocked.

Unexpectedly, after Ling Xinglun recognizing Master, he opened the door of the star world so easily.

The door of the star world at the top of the sky dome is in a half-opening state, which also confirms the previous conjecture of Cangyue Saintess from the side.

In the battle of extinction that year, the gate of the star world was not closed at all after it was opened. Instead, it was forcibly closed by the seal set by the Great Emperor Zi Wei. By the way, the key to the gate of the star world was also forcibly closed. That is, the seven Big Dipper stars are all sealed within the realm.

This move not only fooled the Demon Race who invaded the astral world, but also allowed the later Shen Lang to successfully enter the astral world.

I have to say that Great Emperor Zi Wei took great pains to complete the task of guiding the astral messenger.

Shen Lang is in awe. Without the help of these seniors, he would never have been so lucky.

Even for these dead Seniors, I have to try my best to save this World.

Shen Lang’s mood has undergone some changes in unnoticeable influence.

When the astral gate was revealed, all the clansman of Liuyue witnessed this scene.

Cangyue Saintess also showed up in time and came to the sky above Liuyue divine wood. Looking at this shocking scene, he said with emotion: “Lord Divine Ancestor, have you seen it? There is finally a new cultivator. I have taken your place.”

Until this moment when Shen Lang can control the astral door, Cangyue Saintess completely recognized the identity of Shen Lang as an astral messenger, and he also believed in his heart. The new astral messenger will definitely prevent the astral world from going to destruction!


Shen Lang didn’t think much, immediately tried to control the astral gate with the star wheel.

Sure enough, the star wheel can indeed control the opening and closing of the door of the astral world, and even has the anti-sky ability of Space Teleportation!

Shen Lang discovered that no matter where he is in the astral world, as long as he activates the star wheel to reveal the gate of the astral world, he can be instantly teleported by the strength of space carried by the star wheel In front of the Astral Gate!

After discovering the teleporting ability of the star wheel, Shen Lang was overjoyed.

If you can use the teleportation ability of the star wheel in True Immortal Realm, you don’t have to worry about being chased by powerful enemies again!

Shen Lang continued to study for a while, and found that this star wheel still has certain limitations.

The main function of the star wheel is to control the opening and closing of the door of the astral world, and the transmission ability is just a function attached to the star wheel.

Every time the strength of Transmission of the star wheel is used, the star wheel must continue to absorb a large amount of energy from the stars before it can be activated again to start the strength of Transmission.

Although Shen Lang has pseudo divine runes that can almost continuously produce stellar energy, the efficiency of absorbing stellar energy is not high.

After using the star wheel to transmit once, it needs to allow the star wheel to absorb the energy of the stars for several months before the second transmission can be carried out.

In other words, Shen Lang does not frequently use the teleportation ability of the star wheel, and can only be used at critical moments.

Moreover, the strength of Transmission granted by the star wheel is only one-way transmission. If Shen Lang is in another fairyland of Immortal World, activate the strength of transmission of the star wheel, it will probably be transmitted to the nearest astral gate Sacred Domain dome.

Although there are various limitations, the ability of fixed-point teleport alone is enough for the star wheel to replace the Heavenly Palace and become the best life-saving weapon of Shen Lang!

Shen Lang was not in a hurry to leave the astral world, he controlled the star wheel and closed the astral door.

After collecting the star wheel within the body, Shen Lang turned to discover that the small universe he released contained the residual energy released by the fusion of the seven Big Dipper stars.

Although it is residual energy, it is huge enough, and extremely pure, it should be able to be absorbed by one’s own fleshy body and used.

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