My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4431

The reason why Le Feier chose to stay in the astral world is to have a good cultivation in order to help Shen Lang in the future.

Cangyue Saintess was able to provide such a good Practice Field, which happened to fulfill Le Fei’er’s wishes and thanked Cangyue Saintess again and again.

Seeing that Le Feier is humble, polite, and has a great temperament, Saintess has a good impression of her.

Cangyue Saintess also invited Xi Feng into the cultivation of the Starry Sky Formation by the way.

Since Xi Feng benefited from the fusion of Hou Yi’s spirit willpower and his own Soul Shaman, the mutilated Soul Shaman was gradually repaired, which greatly enhanced Xi Feng’s own potential.

On cultivation speed, Xi Feng is not even weaker than Shen Lang, who won pseudo-divine runes. Of course, he is also willing to accept the invitation of Cang Yue Saintess.

Not only Le Fei Er and Xi Feng, Cang Yue Saintess is preparing to make the starry sky formation inside the divine wood a public practice field, so that all the Heaven Encompassing Exalted Immortal level cultivators of the Liuyue tribe can enter the starry sky. Opportunities for cultivation in Formation.

Although this will inevitably consume the vitality of Liuyue divine wood and the power of divine blood, there are only more than 800,000 years left from the Immortal World catastrophe. It is unwise to stick to its own consumption. behavior.

Before the imminent catastrophe, let more innate talent clansman have the opportunity to improve and improve the overall strength of the Liuyue clan, so as to avoid casualties to the greatest extent.

Shen Lang admires the temperament of Cang Yue Saintess.

He was also generous before the end of the banquet. He took out a little family property and gave tens of billions of middle grade immortal spirit stones to the Liuyue tribe, as well as a large number of magic weapons medicine pill, etc. .

Because of the many cultivation resources obtained from Lianxing and Feiye, plus the spoils of war he has obtained over the years, this part of the cultivation resources given to the Liuyue clan is for Shen Lang Not much.

But this is undoubtedly a huge asset for the Liuyue tribe, who seldom come into contact with immortal spirit stones.

Cangyue Saintess was shocked by speechless, and at first said that he would not accept anything, but after Shen Lang’s continuous persuasion, he still gratefully accepted it.

“Brother Shen great grace, Liuyue clan should be remembered forever!”

Cangyue Saintess was so excited that his eyes were a little moist.

“The grace of the envoy, the Liuyue clan will always remember!”

All the Liuyue clan at the venue bowed and thanked them, excited.

“They are all by themselves, so you don’t have to be so polite. Come, come, everyone has a drink!”

Shen Lang toasted and drank with everyone, the whole audience was boiling.

For the current Shen Lang, these cultivation resources are nothing more than things outside of the body, and giving them to the Liuyue clan can be regarded as making the most of them.

When the banquet is over, it is already early the next morning.

Shen Lang decided to leave the star realm.

On the occasion of parting, Le Fei’er, Xi Feng, and Saintess of Cangyue were all present, and the senior officials above the Heaven Encompassing Exalted Immortal of the Liuyue tribe also came to bid farewell.

“I have already said what the little girl should say, I wish Brother Shen all the best!” Cangyue Saintess bowed his bow.

“Brother Shen, take care!” Xi Feng also hugged cup one fist in the other hand heavily.

Shen Lang cup one fist in the other hand in return: “Cangyue younger sister, Brother Feng Xi, you also take care!”

“Young Master…take care.”


Le Feier bit her thin lip lightly, her face full of reluctance.

Shen Lang stepped forward to hug Le Feier, exhorted her a few words, and told her not to worry.

After bidding farewell to everyone, Shen Lang urged the star wheel to open the door of the astral world.

Above the sky dome of the stars, abruptly shoot out infinite golden light, shining on the earth.

A huge golden door loomed in the golden light. After Shen Lang bid farewell to everyone again, he turned into a white light and rushed into the golden door that opened slowly, gradually disappearing without a trace.

This astral journey has finally come to an end.


Shen Lang was swallowed by fierce golden light after passing through the door of the astral world, and his brain was dizzy.

It seemed like a space-time travel. After the dizziness, Shen Lang seemed to have arrived at another completely different space.

He turned into a meteor and landed from the sky dome, moving towards a floating island below at an extremely fast speed.

Feeling the sound of “hu hu” in his ears, Shen Lang hurriedly turned the colored glaze Fire Lotus at his heart veins, the colored glaze fire rushed to his forehead, his consciousness became a little clearer, and the Asura holy pupil at the center of his eyebrows was already I noticed that the floating island below is the floating island of the dome of Sacred Domain.

Shen Lang straightened his posture, fell to the ground in the center of the floating island, and let out a loud and muffled sound.

Although the gravity during the fall is amazing, as far as Shen Lang’s fleshy body strength is concerned, this impact is not enough to hurt him.

Shen Lang stood up and looked all around, the scene was very familiar.

I happened to fall into the Central Region of the floating island of Sacred Domain, and the huge altar towering high in front of him was for Shen Lang to teleport to the stargazing platform of the star realm.

Shen Lang first urged the Asura sacred pupil and scanned it around, not at all, and found that the floating island on the dome of the Sacred Domain had traces of other cultivators, sighed in relief, it seems that there is no cultivator to follow. Come here.

But then again, from entering the astral world to leaving the astral world, there are four or five months.

During this period, it is a strange thing that Chanjiao did not continue to send people to Sacred Domain to investigate.

Shen Lang hurriedly came to the top of the observatory, and found that the square altar at the top of the observatory had been shattered by Xi Feng’s axe and completely destroyed, and his heart became calmer.

The altar at the top of this observatory is the astral space channel sealed by the Great Emperor Zi Wei.

Now that the passage is completely destroyed, and the astral gate is completely closed by Shen Lang, no cultivator will accidentally enter the astral world in the future.

The only one who can enter the star realm is himself holding the star wheel.

Shen Lang feels relieved and can finally start his mission.

The first thing is to use the Heaven and Earth treasure to search the magic core of the Blood God Child.

Shen Lang stretched out his palm, took out the Heaven and Earth treasure, and expressed his request.

Heaven and Earth Baojian said frankly: “Master, after a small use of the’perforating through the universe’ method covering the entire True Immortal Realm, it will consume considerable power. And after using it once, it will I fell into a weak state within a period of time, and it takes at least half a year to recover.”

“There is a long time interval, so a small suggestion. If the owner has other treasures he wants to find, he can also mention it. Come out. Anyway, when you use the method to penetrate the universe, the search scope is the entire True Immortal Realm, and you can search for multiple targets at once.”

Heaven and Earth Baojian said that, it turned out Shen. Lang’s wishes, he did have a lot of things he wanted to look for, such as Tiandao fragments, Primal Chaos Nine Colored Sky Filling Stone, Tianji Gua Pan fragments, and Resurrection Lily similar to Su Ruoxue’s Resurrection Lily, etc…

Shen Lang simply told Heaven and Earth Baojian what he was looking for, and took out the Primal Chaos Nine Colored Sky Filling Stone, Tianji Gua Pan Fragments and the Resurrection Lily, and gave Heaven and Earth Baojian a peek A few glances.

Heaven and Earth fragments have been fused with his body and cannot be shown to Heaven and Earth Baojian, but Heaven and Earth Baojian can feel the aura of heaven and earth fragments, which eliminates Shen Lang from showing The process of heavenly fragmentation.

“The little ones have already remembered the few things the master said. I will try to find these things for the master.”

After all, Heaven and Earth treasure mirror is in the center The crevices of the stone slowly unfolded like curtains slowly moved towards the sides. The smooth golden mirror inside the crevices splashed out the golden glow of the blazing sun.

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