My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4432

As the mirror inside the treasure mirror of Heaven and Earth unfolds, the mirror gradually separates from Shen Lang’s palm and floats in midair above the observatory.

“Master, the little one needs the chaotic spirit strength provided by you as energy support. By the way, inject a little Soul Power so that the little one can share the observed scene picture with the master’s divine sense.” Heaven and Earth Baojian said loudly.

After Shen Lang was only slightly nodded, he moved towards Heaven and Earth and injected a lot of chaotic spirit strength and a little Soul Power into the treasure mirror.

“bang bang bang! ”

The endless golden light pouring out from the mirror of Heaven and Earth Baojian like a tide, moving towards all directions spreading, in an instant Brighten up the entire floating island of Sacred Domain.

Heaven and Earth Baojian mirror released violent energy fluctuations, and the space above the observatory vibrated like water waves.

“Master, it’s almost a little bit!”

Heaven and Earth Baojian shouted, it is already trying to cast spells, but the chaotic spirit strength provided by Shen Lang is still somewhat insufficient.

This world treasure mirror is after all the Supreme Treasure of Tongxuan level. Even if Shen Lang madly intrudes the chaotic spirit strength of the whole body into Heaven and Earth treasure mirror, there are still some shortcomings.

In order to avoid any mistakes, Shen Lang had to use star patterns. The six-pointed star pattern on the center of his eyebrows released a dazzling starlight.

In an instant, Shen Lang’s whole body bulged and his palms moved towards Heaven and Earth in the sky. Bao Jian pushed hard, and the spirit strength of chaos like a waterfall of waves poured out from Shen Lang within the body Out, involved in the treasure of Heaven and Earth.

Finally, the golden mirror inside the Heaven and Earth treasure mirror all unfolded, and a powerful golden beam of light rose out of the mirror and went straight into the sky.

“hong long!”

The grand golden mang renders everything he sees into pure golden.

The golden light beam released by Heaven and Earth Baojian turned into an endless golden light at the moment it touched the interface barrier, moving towards all directions sweeping and spreading as fast as a teleportation.

Followingly, Heaven and Earth Baojian turned a face in midair. The mirror face was standing in the center of the observatory directly opposite, and the golden light projected from the mirror was directly on Shen Lang.

In a flash, countless scenes appeared in Shen Lang’s brain. With a slight sense of dizziness, all the scenes of Sacred Domain Mountain and the Heavenly Star Immortal Domain were poured into Shen Lang’s brain, complicated The scene was like waves one after another.

If it is a cultivator with a weak Divine Soul cultivation base, it may not be able to carry this excessive content and will pass out directly.

While reading the content, Shen Lang fully energizes the Fire Lotus at the heart to keep his brain awake.

Fortunately, Heaven and Earth Baojian will quickly filter out the content, Shen Lang does not need to carefully trace back the massive scenes, otherwise his head will explode.

About half a minute later, Heaven and Earth Baojian locked the scene in a certain fairyland in the east.

A clear picture appeared in Shen Lang’s mind. All around was like a pool of blood. There were sticky blood plasma chunks everywhere. These blood plasma chunks were constantly rolling and wriggling, both weird and disgusting. !

This blood pool full of blood clots is filled with extremely strong fierce power, and even Shen Lang, a cultivator with an Asura species, feels scalp tingling!

“What is this…”

Shen Lang startled, such a weird scene.

Heaven and Earth Baojian’s voice rang in his ears, saying: “Master, the blood pool here seems to be in a large Formation, which is filled with extremely powerful and fierce power. This sensed an aura similar to that demon core fragment. And this aura is far stronger than the demon core fragment that Hou Yi Senior showed to the younger ones!”

Shen Lang hurriedly asked: ” Can you get a glimpse of where this is?”

Heaven and Earth Baojian responded: “Because the scope of this Formation is too large, and there is a strong Law Power seal on the outside, the small ones can’t tell the details. The location can only be roughly judged to be in the northern part of the Cang Mysterious Immortal domain.”

Shen Lang showed a looking thoughtful expression.

Since such a powerful Formation and Seal exist in this strange blood pool in my mind, it must be very conspicuous, but why hasn’t anyone discovered the magic core of the Blood God Child for countless years?

“The northern part of the Mysterious Immortal domain…”

Shen Lang was very puzzled, but he was too lazy to think about it. He only remembered the conclusion drawn by the Heaven and Earth treasure.

Since Heaven and Earth Baojian can locate the place in his mind in the northern part of the Cang Mysterious Immortal domain, as long as you look for a place with large Formation traces in the northern part of this fairy domain, you should find something.

Shen Lang sighed in relief, continue to let Heaven and Earth Baojian search for other things.

Heaven and Earth Baojian continued to observe, accompanied by a flurry of scenes, Shen Lang’s mind had another clear scene.

The scene is located on the top of a high mountain. There are ruined temple buildings all over the mountain. It seems to have been abandoned for a long time. There are weeds in the ruins and there is no life in it.

“Heaven and Earth treasure mirror, what is this place?”

Shen Lang asked curiously.

Heaven and Earth Replied: “It is a ruined temple on the top of a deep mountain in the northern part of the Cang Mysterious Immortal domain. There is an extremely powerful Buddhist power hidden in the temple!”

“Buddhism aspiration?”

Shen Lang frowned, said: “Why is there a strong Buddhist aspiration, why is it abandoned?”

The so-called aspiration is the Buddhism cultivator The power of will, mostly only Buddhism powerhouse above the Great Principle Golden Immortal level can release the power of will.

Generally speaking, a place that can be shrouded by will, Buddhism cultivator will be regarded as Holy Land, and it will not fail to be like this.

Heaven and Earth Baojian explained: “The master doesn’t know something, because this aspiration is too strong and it is hidden, unless its own cultivation base can reach a level beyond those who release the aspiration. Otherwise, it is impossible to discover the existence of this power.”

“Just because the small person can observe any form of energy between Heaven and Earth, even if it is hidden, it can see the reality and the reality, so it can see I know that there are strong aspirations here.”

“With small eyesight, it can be roughly judged that the Buddhist aspirations hidden in this deserted temple are not weaker than the three Buddhas of Spiritual Mountain!” Heaven and Earth Bao Jian mood grave Road.


As soon as these words came out, Shen Lang couldn’t help but startled.

The level of willingness hidden in such a deserted temple is not weaker than the three major Buddhas of Spiritual Mountain. Shen Lang has roughly guessed why Heaven and Earth Treasure Jian will select this scene.

“Although the little one does not know why the aspiration power of this place is so strong, but when he thinks of the Buddha Relic that the owner needs to find, he guessed that the aspiration power hidden in this ruined temple may be buried here. It is left by Buddha Relic.”

Heaven and Earth Bao Jian said.

Shen Lang moved his mind and asked: “This ruined temple is also located in the northern part of the Mysterious Immortal domain. Is it possible that has any connection with the previous Formation that was full of blood plasma?”

“This…the small one can only observe the surrounding environment of the suspicious place, and cannot judge the connection between the two areas.”

Heaven and Earth Baojian said frankly.

Shen Lang did not criticize the Heaven and Earth treasure mirror. It would be great to find two locations. If you can really know and omnipotence, then this world treasure mirror is more than the Immortal Treasure of Tong Xuan level.

Keeping this ruined temple in mind, Shen Lang continued to ask Heaven and Earth Baojian to find a few other things.

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