My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4433

Immediately afterwards, Shen Lang saw an endless black ocean with black wind billowing over the sea, huge waves raging in the sky, violent black storms blowing everywhere, and demonic energy raging.

The space of the scene here is extremely chaotic, and the storm is even mixed with countless Space Cracks that look like blades, which is extremely dangerous.

Heaven and Earth Baojian said: “This place is the sea of ​​burial, and the little one can see the faint aura released by the Primal Chaos Nine Colored. It’s just because the demonic energy in the sea of ​​burial is too much. Strong, the young one cannot see the main body of the Primal Chaos Nine Colored Sky Filling Stone, and can probably judge that it should be in the deepest part of the Demon Burial Sea.”

Shen Lang expression did not move, not in his heart How surprised.

In the Heavenly Palace in Lingyun earlier, Nezha’s told myself that Asura died in the Burial Sea, and the sun stone in the Primal Chaos Nine Colored Sky Filling Stone is very likely to be buried in the Burial. In the sea.

Since the treasure of Heaven and Earth has peeped into the Demon Burial Sea, it proves that Nezha Three Crown Prince’s words are true, and the sun stone of the Demon Burial Sea was not at all taken away by other cultivators.

Shen Lang said resolutely: “Heaven and Earth treasure, here I already know, you can see if you can find Primal Chaos Nine Colored in other places in Immortal World.”


“Yes, master!”

After the Heaven and Earth treasure kan complied, I continued searching.

Not long after, Shen Lang was white light flashed in front of him, and he saw countless peaks towering to the top of the sky. These peaks are like the Heaven Connecting Divine Pillars of incomparable gigantic. The height of the peaks even exceeds nine. ten thousand li!

The peaks that are tall without seeing their tops gather together, like Azure Dragon standing upright, with an extraordinary imposing manner.

The mountains are surrounded by mysterious colorful clouds, winding and steep, East-Rising Purple Qi, just like Immortal Realm.

Heaven and Earth Bao Jian said: “This place is the Kunxu Holy Realm!”

Shen Lang was shocked. No wonder these peaks give people a sense of awe. Within Kunxu.

Speaking of which, this Kunxue Realm is located at the end of the “Nine Abyss Immortal Realm” in the western part of True Immortal Realm. It is the prestigious Holy Land of Immortal World. The God Palace of the Lich era was built in The top of Kunxu.

It is rumored that Kunxu Holy Realm is shrouded in mysterious Law Power, and occasionally the divine light sprinkled from Star Domain will be lowered. In Kunxu cultivation, the cultivator is more susceptible to Heavenly Dao Law and impacts its own bottleneck.

Furthermore, there are immortal stones and divine water everywhere in the Kunxu Holy Land, the environment is blessed by heaven, and the cultivation can be rapid progress.

In short, Kunxu Holy Land is the cultivation Holy Land that Immortal World countless cultivators yearn for.

In Shen Lang’s cognition, it seems that only those with a very high cultivation base are eligible for cultivation in Kunxu.

“This Kunxu territory is enveloped by an incomparably powerful Formation. The small ones cannot see the scenes in the holy realm, but they can identify the Primal Chaos Nine Colored sky-filling stone in this Kunxu holy realm. The remaining aura!” Heaven and Earth Baojian said solemnly.

“Kunxu Realm actually has Primal Chaos Nine Colored Sky Patching Stone? Could it be…”

Shen Lang complexion changed, I already had a guess in my heart.

According to his previous discussions with Xi Feng, he learned that the base camp of interpretation and teaching is set up in Kunxu, and Sees The Head Of The Divine Dragon But Not The Tail’s Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning May stay at the top of Kunxu to recuperate.

If Kunxu has the Primal Chaos Nine Colored Sky Filling Stone, there is no doubt that this stone must have been obtained by Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning!

This is not good news!

Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning can swallow the Heaven and Earth aura in the Primal Chaos Nine Colored Sky Filling Stone to strengthen itself, is it because I found the Primal Chaos Nine Colored Sky Filling Stone in Kunxu, so I am here Is this swallowing the world energy used for healing?

Shen Lang’s face was a bit ugly, and he asked for details several times.

Unfortunately, Heaven and Earth Baojian can only determine that the Primal Chaos Nine Colored Stone is roughly in the territory of Kunxu, but there is no way to determine the specific location of this stone, nor can it detect the Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning whereabouts.

Shen Lang is a little disappointed and a little impatient in his heart. I don’t know how long Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning will be able to fully recover from his injury, so he must hurry up.

In addition to the Primal Chaos Nine Colored Sky Filling Stone found in the Burial Demon Sea and the Kunxu Holy Realm, Heaven and Earth Baojian searched the entire True Immortal Realm and found no other possible Primal Chaos Nine Colored place to fill the sky.

Shen Lang has the Yin stone left by Shiji, the fire stone left by the Taoist Wukong, and the wind stone left by White Dragon Saint Sovereign, a total of three Primal Chaos Nine Colored to patch the sky stone.

Even if you add the Sun Stone buried in the Demon Sea and the sky-filling stone of unknown attribute in Kunxu Holy Realm, the total is only five pieces.

And there are nine Primal Chaos Nine Colored Sky Filling Stones, and the remaining four pieces have become a mystery, perhaps like the fragments of the heavens, lost in the past.

Shen Lang was too lazy to think, and continued to let Heaven and Earth Baojian search for the whereabouts of the fragments of the heavenly path and the hexagram disk.

Heaven and Earth Baojian is indeed reliable, and soon a clue to one of the heavenly hexagram disc fragments was reached.


The scene is transformed into a deep palace, above the palace stands huge statues of the three emperors Heaven, Earth and Human.

Among them, Emperor Fuxi is holding a long piano, Earth Sovereign Shennong is carrying a battle axe, Human Sovereign Xuanyuan is holding a long sword, majestic and lifelike.

However, these are not the main points.

The point is that under the three statues, sits a grim young man wearing a golden battle armor, releasing a dazzling starlight and amazing baleful qi all over, giving people a cold and sharp edge. Feeling!

This person’s arm is faintly shining with black and white light, which is exactly the aura emitted by the fragments of the hexagram disc.

Heaven and Earth Baojian was shocked: “Master, this person’s cultivation base is actually in the late Great Principle Golden Immortal!”

Shen Lang of course also noticed the opponent’s cultivation base. expression ice-cold saying: “hmph, can have such a cultivator with such a cultivation base… Not surprisingly, this person should be the Great Protector of interpretation!”

Previously in the star realm, Xi Feng He was told a lot of news. Although the “temporary interpretation teaching” established after Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning appeared only a few hundred years ago, it has already recruited almost all the Great Principle Golden Immortal in Immortal World.

The young man wearing Battle Armor in front of him is one of them. This person is the strongest cultivator of the Nine Abyss Immortal Territory. He was given the nickname “blademaster” Nangong Yao.

This person is not only the Great Protector of interpreting and teaching, but also a serious golden star envoy!

Yes, he is indeed a golden star envoy.

Back then, Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning broke into Sacred Domain and tore a gap in the dome of Sacred Domain, releasing more than a dozen stars.

In addition to the silver stars such as Arrow, Ophiuchus, Orion, Immortal King, and Crane among these dozen stars, there is also a precious golden star, that is, Capricorn. Stars!

Because of Nangong Yao’s excellent aptitude, after being recruited into interpretation and teaching, he was awarded a Capricorn star by Supreme Unity daoist!

Inheriting the Nangong Yao cultivation base advanced by leaps and bounds from Power of Stars, he was promoted to the late Da Luo within a few hundred years, became the golden star envoy of Capricorn, and was also promoted to the Great Protector.

It is worth mentioning that there are three guardians of the teachings, Xi Feng is just one of them.

Xi Feng, who has a witch soul, has higher potential, but in terms of strength, Nangong Yao still ranks first.

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