My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4434

Xi Feng also repeatedly asked Shen Lang to be more careful about Nangong Yao, claiming that this person is Shen Lang’s rare opponent in True Immortal Realm.

Nangong Yao, as the Great Protector of Interpretation and Teaching, was able to be given the hexagram disc fragments of the heavenly secret, Shen Lang is not surprised, after all, even Ziying’s Immortal Treasure back then was embedded with a fragment of the heavenly secret hexagram disk.

Shen Lang himself owns three fragments of the hexagram disk of heavenly secrets. He knows that these fragments cannot be used directly by the cultivator. They can only be embedded in Immortal Treasure or artifacts, so that the artifacts of Immortal Treasure can exert greater abilities.

But the fragments of the hexagram disk of the heavenly secret on Nangong Yao’s body were actually embedded in the flesh and blood of his arm, which surprised Shen Lang.

He didn’t bother to think about it, and asked directly: “Heaven and Earth treasure mirror, can you find out where this person is now?”

Heaven and Earth treasure mirror After observing for a while, I finally got an accurate answer this time, saying: “This person is in the’Three Emperors Hall’ of Shushan in the Cang Mysterious Immortal domain. The entire Shu mountain has fallen and is occupied by the forces of interpretation.”

Shen Lang brows tightly knit. After leaving Yellow Springs hell, he heard the news that the Three Saints were attacking the Mysterious Immortal domain.

Since the death of the Xuanyuan Three Sages, the influence of the Three Sages should have been replaced by the evangelical teachings.

Now that more than half a year has passed, the fall of Shu Mountain is also common sense.

However, this explanation teaches that Great Protector personally sits in Shu Mountain, which also proves the importance of Shu Mountain from the side. I am afraid that the elaboration and education forces have also dispatched the main force to win the Shu Mountain.

According to Shen Lang’s meaning, Heaven and Earth Baojian continued to search for the fragments of the hexagram disk.

After a short while, the picture turned and came to the top of a high mountain.

In front of Shen Lang, a familiar silhouette suddenly appeared.

It is a silver-haired young man, wearing a daoist robe, holding a whisk, kind eyebrows and kind eyes, and a strange streamer glows all over his body, giving people a sense of profound mystery.

“Zhang Daoling!”

Shen Lang was shocked. Sure enough, this Daoling also possessed the fragments of the hexagram disk.

Just when Shen Lang was about to inquire about the location of Zhang Daoling, the treasure of Heaven and Earth, Zhang Daoling, who was meditating on the top of the mountain, suddenly opened his eyes and flung the whisk in his hand to face the person in front of him. Shen Lang said with a smile: “Shen Lang boy, really long time no see…”

As soon as these words came out, Shen Lang felt that he had one’s hair stand on end, and lost his voice: “You …Can you see me?”

Zhang Daoling said in a pleasant tone: “Heaven and Earth’s insight into the universe is amazing, but with the power of my generation, it is not difficult to detect the clues. .”

“disciple, your growth over the years has made me feel very gratified as a teacher. No matter how many detours you have taken before, and what wrong things you have done, interpretation and teaching will always open the door for you and look forward to being a teacher. See you as soon as possible…”

Before the other party finished speaking, Shen Lang interrupted with a gloomy expression: “Farewell Zhang Daoling, I am no longer your discipline. You and I have different beliefs. Use words to confuse me. Next time we meet again, we will only be enemies!”

Zhang Daoling shook his head and sighed: “Disciple, you may think that Tianzun is using you, but in fact, even Tianzun is true It’s not necessary to fight against God’s way if you’re affected by power and desire.”

“It’s useless to say more as a teacher. One day, you will understand Tianzun’s good intentions… I just hope that before that day, You must not go to the path of consigned to eternal damnation.”

After Zhang Daoling said a meaningful word, the picture in front of Shen Lang began to be distorted and blurred until it disappeared.

At the same time, the Heaven and Earth treasure mirror above the observatory began to lighten and darken, and the power was greatly reduced.

Soon, the golden mirror in the center of the Heaven and Earth treasure mirror began to close quickly, slowly fell from the air, and returned to Shen Lang’s palm.

“Sorry master, the small power has been consumed almost, and it can’t be supported…”

Heaven and Earth Baojian said these words intermittently, looking very weak.

Shen Lang did not reprimand Heaven and Earth Treasure Mirror, he had already got many clues, enough for himself to spend a long time exploring.

After collecting the Heaven and Earth treasure within the body, Shen Lang still has Zhang Daoling’s meaningful words in his mind.

“No…Never listen to this Daoling half sentence!”

Shen Lang took a deep breath and adjusted his emotions.

The last Asura, who was chosen by heaven, were all pawns used by the Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning. How could he repeat the same mistakes?

In any case, he has to bring down the Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning to prevent his treacherous tricks from succeeding!

After calming down, Shen Lang thought about his next plan.

Many clues obtained from the observation technique of the Heaven and Earth treasure mirror just now, the clues of the magic core of the blood god child, the Buddha Relic, and the fragments of the hexagram disk of the heavens all point to the Mysterious Immortal domain.

There is no doubt that the Cang Mysterious Immortal domain is the first place Shen Lang will go.

Other things can be put aside first, you must first find the magic core of the blood god child, that is the only thing that can enable you to fight the Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning, and you must obtain it in the first time anyway .

Cang Mysterious Immortal domain is located in the southwest part of Immortal World, and Shen Lang is located in the northeast of Immortal World. The two immortal domains are separated by more than half of the True Immortal Realm, which is very far away.

Fortunately, there is a boundary Transmission Array on this observatory. Although the Transmission Array is damaged, it does not seem to affect the use. I should be able to reach the Mysterious Immortal domain through this transmission Array.

Shen Lang checked the “Star-Scar Aurora Array” on the top of the observatory, because the previous axe of Xi Feng smashed the altar, causing damage to the formation eye of the Transmission Array. Open a long slender crack.

Except for this crack, there is no other damage.

Shen Lang first tentatively motivated this large formation, but did not find any influence on Formation’s teleportation function, and then began to officially motivate this star-scarred aurora formation.

It is worth mentioning that this star aurora array is activated by Power of Stars, and the efficiency is twice as high as that of chaotic spirit strength.

“weng weng weng !”

As Shen Lang moved towards Starscar Aurora Array, a large number of Power of Stars were entered, the Formation appeared extremely prosperous starlight, a wave The vast and majestic strength of Transmission is shrouded in Shen Lang!

After breaking through the middle period of Da Luo, Shen Lang within the body’s chaotic spirit strength and Power of Stars are much stronger than before, and within ten breaths, he successfully activated Formation and set the destination at a distance Immortal World Southwest is the Immortal World Southwest.


Just as the overflowing starlight in the formation of the star-scar aurora formation became stronger and stronger, the elongated crack in the original formation eye suddenly appeared Cracking, causing the crack to expand.

In an instant, an incomplete strength of Transmission wrapped Shen Lang.

Shen Lang realized that it was wrong, but before he had time to react, he was forcibly sent out by this incomplete strength of Transmission, and suddenly he felt completely dark.

Next moment, he actually came to a distorted space, all around the space was twisting crazily like a whirlpool, there was a space storm everywhere, and the fleshy body was torn apart by the distorted space.

“Shen Lang complexion greatly changed!”

Shen Lang complexion greatly changed. Absolutely I did not expect that the star-scarred Aurora Array actually dropped the chain at a critical moment, causing the setback to be transmitted, which seemed to trap him In a space channel.

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