My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4435

“Crystalline barrier!”

Shen Lang’s response this time was timely, and the crystal barrier was displayed as quickly as possible.

The whole body quickly condense the extremely strong cold light freezing air, turning into a 360-degree ice crystal wall with no dead ends, protecting itself strictly, and resisting the force of all around distorted space. space storm.

Using Shen Lang’s current cultivation base, it is almost impossible to penetrate the Immortal World space with external force. We can only look for the cracks in the space channel barrier, and then attack the cracks with external forces to pull the Great Accomplishment A gap in space escaped from the passage.

Shen Lang was lucky, and soon found a crack in the space channel.

Shen Lang seized the opportunity, the star pattern on the center of his eyebrows glowed like a starlight of the blazing sun, and directly used the meteor swarm to blow up the crack.

After that, Shen Lang rushed into the gap.

Only hearing a sound of “sou”, Shen Lang was thrown away by space.

Below is a vast ocean.

After stabilizing his figure, Shen Lang released the Asura sacred pupil and glanced all around. Looking around, it was a misty sea with no end in sight.

“This is…Tianyuanhai?”

Shen Lang perceives the weak chaotic spirit strength remaining on the surface of the sea, and combined with the general environment in the sea, he can basically tell where he is. The location of Sea Territory should be Tianyuanhai.

In the early years, Shen Lang had the experience of crossing the Tianyuanhai, so he is quite familiar with the environment of the Tianyuanhai, and the location of the Sea Territory he is currently in should be the inner sea of ​​the Tianyuanhai.

Shen Lang’s complexion became a little ugly. Although it is not difficult to cross Tianyuanhai with his current cultivation base, it would waste a lot of time.

Tian Yuanhai is too big, wasting time on the road, this is something Shen Lang cannot tolerate.

Fortunately, I am located in the Sea Territory in the middle of the Inland Sea, not far from the “Kowloon Island” where the Sea Territory was rioted.

There is a world-class Transmission Array on Kowloon Island, which is enough to help you cross the Tianyuan Sea and reach other fairyland.

I want to arrive at Kowloon Island and I need to determine my current position.

Shen Lang flipped his hands and took out a golden-bright and dazzling square plate from the storage ring. A golden spoon stood in the center of the square plate. The corners of the square plate all around marked East, West, North. , and South position scale.

This is the True Immortal Realm highest positioning compass “Tianji Sinan”, and it is also the spoils of war Shen Lang got from Ditian.

Tenji Sinan can use the power of astrology to locate all the scenes, in the middle of the sea, can use this treasure to quickly find land islands.

Shen Lang immediately began to urge this Tianji Sinan to locate the nearest large island land.

“weng weng weng!”

The Tianji Sinan, who was activated by the activation, bursts of golden light on the surface, and the golden spoon on the square plate began to rotate quickly.

Not long after, the handle of the golden spoon on the square plate was fixed on a certain eastern scale.

Shen Lang immediately turned into a white light, moving towards the east of Sea Territory at the fastest speed and flew away.

There are many large and small islands in the Tianyuan Sea. Shen Lang knows that the island located by Tianji Sinan may not be Kowloon Island, but as long as there is a cultivator on the island, it should be possible to inquire about the location of the rioting Sea Territory.

As long as the location of the rioting Sea Territory can be determined, finding Kowloon Island will be very easy.

Shen Lang, who is now the Great Principle Golden Immortal, has a different speed than before. In only half an hour, he found the island where Tianji Sinan was positioned.

Unfortunately, the result was quite disappointing to Shen Lang. The island that Tianji Sinan located was just a small deserted island with a radius of less than ten thousand li.

According to his empirical analysis, it is unlikely that there will be cultivator activities on this small desert island with no Spiritual Qi in the inner sea.

Shen Lang only urged Asura holy pupil with a glimmer of hope. He scanned the desert island and found signs of cultivator activity, and even a fight!

I saw a valley in the middle of the desert island. There were a lot of cultivators gathered in the valley, about tens of thousands of people.

Defensive Formation has been laid out all around the valley. Outside the Formation, there are thousands of cultivators wearing uniform white daoist robe attacking the defensive Formation, and multi-colored aura explosions sounded outside the valley.

Among the thousands of cultivators who attacked Formation, some of them held a banner, and the name was: Interpretation.

Shen Lang’s eyes lit up. This group of cultivators besieging the valley is obviously an evangelical force. Although the number is scarce, the overall cultivation base is good. The weakest are the Earth Immortal post-cultivation base, the first one. Elderly, who wears a purple robe, has the cultivation base of Heavenly Immortal Peak.

“The remnants of the thief army in the Tianmu Immortal Territory, don’t do unnecessary resistance. If you don’t surrender, you will only die!”

Outside the valley, command the team to attack The purple-robed cultivator who defends the Formation is shouted with a face full of jealousy.

There was a roar from the mountain within the valley: “Want me to wait obediently surrender, unless I step on our corpses!”

The purple robe Elderly contemptuously said:” Ignorant people, do you really think that my holy church puts you mobs in the eyes? The holy church has repeatedly offered favors, but you are unable to tell good from bad, really act recklessly!”

“This time, The old man must slaughter the remnants of your thieves army to avoid future troubles! By the way, there seem to be some pretty women in your mob, but you can stay for the old man to enjoy.”

Elderly laughed in purple robe, showing a silver smile.

From the mountain within the valley, there was a woman’s annoyed scolding: “Bah, you old bastard are also destined to enjoy it!”

The purple robe Elderly said with a grim expression:” Slut, don’t can’t tell good from bad! It’s your blessing to be seen by the old man. When the Formation is broken, you will be captured alive. When the time comes, don’t ask the old man to spare your life.”

After all, Zipao Elderly is a little impatient, and waved her big hand: “Quickly give me strength, quickly break this Formation!”


Thousands of cultivators responded in unison, attacking the defense formation outside the valley with all their strength.

Under the concerted attack of these cultivators, the aura of the Formation outside the valley brightened and dimmed, and it quickly reached its limit, and it could be breached at any time.

At the crucial moment, a white light flashed from the horizon, and came to the Formation up ahead in a thunderous manner. It was Shen Lang.

Shen Lang expression looked at these cultivators indifferently, and no longer suppressed his own breath, the fleshy body suddenly released an appalling spiritual pressure!

Just the storm caused by the spiritual pressure has resisted the attacks of thousands of cultivators.


In an instant, all the cultivators outside the valley were shocked by this suffocating spiritual pressure. They took a breath of cold in shock, no The feet of the cultivator are shaking.

Zipao Elderly looked at Shen Lang who appeared in front of her, breathing was a little difficult, her expression was horrified, and the breath released by this person was too terrifying!

“I don’t know Senior…” Zipao Elderly’s lips trembled.

Before he could finish a sentence, Shen Lang waved his big sleeves, and white sword light shot out from the sleeves, swallowing and submerging these cultivators like a huge tsunami!

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