My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4436

“bang bang bang! ”

The sword light of a large swath passed by. Thousands of cultivators screamed before they could even scream, and their bodies were covered by swords in the sky. The light strangled into blood mist, which turned into rice-sized pieces of meat, splashing everywhere.

After one blow, all cultivators outside Formation were wiped out, and skeleton doesn’t exist.

All this only happened in less than half the time.


The cultivator gathered in the mountain within the valley, witnessed this appalling scene outside the Formation, and couldn’t help taking a breath of cold.

The scene fell into deathly silence.

Soon, three cultivators flew out of the mountain within the valley, two men and one woman.

The leader is a black robed youth with a stern face, a short and fat cultivator dressed in a red robe and a beautiful female cultivator with a graceful appearance.

All three of them are monster cultivators. They seem to be the leaders of tens of thousands of cultivators in the mountain within the valley.

After seeing Shen Lang’s defying methods, the three know that if the other party wants to harm them, they can break through the defense formation outside the valley with a casual wave.

Rather than huddle in the mountain within the valley, let it be fate, it is better to come out to pay respects and show good.

The black robe monster cultivator headed by black robe monster cultivator sweats on his forehead, staring at the huge pressure, and moved towards Shen Lang’s back and bows to cup one fist in the other hand: “Thanks Senior for help! I don’t know Senior Lord. Last name?”

I don’t know if it is an illusion. He always feels that the senior figure in front of him is a bit familiar, and he feels more restless in his heart.

The other two monster cultivators also hurriedly carried out the ceremony to Shen Lang and did not dare to neglect.

Shen Lang slowly turned around, looked at the three cultivators in front of him, and said with emotion: “Three old friends, long time no see.”

These three monster cultivators in front of him, But they are not the descendants of the Seven Sages of Meishan, Dai Tian, ​​Zhu Tou and Bai Weiwei.

When I heard this familiar voice, Dai Tian, ​​Zhu Tou and Bai Weiwei subconsciously lifted the head. After seeing Shen Lang’s face, they stood still on the spot, and their minds were shocked.

“Shen…Shen Lang Elder!”

Dai Tian and Zhu Tou both exclaimed at the same time, showing incredible expressions.

After recognizing it several times, both of them wondered if there was something wrong with their eyes.

“Elder Chen…It’s really you!”

Bai Weiwei is even covering her small mouth, beautiful eyes colorful.

Seeing the trio’s expressions of astonishment, Shen Lang somewhat didn’t know whether to cry or laugh: “Why, am I still a fake?”

Dai Tian, ​​Zhu Tou and Bai Weiwei naturally understand that if Shen Lang is true or false, it will not be used such a thunderous method to destroy the cultivator.

Seeing Shen Lang’s return, the three were extremely excited.

Shen Lang was quite moved in his heart. When Kowloon Island was separated from the United Army, it was less than a thousand years ago.

However, too much has happened in these thousand years.

Shen Lang has also been promoted from Heaven Encompassing Exalted Immortal to Great Principle Golden Immortal because of many good luck.

With hindsight, Dai Tianhou noticed the five gorgeous golden flowers appearing between Shen Lang’s foreheads, combined with the majestic and deep pressure that naturally exudes from the whole body, his eyes widened round and trembling. Pointing to the five golden flowers on the center of Shen Lang’s eyebrows: “Elder Chen…Are you already…Great Principle Golden Immortal!”

The strong sense of horror in his heart made Dai Tian tremble when he spoke. .

Zhu Tou and Bai Weiwei followed Dai Tian and saw the five golden flowers on the center of Shen Lang’s eyebrows. They were equally stunned.

“Five Qi Towards The Origin!”

Seeing the five gorgeous golden flowers on Shen Lang’s eyebrows, all three of them lost their minds.

As everyone knows, Five Qi Towards The Origin is the symbol of the realm of the Great Luo, representing the completion of Golden Immortal.

Shen Lang wanted to keep a low profile, but the five golden flowers on the center of his brows cannot be hidden, so he casually said: “I have indeed gained some good luck these years, and I have luckily broken through to Da Luo realm.”

“cough cough…”

Dai Tian almost didn’t breathe out of shock, and coughed sharply.

“Great…Great Principle Golden Immortal?”

Zhu Tou and Bai Weiwei were even more dizzy and didn’t come back to his senses for a long time.

They still remember clearly that when Shen Lang left Kowloon Island that year, he just broke through Heaven Encompassing Exalted Immortal not long after.

It’s only a thousand years, and Shen Lang has turned into a Great Principle Golden Immortal!

If it weren’t for what you saw in front of you, this would be something you would never dream of!

I think Shen Lang was still their rival in the ring back then, but now he has grown to an unpredictable realm like the Great Principle Golden Immortal, which is really embarrassing.

After the three of them were shocked for a long time, they turned to show excitement.

Since Shen Lang is already a Great Principle Golden Immortal, strength can naturally crush everything, and the joint army will be saved!

Wearing Heavenly God’s excited cup one fist in the other hand said: “Sorry, Junior lost self-control just now, but I hope Elder Chen will not mind. Elder Chen can be promoted to the realm of Da Luo. This is a great thing!”

“Elder Chen, if you don’t dislike it, please go to within the valley!” Dai Tian respectfully put a word of invitation.


Shen Lang could guess that the joint army is in a bad situation, and he also had many questions in his mind to ask Dai Tian and the others, and immediately agreed.

Dai Tian opened the Formation outside the valley and led Shen Lang into the valley.

The environment of the mountain within the valley is very bad. A large number of cultivators live temporarily in the damp and dark within cave. A sweep of the Shen Lang divine sense can probably tell that these are all the elite cultivators of the Seven Sacred Palaces.

Unfortunately, the elite cultivator, born in a remote brother, cannot be mentioned on equal terms with the power of interpretation.

Although Dai Tian, ​​led by Dai Tian, ​​has made great progress in recent years, he only has the cultivation base of Heavenly Immortal Early-Stage. Zhu Tou and Bai Weiwei even have the cultivation base of Earth Immortal Peak. No wonder they have been hiding in the valley before. Dare to come out to challenge.

Looking at the sect members and disciples of the Seven Sacred Palaces falling into hiding in the cave to survive, Shen Lang felt very uncomfortable.

When he came to a simple stone house deep in the valley, Dai Tian placed a restraint and led Shen Lang into the stone house for discussion.

Shen Lang asked straight to the point: “Dai Tian, ​​what happened after I left? How did you fall to this point? And the coalition army, how are you now?”

Dai Tian, ​​Zhu Tou, and Bai Weiwei looked at each other and sighed.

“A lot of things have indeed happened, let Junior start from the beginning.”

Dai Tian heave a long sigh and told Shen Lang the ins and outs of the matter.

In the same year, before Shen Lang left Kowloon Island, he asked the joint army to scatter and search for materials for the upside-down formation, and set a time limit of 50,000 years so that the joint army could be in the reincarnation fairyland after 50,000 years. Converge.

The idea is beautiful, but the reality is very cruel.

Not long after Shen Lang left Kowloon Island, the Three Holy Sects sent an army of more than ten billion cultivators to contain the riots in the Sea Territory!

The Ape King, the Nine-Headed King, and Xia Ling’er were too late to leave, so they were trapped in the riot Sea Territory by the army of the Three Saints.

In order to avoid the scattered forces and be destroyed one by one, Ape King and the others were forced to return to Kowloon Island, uniting with the local forces of Longtuozi on Kowloon Island, and fought against the army of the Three Saints.

The cultivator that leads the army of the Three Saints is the master of the mysterious master!

This bald donkey received the Lohan Relic bestowed by the emperor’s shadow, and its good fortune was not small. The cultivation base continued to climb to the Heaven Encompassing Exalted Immortal Early Stage Peak, which was very tricky.

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