My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4437

At that time, due to the departure of Shen Lang and Lu Dongbin, the Ape King Nine Head King and the others could not defeat the mysterious master.

But fortunately, there are a lot of experts in the joint army, and after a desperate fight, they finally suppressed the mysterious master.

With the help of many Immortal Treasure fairy charms left by Shen Lang, the combined army barely withstood the attack of the Three Holy Religion army, but failed to win the mysterious master after all.

If this bald donkey is not removed, the coalition forces cannot leave the Tianyuan Sea safely, so they have to defend Kowloon Island.

The united army stationed on Kowloon Island has spent hundreds of years with the army of the Three Saints led by Master Xuanji.

Hundreds of years later, the Three Sacred Religion seemed to be controlled by a more powerful cultivator, and it was actually renamed to Explaining.

The master of Xuanji immediately turned back and returned to the interpretation and teaching.

Just a hundred years ago, Chanjiao seemed to want to cultivate Kowloon Island into a site for planting the sacred trees of Heavenspan, and specially sent a large number of battle strengths to the Riot Sea Territory to strengthen the Great Cultivator army and two Heavens. The leader of Encompassing Exalted Immortal.

With the help of this batch of reinforcements, coupled with the original forces of the mysterious master, finally broke the Kowloon Island.

In that battle, the coalition army suffered numerous casualties.

Seeing that it was outnumbered, the Ape King had to lead a coalition army to flee Kowloon Island.

In the process of fleeing, countless cultivators of the joint army encountered interception attacks from the interpretation and education army, and they scattered into countless small teams, disappearing.

Most of the cultivators were extinguished by the army of interpretation and education, and a few teams with better luck escaped the riots in the Sea Territory and lived on deserted islands all over the Tianyuan Sea.

The cultivators occupying Kowloon Island are unwilling to let go of these fleeing coalition cultivators, and have been sending out cultivator teams to prepare to wipe out the remaining coalition cultivators.

For example, the cultivator team of the Seven Sacred Palaces led by Dai Tian, ​​Bai Weiwei and Zhu Tou is the cultivator group that escaped the riot of the Sea Territory.

Even if they fled to the inland sea, they still have to face the chase of the interpretation and teaching strength, all kinds of hiding in Tibet, and living hard.

After hearing the tragic situation that Dai Tian told about, Shen Lang’s heart sank to the bottom, subconsciously clenched his fists, gritted his teeth and asked: “How are the Ape Kings?”

” The encounter with the leader of the Ape King may be the same as that of Junior, leading the remnants to and from the deserted islands in the Inland Sea to contend with the interpretation and teaching forces. Of course, this is only a possibility, and the Ape King may have been…”

Dai Tian said here, browse tightly knit, dare not go on.

“If you want to say anything, just speak bluntly!” Shen Lang suppressed the anxiety in his heart, gritted his teeth and asked.

Dai Tian slightly nodded, facial expression grave said: “Junior had previously searched for a soul-searching cultivator, and learned that some high-level officers of the coalition army were taken as prisoners and taken to Kowloon Island. They seemed to be imprisoned! “


Shen Lang was surprised at first, and then asked: “Dai Tian, ​​do you know why the group of evangelists on Kowloon Island imprison the high-level coalition army?”

“This…I don’t know!”

Dai Tian shook the head.

Shen Lang almost understands what happened and feels very bad.

Unexpectedly, the hurried farewell back then actually harmed the coalition army.

The life or death of his brother, righteous brother, Dao Companion is uncertain. Shen Lang is unwilling to feel pain. If they have any shortcomings, Shen Lang cannot forgive himself.

The top priority is to rescue them!

Shen Lang secretly vowed in his heart that he must let these interpretive bastards of the massacre coalition army a debt of blood must be paid in blood!

Suppressing the anger in his chest, Shen Lang then asked Dai Tian for some information, wanting to know the whereabouts of the other coalition troops.

Unfortunately, Dai Tian has not found traces of other teams at sea in recent years.

In the past hundreds of years, Dai Tian took these three cultivators to and from the deserted islands in the inland sea. The personnel consumption was serious. Now he is basically no match for the patrol teams created by Sect. It is already very difficult, and there is no time to be distracted to find the joint army cultivator scattered around.

Shen Lang almost understood the situation of the coalition army.

After the fierce battle and fleeing battle on Kowloon Island, it is not difficult to imagine that the number of coalition forces is no more than ten.

Even if there are still some teams fighting “guerrilla warfare” like Dai Tian,

Shen Lang walked out of the stone chamber with a very sad heart, divine sense swept the valley and found the valley Nearly half of the cultivators suffered from large and small traumas, and even many cultivators had broken hands and legs and were physically disabled.

It can be seen how the group of Seven Sacred Palaces led by Dai Tian came through these years.

Shen Lang’s heart is like a knife.

He took out a large number of bottles and cans from the storage ring and gave them to Dai Tian, ​​saying: “These are all top Healing Medicine Pills, quickly distribute them to the injured cultivators.”

“many thanks Elder Chen!” Dai Tian said cup one fist in the other hand with gratitude.

“Why thank me, I have no face to face the coalition army.”

Shen Lang is deeply saddened.

Behind Bai Weiwei, seeing Shen Lang suffering so much, she persuaded: “Elder Chen, you don’t have to blame yourself, there will always be casualties in battle. The coalition forces have suffered heavy casualties, but no one wants to be a deserter. Even if there are only these remnants left, we can still make a comeback with you!”

Zhu Tou also exclaimed emotionally: “Yes! Elder Chen, we look forward to your leadership Next, I can regroup and avenge the dead brother sisters!”

The words of the two inspired Shen Lang. Shen Lang got rid of the negative emotions in his heart, his eyes burst out, and he said every word. : “Don’t worry, I will let the teacher a debt of blood must be paid in blood!”

Shen Lang took over the group of Seven Sacred Palace cultivator teams from Dai Tian, ​​the wounded in the team After taking Healing Medicine Pill, I collectively regained my mobility within a few hours.

These Seven Sacred Palace cultivators saw the return of Shen Lang Great Elder, and their excitement increased one by one, and a long-lost fire of hope ignited in their eyes.

After half an hour, Shen Lang led the group of Seven Sacred Palace cultivators out of the valley and came to the sea.

Under all eyes, Shen Lang took out the Silver Star Skeleton Bead and released the Beluga Star Skeleton in the Star Skeleton Bead.

The huge skeletal body of Beluga emerges in the sky, with an exaggerated length of one hundred ten thousand zhang. The huge body covers the sky and the sun, and the body is covered with a layer of solid silver white steel armor. , Shining and indestructible.


The Beluga star skeletal screamed upward, shaking the sky in an imposing manner, and the space was roaring and shaking.

Seeing this incomparable gigantic white whale, the Seven Sacred Palace cultivators were both frightened and excited.

As expected of Great Elder, he has such a powerful Spirit Pet!

Shen Lang ordered the Beluga skeletal to open its mouth, and then took the Seven Sacred Palace cultivator into the belly space of the Beluga skeletal.

The belly space of the Beluga skeletal is extremely vast, accommodating hundreds of billions of people, nothing difficult, and also has the ability to “turn the universe upside down”. The cultivator below the Great Principle Golden Immortal is here. Exemption from Heaven and Earth Law’s restrictions on cultivation base bottleneck.


After everyone entered the belly space of the Beluga skeletal, the Beluga skeletal body suddenly rushed below. In the sea water, the giant tail flicked, and the waves were terrifying!

The skeletal remains of the Beluga constellation travels in the direction of the sea at an extremely fast speed moved towards the rioting Sea Territory.

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