My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4438

The body of the Beluga constellation is huge, but its speed in the sea is three points faster than the escape speed of the ordinary Great Principle Golden Immortal, which is quite useful for driving the sea. Convenient.

Shen Lang used Dimensity South to locate the direction, combined with Dai Tian to judge the general direction of Kowloon Island, the Beluga star skeletal accurately moved towards Riot Sea Territory.

His plan is simple, that is, to rush to the Kowloon Island of the riot Sea Territory to inquire about the situation.

If the high-levels of the United Army are taken and imprisoned by the interpretation and teaching forces, Shen Lang will rescue all the high-levels of the United Army at the first time.

According to Dai Tiankou, although there are a large number of cultivators stationed on Kowloon Island, they are led by three Heaven Encompassing Exalted Immortal, including the mysterious master, and there is no Great Principle Golden Immortal.

For Shen Lang now, to win the three trifling Heaven Encompassing Exalted Immortal is as simple as eating and drinking.

The Inland Sea where I am now is not too far away from the Riot Sea Territory.

The skeletal remains of Beluga accelerated through the sea for three days, and finally arrived at the Riot Sea Territory.

There are a lot of cultivator patrols around the Sea Territory in the entire riot. In order to avoid beat the grass to scare the snake, Shen Lang did not go deep into the Sea Territory, but just stopped the Beluga constellation in the riot. Outside the Sea Territory.

He is going to act alone.

I am mainly worried that if I forcefully smash into Kowloon Island, I will let the other party break the jar, directly threatening the life of the high-level coalition army.

In order to ensure the safety of the high-level detainees of the joint army, Shen Lang decided to sneak into Kowloon Island and implement a rescue plan first.

Shen Lang left the belly space of the Beluga star skeletal alone, and randomly grabbed a patrol cultivator in the rioting Sea Territory, searching for the soul to obtain the memory of the opponent.

The patrolling cultivator captured is not of sufficient level. The opponent is just a rioting Sea Territory ordered to conscript and does not know the specific situation of Kowloon Island.

Shen Lang had to disguise himself as the opponent, pretending to be a patrolling cultivator, and got into the riot Sea Territory.

Kowloon Island is located to the east of the Riot Sea Territory, Shen Lang all the way east.

Sure enough, the closer to the Kowloon Island area, the denser the patrol cultivator.

Without being noticed, Shen Lang killed a patrol team with the power of thunderbolt and directly searched for the soul team Captain. This time he finally got some key information.

In the battle on Kowloon Island a hundred years ago, after the explanatory and educational forces defeated the coalition army, they did capture many high-level officials.

It is a bit wrong to say that it is a prisoner. Given the nature of the nine-headed king of the ape king, they would rather die in battle than be taken away by the enemy.

It was mainly two Heaven Encompassing Exalted Immortal commissioned by the interpretation and education at that time, who were good at a very unique Spirit Attack. Some high-level members of the coalition army lost their ability to act after being recruited, so they were ordered to be captured alive.

Unfortunately, Shen Lang did not find out where the senior officers of the coalition army were detained. The place of detention seems to be strictly kept secret.

Except for the two Heaven Encompassing Exalted Immortal and the mysterious master, no other cultivator knows where the top ranks of the coalition army are being held.

Shen Lang complexion is gloomy. It seems that if you want to figure out the truth, you have to confront the master of the mystery face to face.

Fortunately, this matter is not too complicated. With Shen Lang’s ability, it is not difficult to get into Kowloon Island and find the mysterious master.

He continued to pretend to be the Captain of the patrol team and sneaked into Kowloon Island.

The entire Kowloon Island is shrouded in a gorgeous layer of Buddha’s radiance, which seems to be a large formation of island guards arranged by the mysterious master.

In the past few days, I don’t know what happened. The security on Kowloon Island suddenly became tight. There are many patrol cultivators outside the island, almost all over the west. Many patrol cultivators also hold the banner of interpreting education. It’s like a ceremony is being held.

Shen Lang was curious, so he randomly asked a bald patrol cultivator: “This Fellow Daoist, why has the guard on Kowloon Island suddenly become stricter recently? Is something wrong?”


The bald cultivator glanced at Shen Lang in surprise, and asked, “Fellow Daoist should have just returned from patrolling the Sea Territory off the island, right?”

Shen Lang quickly cupped one fist in the other hand replied: “Oh, it is true that I have just returned from a patrolling mission in the Riot Sea Territory. I haven’t received any news for many days. I don’t know what is new on the island.”

The bald cultivator touched his nose and said: “Fellow Daoist does not know, probably in these few days, the’peacock envoy’ of Tianmu Immortal Territory will arrive at Kowloon Island!”

“Because For this reason, the number of patrolling cultivators outside the island has recently increased, and they are probably also preparing for the reception of the peacock envoy. Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, the three commanders on the island will personally appear to welcome the peacock envoy.”

“By then, all cultivators on and off the island will be able to see the grace of the peacock envoy. It is my honor to see Sir Sacred Envoy.”

Mention this” The bald cultivator has a look of worship in his face when he is “Peacock Saint Envoy”.

“so that’s how it is.”

Shen Lang is slightly nodded, but his face becomes a little ugly.

This “peacock sage” Shen Lang has also heard about it. According to the information obtained from the previous search for souls, after the self-explanatory teaching replaced the three saints, the sage appointed a “peacock holy envoy” “The cultivator governs the Tianmu fairyland.

It is said that this peacock envoy has the great cultivator of Great Principle Golden Immortal, and it only took hundreds of years to put down all the civil strife in the Tianmu Immortal Domain.

Nowadays, all the cultivators remaining in the Tianmu Immortal Territory have been broken and submitted to interpretation. Those who refuse to obey the oppression are all ordered to be eliminated by the Peacock Saint.

Including the remnants of the coalition army, it is also the target of the order of the Peacock Saint Envoy to eliminate it.

Since the Peacock Saint envoy ruled the Tianmu Immortal Territory, a total of eight Heavenspan sacred trees have been planted in the Tianmu Immortal Territory, which almost emptied all the resources of the Tianmu Immortal Territory.

Now that the inland resources are exhausted, a large area of ​​land has become a desert, and it is no longer possible to plant the Heavenspan sacred tree. The peacock envoy has set his sights on the island.

The only island suitable for planting Heavenspan sacred wood in Tianyuanhai is probably Kowloon Island.

Nine-Dragon Island was also naturally selected by the peacock envoy to plant the ninth Heavenspan sacred tree.

Because Kowloon Island was selected, the peacock envoy sent a group of cultivator troops with stronger battle strength to the riot Sea Territory a hundred years ago, as well as two Heaven Encompassing Exalted Immortal leaders, and the mysterious master master. ‘S forces defeated the local forces and coalition forces that stood firm on Kowloon Island.

It can be said that this peacock ambassador was the key figure who caused the coalition to be knocked down.

“This time, the peacock envoy will personally sit in Kowloon Island for a period of time, supervise the planting of the Heavenspan sacred tree, and build the guardian temple. Those of us who are affiliated with the Kowloon Island dísciple will probably soon Officially compiled.”

The bald cultivator smiled.


Shen Lang replied, but he called selfish calculations in his heart.

Since the peacock ambassador is the leader of the Tianmu Immortal Domain, Shen Lang thought that he could take this opportunity to kill him and prevent him from planting the Heavenspan sacred wood. It could also delay the imitation version in disguise. The construction time of the Stars Great Array on Sunday.

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